Never Let Me Go

The Beginning (Love)

There was nothing extraordinary about the way that Lily met the love of her life. Okay, maybe not the love of her life, but from where she was standing that’s what loving Matt felt like. It felt like she had finally found her soul mate, someone she could be herself with, someone she could trust, someone who wouldn’t hurt her, who would protect her, who’d love her back just as fiercely as she loved him.

He may not have been the love of her life (there was never any way of really knowing) but for the moment, he was her greatest love. He was her happiness, no matter how cheesy that sounded.

It was funny how things worked out because before she really knew Matt, she was pretty sure she hated him. Their relationship was formed through a cliché you’d typically read about in some young adult novel. He was the cocky guy on the football team who’d rather spend most of his time on the field than in school, and she was the quiet bookworm who’d rather spend most of her time in the library.

She had met him on her turf, in the library, looking lost as he scanned bookshelves. She had made the mistake of letting out a giggle as she watched him continue to struggle and he had turned, his lips quirking up as his gaze met hers, asking “Care to help me or are you just going to laugh at me?”

She remembered feeling a little shell shocked when he had acknowledged her, embarrassed that he had caught her watching and that he heard her laugh. She really had thought she hated him, but then she realized she didn’t even know Matt. She didn’t know then that soon she’d find there was more than meets the eye, and instead of finding things to dislike about him that she’d quickly learn to love all there was to know about him.

They were destined to meet, as it had been written in the sacred text of teenagers. And because of this, Lily was sure that they would conquer the world.