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Silent Guardians

Chapter Ten

Steve turned to Sam and they began talking in hushed voices. Steve noticed Anya had begun holding onto her arm out of comfort and saw Bucky try and look at her. He decided to walk over and let Bucky's arm go. He walked back over to Sam.

"Let's talk outside." Confused, Same hesitantly agreed and walked out with Steve. Bucky sat in silence for a moment before turning to look at Anya. Different things ran through his mind. Had he hurt her? Did he scare her? He was worried that he had frighten her away from him, or the Winter Soldier did something to make her hate him. She kept her gaze on the trees and bushes outside.
"What did I do?"

"Don't do that to yourself." Bucky got up, but noticed how stiff he was. He walked to Anya who sat on a black stool, peering out of the window. She looked down and then up to him. he furrowed his brows when he saw the bruise on her jawline.

"Anya, I'm.." She smiled to him gently as his voice cracked.

"I'm fine, Bucky." Anya felt Bucky's fingers around her chin as he lifted her head up more to get a better look. Goosebumps and a light blush fell over her cheeks. "You hesitated." Bucky pushed her hair back away from her jawline gently. "That's why I am fine. You held back." Bucky let go and took a step back.

"I'm sorry, Anya." She only shook her head.

"Bruises heal. It's okay." The both of them watched each other as Anya gave a small smile to him.

"So, we figure.." Sam came in and stopped. Bucky stood away from Anya a bit more as she looked down gently. "Do I need to go?" Both only shook there heads. "Okay, well, Steve is getting a get away car now. He will be getting Sharon to get all of our stuff." Once they nodded to him, Sam left them alone.

"Could really go for a burger," Anya grinned at Bucky.

"Well, last time we went you ate half of mine, so I think it would be more than just one." he smiled at her as he stuck his hand out for her to take.

"Yeah, you're probably right." Anya put her hand in his as he helped her down from the stool. They stood looking at each other again. Anya all of a sudden was overcome with emotion. She was glad he was okay. Swallowing hard, Anya looked up at his dark steel eyes.

"You're the only friend I have." Anya couldn't believe she was about to do her next action. She wrapped her arms around him in a hug. It was unexpected, but he wrapped his arms around her and laid his left arm around her waist and his right hand pressed into her back.

"You're the only one I can confide in. Thank you." Anya let him go despite Bucky's internal objection. She looked up at him with a white pearly smile. They both heard a loud honk from a car and figured it was Steve. As they walked out, Bucky let Anya go first out the door with a hand on the small of her back. Anya furrowed her brows at the choice of cars Steve could have picked.

A small black Volkswagen bug sat there.

"I call shotgun!" Sam ran to the car as Anya only shook her head at his childish antics. Anya got in the back behind Steve and Bucky got behind Sam. It was very cramped for everyone.

"Get comfortable guys." It wasn't a long car ride, but it was very uncomfortable.

As they pulled up, Sharon was standing behind her car with the trunk open. Steve got out and began talking to her.
"Can you move your seat up?"

"No." There was a small space between Anya and Bucky, and he scooted over until it was gone. Anya slid as much as she could to her left and gave Bucky more room.

"Better?" They were really close as Anya looked up at him. He smiled and nodded. They turned back to see Steve and Sharon sharing a kiss. They pulled away and only smiled towards each other. As Sharon was getting their stuff, Steve turned towards the two in the bug. Same was nodding slightly with a cunning grin on his face, Bucky was nodding and smiling like a big brother, and Anya only looked at him with a smile of approval. Steve put everything in the trunk of the bug and began driving again, hoping the three of them wouldn't annoy him about Sharon.

"So, how was it?" Anya only rolled her eyes at Sam and how childish he was being. Steve only sighed some.

"Were meeting Clint and Wanda soon. Anya, Sharon brought your stuff as well." Bucky looked over at Anya as she nodded to Steve. It would be nice to have her guns back on her. Bucky didn't want Anya fighting for him, but she was a strong willed person and knew he would never convince her to sit this one out.

It was about twenty minutes when they met Clint and Wanda. As much as an inconspicuous car it was, Anya didn't want to go back into it. They all met at the airport parking deck. Clint got out with Wanda and Steve, Anya, Sam, and Bucky all climbed out of the small bug. As the new stranger appeared, Anya found it to be Scott Lang. She tuned out everything they were saying and leaned against the car.

"YA ne mogu poluchit' vam sidet' etot odin, ya mogu?" (I can't get you to sit this one out, can I?)
Anya only looked over at Bucky who only watched her. She smiled gently as he spoke in her native tongue. She gently shook her head.

"Nikogda." (Never.)

He only smiled at her. Anya began hearing the intercom overhead. Bucky turned slightly.

"They're evacuating the airport." Steve's jaw clenched as he nodded.

"Tony. Everyone suit up. Ladies in the van." Wanda and Anya looked at each other and smirked. Steve opened up the trunk of the bug. There were clothes for Steve, Sam, Bucky, and Anya. Steve and Sam had their regular uniforms and Bucky had a black Kevlar jacket with the left sleeve cut off for his arm, and a pair of black Kevlar cargo pants. Anya had a regular matte black catsuit with a belt of equipment, two pistols, a few throwing knives, and a sniper rifle. She grinned at the toys and grabbed them.

Wanda and Anya both went into the back of the van while the men stayed outside. Anya was all dressed and walked out of the van. She felt comfortable with her weapons back on her body. Steve was ready, Same was calibrating his wings, Scott was trying to get the computer system to work on his arm, Clint was checking his arrows, and Bucky was standing at the bug trying to pull the zipper on his jacket. Anya walked up to Bucky who was fuming with irritation.

"Need help?" Turning, Bucky glanced at Anya and all of his attention was on her as his hands fell from the zipper. It was just like in the cabin, but Bucky felt something in his stomach by watching her. He nodded gently and Anya came up in front of him. a light blush exploded across her cheeks as she looked at his torso. He had a nice golden brown tan with hints of red. Muscles peeked through. Anya saw what looked to be scarring next to his metal attachment.

"Do you mind?" She looked up at him for permission in which he gave. Anya pulled the jacket over to get a better look. Ragged scars lined where flesh met metal. The scars were where the metal would rub against his skin. Anya ever so gently ran her fingers down the scar. Bucky closed his eyes at the strange feeling. Anya couldn't understand the amount of insanity and lust for power that someone needed in order to do this to someone.

Bucky gingerly grabbed Anya's hand in his and opened his eyes. Anya looked up at him and smiled softly. She placed his jacket back over the scar and zipped it up with some difficulty.
Everyone was now ready to go.

"Alright, I will head out by myself. Bucky and Sam I want you both to hang back and find our way out of here. Clint and Wanda, I want you to stay back and once we find the jet, get in and start it. Scott stay with Clint and Wanda. Anya, find a sniping position high up. Enough to see everything. Use these." Steve slid a box full of dark grey rubber bullets. Nodding gently, Anya grabbed the box of bullets, strapped her rifle around her torso, and began looking for the perfect sniping position.
"Hey." Bucky walked up to her side. "The best area is up there." He pointed to an extremely high area, far away from the battlefield. She furrowed her brows gently.

"Are you trying to get me out of here?" He only shrugged with a corner of his mouth rising.

"Maybe, is it working?" With a smile, Anya shook her head.

"Nope." Her gaze fell to the ground. Bucky noticed the change in her mood. "I'll protect you." She looked back up into his eyes with determination. Bucky felt the strange feeling in his stomach again.

"And I will protect you." Anya swallowed hard as she began to think of some of the outcomes of this battle. Their gazes intensified as emerald green eyes pierced Bucky's steel colored ones.

Suddenly, Bucky wrapped his arms around Anya without hesitation. Anya only wrapped hers around his middle.

"Be careful." They both said it in unison. Both to their displeasure, they let go of each other and parted ways. Anya walked to an area of the airport where she could see quite a bit, but if need be she could run into the fight. Steve ran out into the large runway only to be stopped by Tony. Anya began loading her rifle and pulled her hair back into a ponytail.

"You're gonna turn Barnes over here and come with us, now! Because it's us!" Anya looked through her scope. She saw Natasha had appeared adjacent to Steve. Rhodey had flown next to Tony, and T'Challa pounced in.

"I've got it!" Before Anya knew it, Sam had found the jet. Clint and Wanda began running for it and everyone began fighting one another. Anya kept her scope on only the ones that were fighting to kill. T'Challa and Bucky were the worst ones. Bucky was swinging many punches, but T'Challa was very fast. Anya shot a few bullets at the Black Panther and soon she got his attention.

Once she heard the click from her rifle, she threw it down as T'Challa advanced towards her with Bucky on the ground. He swiped at her with his vibranium claws, but she dodged just enough. She knew she needed to put distance between her and him.

"If you were a normal human, you would have been dead by now." A smirk formed on her features slightly.

"That's what happens when your father feeds you super soldier serum at six years old." The sentence shocked T'Challa for a moment and Anya took that as the opportunity to kick his feet from underneath him, but he already knew her fighting strategy and grabbed her by the neck. He didn't have her long until Bucky grabbed him and threw him away from her.

"Are you alright?" Nodding, they both ran behind airport equipment with Steve at their side.

"This isn't the real fight, Steve." The three of them were catching their breath as the others fought.
"We need a diversion, a big one."

"I've got it! When you see the signal, run. I hope I don't tear myself in half, though." Bucky squinted his eyes gently.
"He's going to tear himself in half?"

All of a sudden, the ground shook as Scott turned himself into a giant and grabbed Rhodey.

"I guess that's the signal." Steve, Bucky, and Anya ran towards the hangar with the jet. Vision noticed the three of them and beamed the ceiling down trying to block their way, but Wanda used her power to keep the debris from falling, allowing Steve, Bucky, and Anya into the hangar. Anya let Steve and Bucky run past her as Natasha emerged. Anya was about a foot or two behind Bucky and Steve when she felt someone behind her. They were coming up on her fast. Anya turned quickly only to be backhanded by T'Challa who got tasered by Natasha. Anya fell to the ground with a yelp escaping her mouth unwillingly.

Quickly, Bucky ran to Anya's aid and helped her up as Steve ran into the jet and started it. Anya could feel the stinging pain throbbing on the left side of her jaw line. Bucky sat her down in the seat next to his and began looking her over. Anya felt horrible. She began mentally kicking herself. She knew someone was behind her and she didn't do anything about it. Bucky knew she was fuming and beating herself up inside, but he looked her over anyway.

"Anya, are you okay?" Steve put the jet into auto pilot and came up beside her. She only nodded some. "I'll get the medical supplies." Bucky stayed in front of her Anya until Steve brought out the white box full of medical necessities. "I'm going to have a look around." Steve left the two alone as he went into the back of the jet to look for the equipment they may need.
Bucky opened the kit and looked at her wound. T'Challa had hit her hard enough that his gloves had slashed into her skin giving her two large gashes.

"Turn your head a little." Anya did as she was told and Bucky began wiping the blood from her skin and started cleaning the wounds. "Are you in much pain?"

"I'm fine." Bucky had finished cleaning the wound and applied and ointment to stop the bleeding. Gently, he turned her head towards him.

"Stop beating yourself up." She only swallowed hard and sighed.

"Thank you."

Bucky only grinned to her. Anya felt butterflies in her stomach as he looked at her. For the entire time they have been together, Anya was just now noticing how she found his long dark hair, tan skin, dark brows, and chiseled unshaven face, and pearly white teeth attractive. A dark blush came across her cheeks and she looked away. Anya's smile and blush soon left. She shouldn't be thinking that about Bucky. to have a relationship in the situation they were in would be catastrophe, and that is even if he wanted a relationship with her. She wasn't even sure what this feelings towards her even was. He might be content on just being friends.

"Well, get comfortable. It's going to be a while." Steve had found an intercom. Anya breathed in deeply as Bucky sat in the seat next to her.

"I think I am with you on that burger." Bucky chuckled some as he put his head back against the headrest. They all sat there in their seats letting the adrenaline vanish from their bodies. Anya laid her head back and was slowly drifting off. Bucky only sat next to her thinking to himself.

"What's going to happen to your friends?" Instantly the atmosphere in the room changed into a somber feeling. A sigh left Steve's mouth.

"Whatever it is, I'll deal with it." Bucky ever so gently shook his head.

"I don't know if I'm worth all this to you." Steve had a saddened look in his eyes. Of course Bucky was worth all of this. Anya looked over at Bucky with concern written on her face. He didn't know the extent of his and Steve's friendship before the Winter Soldier. He couldn't remember the wonderful times they had together. He didn't understand that he was worth more than what Steve was doing.

"What you did all those years, it wasn't you. You didn't have a choice." Bucky only looked to his left and nervously chewed his bottom lip.

"I know, but I did it."

With the jet in autopilot, all three of them decided to save their energy and sleep before they arrived to Siberia to stop Zemo from waking the other soldiers. There were small bunk beds in the back of the quinjet that they took. Anya picked one of the bottom bunks and both men chose the tops.

It gave Anya time to reflect on everything that has happened. She and Bucky were, of course, getting closer with every day that passed. She couldn't believe how far they had come. First wanting to kill each other, and now they were protecting each other until one of them died. This very well may be the last time for Anya. If the other Winter Soldiers have been woken up, it would be a battle to the death. Bucky had mentioned that these soldiers were faster and stronger. It seemed as though he was hinting that they were more advanced than even him. It was hard to imagine a soldier that was better than Bucky. They could topple entire countries in just a single night. Anya laid in her cot with her arms tucked underneath her head. She would protect Bucky as much as she could.

Feeling the jet shift woke Anya gently.

Sighing, she felt exhausted as she swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood. Her eyes felt heavy and she walked towards the cockpit stiffly. The only sound she heard was the slight whirring of the engine and the air passing over the exterior. It was dark except for the small round windows at each bed.

Steve slept in the bunk next to her and Bucky chose to sleep above her. As her eyes got clearer, Anya was about to open the sliding door to the cockpit when she heard Bucky grunting in his sleep.

Anya knew if he was having a nightmare she should leave him alone. If she tried waking him, he could hurt her. Hearing Bucky whisper in Russian made her walk back to him slowly. She looked over at Steve and saw that he was long gone in the dream world. She got to the side of Bucky's bed and got up on her tiptoes to see him. His brows were furrowed and his breathing was slightly faster than usual.

"Bucky?" Anya couldn't understand what he was muttering. A light sheen of sweat was dispersed across his forehead. She gently put her hand on his metal arm that only twitched. She could feel the vibrations from the mechanics inside. She put her right hand on his forehead and began stroking his hair and soaked head. She got close to his ear.

"Bucky, it's not real. You're sleeping." She said it soothingly and as gentle as she possibly could. He only whispered and she thought she heard him whimper. "Shh, it's alright. I'm here. Listen to my voice. Bucky." She felt Bucky shift gently and saw him open his eyes slowly. At first, he didn't know where he was as he jumped slightly.

"Hey." Looking to his left with wide eyes, he saw her.

"Anya?" He squinted his eyes to make sure it was her. She smiled softly and kept her hand on his metal forearm.

"Yeah, you were having a nightmare." Bucky only ran his human hand through his hair and looked down while nodding. He closed his eyes as he saw his nightmare.

"I heard your voice. Every time you spoke, the images disappeared." He opened his eyes and looked down at her. "You pulled me out." A smile graced her features with pearly white teeth.

"Glad to be of service." He only smirked gently.

"Maybe I need to keep you with me all the time." A blush crept up on her cheeks.

"Well, you're welcome, Buck." Anya patted his back and began walking to the cockpit again. Bucky followed behind her, careful not to wake Steve. She stood at the large window and watched the fluffy white clouds pass by.

"Are you okay?" She sighed some with a conflicted look on her face. She couldn't help the horrible feeling in her heart. She felt something was going to happen.

"I'm fine." Bucky creased his brows knowing she wasn't telling the truth.

"Anya." He gently grabbed her arm and turned her to look up at him. She was looking to the ground until he put his thumb and index finger under her chin. As he looked into her eyes, he saw fear in them. "What's wrong?" Swallowing hard, Anya began chewing her bottom lip. She knew if she didn't say anything that he would only keep at it.

"I feel like something terrible is going to happen." She shook her head gently. "I don't know what it is either." She looked up into his gun metal grey eyes. The worry and fear in her own didn't settle right with Bucky. He put his hands on the sides of her face and stroked her cheeks with his thumbs. The chill of his metal hand sent goosebumps up her arms and around her back.

"Anya, I am not going to let anything bad happen to you." She smiled as she placed her hands on his wrists.

"I'm not worried about me." Bucky only looked down into her eyes with that strange feeling bubbling in his stomach. Anya didn't notice how close they had gotten. Bucky had her back against the cool steel wall with both hands on the sides of her face. Their bodies were touching, hips against hips, chest against chest. Anya's breath began to quicken as her heart thumped in her chest.

He stole a glance down at her full pink lips and began leaning in. Anya's butterflies began having butterflies as she noticed him closing his eyes. She could feel his hot breath on her lips and slowly she began closing her eyes as Bucky leaned in more.
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