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Silent Guardians

Chapter Nine

SWAT members poured out of the police vehicles. They came towards Bucky and violently pushed him down to his knees and then to his face. Bucky complied even though they were rough. Anya was about to say something until she got pushed down with him by one of the female officers.

"I really don't think that is necessary." Anya looked over at Steve as they hoisted her up.

"Standard procedure." Anya's hands were cuffed behind her back as she looked back at Bucky. They had began putting him into a large cell with bullet proof glass around him. Anya was thrown into one of the vans with Sam, Steve, and T'Challa. Anya looked around her as she sat in the back with Sam. The cuffs dug into her wrists as she tried to get into a more comfortable position.

"So.." Sam started, "You like cats."

"Sam." Steve was giving Sam a warning not to start with his antics. Everyone knew that Steve was irritated beyond belief, but there wasn't anything they could do.

"What, dude shows up dressed like a cat. You don't want to know more?" Anya only smirked at him. She didn't know if he was trying to lighten in the mood or not, but it helped put Anya at ease.

They got into a large facility and was escorted through the building. Anya was pulled from the van and once she was out, she began looking for Bucky. He was in a large cube and was strapped down by his arms, waist, shoulders, and ankles. He looked at her and swallowed hard. He reminded her of a caged animal that needed to be free, that deserved to be free. He didn't belong here.

Once Steve was out and looked Bucky's way, he just looked up at the ceiling while gently sucking in his cheeks.

"What's going to happen to him?" They were all brought into a conference room except T'Challa.

"The same thing that should happen to you! Psych Therapy and prison." Looking up, they all saw a short man with a grey suit.

"This is Everett Ross. He is the Deputy Task Force Commander of the Joint Counter Terrorist Center."

Anya felt as if that was a mouthful to say and tuned Sharon out. Anya worried about Bucky. He didn't deserve to go to prison. Yes, he was dangerous, but with the right people and time he would adapt.
Steve nudged her gently and as she looked up at him he only nodded his head towards the short man. Ross must have asked her a question. She looked over at him confused.

"I asked who you are. Do you speak English?" Steve saw a slight twitch under her left eye and began stepping up.

"It might be best if we took the cuffs off of her. " The short man only scoffed some.

"She seems to be super human like you, Captain. Why would I let another one of you run around freely especially if I have no idea who or what she is?" Anya could feel her anger bubbling over, but she had to stay calm for her and Bucky both.

"Trust me, it's best that you do. I can take up for her." Steve only looked at Ross with pierced eyes. He knew he was only doing his job, but he wished others would understand his way of thinking at times.

"Fine, but if something happens because of her, it is on your head, Captain." Ross nodded towards the female officer that brought her in. She came behind Anya and unlocked the cuffs. The freedom Anya felt from her hands being able to move again was fantastic.

"Yes, I do speak English. My name is Anya." That was all this man was getting out of her. He didn't deserve anything other than that. Crossing her arms, she sat down at the table. Ross waited for her to finish, but only got silence.

"What? That's it? Look, we can do this.."

"Her name is Anya Petrova." Her eyes darted up to Steve. Always the peace keeper.

"Petrova, huh?" Anya only glared at Ross. "Well, you all stay here while the Winter Soldier gets examined." Anya sighed gently as Steve went into the other room, Tony Stark following behind him with a case in his hands. She didn't know what they were talking about and she honestly didn't care. She saw T.V. monitors as they rolled Bucky in.

Anya instantly stood up and watched the screens.

"How long were you with him?" Anya turned to look behind her to see Steve. It was time to talk about why she was here.

"Four days, give or take?" She crossed her arms and watched the screens again as they prepped Bucky.

"You seem different." Steve didn't want to say it, but Anya seemed less cold. She knew she had softened some. She knew Bucky softened her, but she wasn't going to do that for others. Bucky deserved someone in his life who cared. Someone other than Steve.

The psychologist came in and began talking to one of the guards. Anya only kept her eyes on the monitors as Steve watched her.

"You care about him?" She twisted her head to look over at him. She hadn't really thought about it like that. She only turned her head back towards the monitors, not answering Steve's question. She looked back up at the psychologist and furrowed her brows as Agent Carter, Ross, and Natasha all walked in.

"Was there a background check?" Ross rolled his eyes and didn't answer as he walked into the main control room.

"You've seen a great deal, haven't you?" Anya felt something was off.

"I don't want to talk about it." Steve looked over at Anya who kept fidgeting slightly. It was uncharacteristic of her.

"Do you know where you are, James?"

"My name is Bucky." The psychologist only grinned and nodded.

"Why don't we discuss your home?" All of sudden the lights and monitors were out. Anya was beginning to get angry. She didn't feel like playing games. Her eyes darted to Sharon Carter and the level of anger and lethality in Anya's eyes pushed adrenaline through Sharon's body.

"Fourth floor."

Anya, Steve, and Sam all ran to the stairwell and ran as fast as they could. As they got to Bucky's floor, they noticed the guards on the ground. Had he already left? Anya was unsure if they were dead or unconscious. Slowly, they walked through the door to find Bucky's empty cell.

As soon as Sam walked through the door, Bucky attacked from the corner. Sam was thrown into the cell and Bucky looked at Anya. She knew she couldn't put him down by herself, and the amount of rage that was in his eyes would surely over power Steve. They watched each other for a moment, but instead of going after Anya, Bucky went after Steve. She tried grabbing hold of him, but he only threw her back into the cell. Anya felt pain radiate from her jaw line.

Looking up, she saw Bucky push Steve down the elevator shaft. Quickly getting up, Anya ignored the pain and ran after Bucky and followed him into the lounge area as Sharon and Natasha were fighting him. Anya had a feeling she knew where he was going. There was only one way out of here without killing a whole lot of people. She ran up the stairs to the roof and saw the dark blue helicopter sitting there.

Panting, Anya got to it and turned around to see the door open. Bucky walked with a purpose, a mission.

"I can't let you go, Bucky." Anya was the only thing standing in the way between him and his freedom. Bucky snarled and came at Anya with full force. She blocked as many punches as she could and as she slipped underneath his legs, she grabbed hold of his neck and began squeezing. He only pulled his metal arm back and grabbed her by her shirt and threw her in front of him. He grabbed her and held her above his head as he walked to the edge of the roof. Anya looked down at the water below and looked back at Bucky. He stared back up at her and shaking his head, he threw her over the edge.

Bucky walked back to the helicopter, broke the lock and chain, climbed in, and began turning on the engine. Anya swam up as fast as she could with little air in her lungs. Once she broke the surface of the water, she saw Steve holding the helicopter and the railing of the building, slowly pull the copter back. Anya began swimming towards the bank and was quickly becoming exhausted. She was half way there when she heard a loud crash into the lake.

Looking back, she saw the helicopter had fallen in. She looked around frantically for Steve and Bucky and after what felt like minutes, Anya saw Steve pop up, holding an unconscious Bucky.

"Steve!" She swam towards the two men and put her arm around Bucky's waist.

"How did you end up here?" They both panted as they swam to the bank.

"He threw me in." They looked at each other for a moment and started to feel the ground under their feet. Gently laying Bucky down, Anya hovered over Bucky as Steve sat down next to them.

"Was he holding his breath or did he get any water in his lungs?" Steve shook his head unknowingly.
Anya laid her ear over Bucky's chest and heard slow breathing. Sighing with relief, Anya sat down next to Steve. "He's fine."

Anya rubbed her wet forehead from the pain going on in her head.

"What happened between you two?" She looked up at Steve confused. She could feel the cool air chill her as she watched the sun reflect off of the lake and a bit of calm returned to her overpowering the adrenaline.

"What do you mean?"

"You're different when the subject is about Bucky. You said you've been with him for the past few days and you never answered my question earlier. What happened during that time?" Anya looked down some at Bucky's unconscious face, furrowing her brows slightly. She looked back up at Steve.

"I guess, we know what the other has been through. I know his past and he knows mine." Anya scoffed under her breath. "It's almost the same." Steve looked at her sympathetically. He didn't know her past, but if it was anything like Bucky's then he felt for her. Looking down at Bucky, she refrained from moving a piece of his wet hair away from his prominent jaw line.

"Do you care about him?" The same question had come back. Thinking about it for a moment, Anya sighed gently.

"I shouldn't get too close, but yes. I do care about him." Steve smiled some in understanding. Anya ran her hand to the back of her neck. "We should get going." It wasn't long until Steve and Anya found Sam who helped with Bucky.

They took him to an old abandoned workshop and clamped his metallic arm down for their protection. Anya sat at the window watching for anyone. The warehouse was dark except for the light shining down on Bucky. Sam watched him and Steve stayed at the entrance to the warehouse.

Groaning took Anya and Sam's attention as Bucky woke up. He felt pain in the back of his head and couldn't remember anything. Realizing he was stuck and couldn't move, he looked to his left to see his arm being clamped down.

"Hey Cap!" Steve came in quickly and looked down at Bucky.

"Which Bucky am I talking to?" Anya turned back at the window to make sure no one wandered in.
"You're mom's name is Sarah. You used to wear newspapers in your shoes." There was laughter in his voice. Steve's face went soft at the thought of having Bucky back.

"What, he says one thing and were going to believe him?" Anya turned to look at Sam.

"If he was still the soldier, he wouldn't remember anything. Steve said he busted his head when they fell. It's cognitive re-calibration." Bucky couldn't turn to see her, but he tried.

"Anya?" Swallowing hard, Anya only turned back to the window.

"I'm here." Bucky could feel the headache begin to go away.

"What did I do?"

"Enough." Angry with himself, Bucky looked down.

"I knew this would happen. Everything HYDRA put in me is still there. All he had to say was the goddamn words." Anya knew Bucky was beating himself up about what happened.

"What did he want?" It took Bucky a few moments to remember what Zemo wanted.

"He wanted to know about Siberia. About where I was kept." Steve shook his head and crossed his arms.

"Why would he need to know that?" It suddenly came to Bucky as he remembered the building. With gritted teeth, he spoke.

"Because I'm not the only Winter Soldier."
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