Status: Prologue 6/7/2016

Silent Guardians


“It’s okay, dear.”

“No! She will not be another one of your science experiments!” Andrei sighed some as he pushed his black framed glasses up the bridge of his nose. He looked towards his wife of eight-teen years as she held the one-year-old child to her breast.

“Honest, dear, she will be better off. Stronger, faster, more invincible.” Lidiya only shook her head some as tears streamed down her face. The baby in her arms grabbed onto the woman's long dark hair. She looked at her baby girl.

“She’s so young, Andrei, what happens if it kills her? I couldn’t live with myself.” Andrei stepped forward some with a slight smile.

“Don’t worry Lidiya. It would only be in small increments. She would finish it once she was six years old. She won’t even feel a thing. Teething will be much more worse than this.” Lidiya was no pushover, but with the world the way it was, she wanted her baby to be safe. She closed her emerald green eyes tightly as tears fell from them.

“Alright fine, but you better watch her!” Andrei only nodded to his wife as he grabbed the small bundle from Lidiya. The baby cooed gently to her father’s face as he walked out of the bedroom with a sly grin on his face.
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