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Silent Guardians

Chapter Eleven

All of a sudden, the alarm to the jet began going off. Anya opened her eyes with her heart beating rapidly and her breath faltering, and saw that Bucky had a look of frustration etched on his face. The slid away from each other once Steve bounced into the cockpit.

"We're here. Go ahead and start preparing." Anya knew that what happened between her and Bucky should be pushed to the back of her mind. She couldn't be distracted now. She and Bucky grabbed a hold of the metal bars above their heads as Steve landed the jet. The three of them were in the back of the jet, preparing to go into the large facility. Anya was checking her pistols while putting hollow-point ammunition into the magazine of each pistol. If she was going to kill super soldiers, she wanted to make sure her bullets did the job. Anya closed her eyes preparing herself mentally. She had to push all feelings away and turn cold once again.

Opening her eyes, she was ready. Steve, Anya, and Bucky left the warmth of the jet and into the bitter cold of the Siberian mountains. Snowflakes blew all around them as the gelid winter wind cut through their bodies. Breathing the air burned their lungs as they walked cautiously towards the facilities large grey door. They noticed it had been opened slightly.

"He couldn't have been here more than a couple hours." Bucky held onto the rifle harder as they began walking through the door.

"Just enough time to wake them." A damp and must smell wafted into their nostrils as they looked around. Bucky walked past Steve and began leading them through memory. Steve was behind Bucky and Anya stayed in the back. Small lights on the ceiling lit their path.

"Through here." Bucky led them to an elevator. "It will take us to the cryogenic floor." They all piled into the rickety elevator and began going down.

"Are you alright, Anya?" She looked back at Steve and only nodded. The elevator bounced to a stop and walked towards the room. Being extremely cautious, they checked every corner.

As they began walking up stairs, they began hearing creaking behind them. They all turned, Bucky stood pointing his rifle at the set of doors behind them, Steve was two steps below Bucky as he stood with his shield protecting him. Anya was on the floor as she crouched down pointing both pistols at the door.

As soon as the doors opened slightly, a bright light came through. Anya had an idea of who it was and when the doors opened fully, her suspicions were correct. Tony Stark had followed them into Siberia. Steve slowly walked around Anya and towards Tony.

"You seem a little on the defensive." Steve only nodded some, keeping his shield up and tried to understand why Tony was even here.

"It's been a long day." Tony looked up at Bucky.

"At ease soldier, I'm not currently after you."

"Then why are you here?" Anya didn't feel Bucky shift behind her and knew he didn't trust Tony. The Iron Man only shrugged gently.

"Maybe your stories not so crazy." It wasn't long until Tony was leading them using his heat sensors. As they turned into the room, Tony slowed his pace.

"I have a heat signature."

"How many?" Once they were all in the room, Tony stopped.

"Uh, one." They walked around and saw the yellow cryogenic tubes that held the super soldiers. Anya saw an empty one and looked towards Bucky who was by her side and he only nodded, knowing the question running through her mind. Her brows creased slightly as she looked around.

"If it is any comfort, they died in their sleep." The voice that rang through out the room belonged to none other than Baron Zemo, but it was so dark that none of them could see much. Slowly, they walked up to the cryogenic tubes and noticed that they all had bullet holes in the middle of their foreheads.

"Did you really think I wanted more of you?" Anya stayed close to Bucky who was only getting more nervous as he grasped his rifle harder.

"What the hell?"

"I'm grateful for them though, they brought you here." A small light switched on in front of them revealing Baron Zemo. Steve quickly threw his shield for it only to hit bulletproof glass and come back to him.

"Oh come now, Captain. This room is made to withstand many bombs."

"I'm betting I can beat that." They all walked up to Zemo slowly.

"Oh. I am sure you could, Mr. Stark, but then you wouldn't know why you came here." Steve was the one who walked up to Zemo first.

"You killed innocent people in Vienna just to bring us here?" Anya stayed close to Bucky as they looked around them. "You're Sokovian. Is that what this is about?" Zemo only rolled his eyes some.

"Sokovia was a failed state long before you blew it to hell. No, I'm here because I made a promise."

Steve nodded gently understanding.

"You lost someone."

"An empire toppled by it's enemies can rise again, but one that crumbles from within." Zemo paused briefly when Steves head darted towards Tony. "That's dead, forever." Steve and Tony turned to a monitor with an old video showing. Anya looked between Steve and Tony and noticed the words 'Dec. 16, 1991. Cam 3. 7:22 PM'

"I know that road." A car had crashed and soon, a motorcycle came up to the scene. Steve looked over at Tony with concern on his face. Tony only watched the screen with pain within his eyes. Anya looked over to Bucky who was looking down to the ground. When he looked up to her eyes, she saw a knowing look was on his face. She only creased her brows as she turned to watch the video.

"Help, my wife. Please. Help." The person on the motorcycle had walked to the drivers side and pulled the man up by his hair. "Sargent Barnes." Anya's eyes darted to Bucky who only had guilt in his face. They were Tony's parents and Bucky had killed them. She began to slowly put the pieces together, and slowly she began walking in front of Bucky as Tony watched the rest of the video. This wasn't going to help the healing process for Bucky. Once the screen turned black, it was deathly silent.

Tony looked up at Bucky and lunged towards him, but saw Anya standing in front of him with her pistols raised, protecting him. Steve grabbed hold of him.

"Tony." He only looked to the floor as he was processing everything in his mind. Slowly, he shook his head as he looked up at Steve.

"Did you know?" Steve wouldn't look Tony in the eyes, debating on what to tell him.
"I didn't know it was him."

"Don't shit me, Rogers. Did you know?" Tony knew that Steve knew about his parents. He wanted to hear it from his mouth. Steve's jaw clenched as he looked into Tony's knowing eyes.

"Yes." He backed off from Steve feeling betrayed. Tony looked back at the monitor. Anya could tell that he was fuming. Steve had to know what was going to happen next as Iron Man backhanded him hard. Tony threw Anya to the side as Bucky lifted his rifle only for Tony to shoot with his blasters.
Quickly, Bucky grabbed Tony's arm to crush it, but Tony began flying through the air and crash landed Bucky into the floor. Once Anya regained her senses, she got up quickly running towards the two. Tony had Bucky's bionic arm pinned to the floor when Steve threw his shield, distracting Tony who only was disoriented for a moment, and threw mechanical blue cuffs at Steve's legs, immobilizing him. Anya ran towards Bucky with her pistols pointed towards Tony. As he came at them, she shot, but they only deflected from his suit.

Tony grabbed Bucky by the neck and began charging his hand beams. Bucky knew he had to stop him and grabbed his wrist. He pointed the bright light away from his face, and slowly crushed Tony's hand beam with his bionic arm. The action shocked Tony briefly. Anya looked down at Steve who was only trying to get the leg cuffs off.

"Steve, your shield!!" Steve grabbed his shield and began busting the metal cuffs off of him. Once he was able to get up, he ran towards Anya, but once they were side by side, they heard a loud explosion from one of Tony's missiles. The both of them saw Tony have Bucky pinned against the wall, but debris began falling and separated the both of them.

Steve and Anya ran towards Bucky who was slowly catching his breath.

"Take Anya, and get out of here, now!" Bucky only nodded. If that was his one mission, to get Anya out, then he would get it done. They both ran to different exits only to have Tony block all of them. Bucky then grabbed Anya's hand and they sprinted towards the control room while Steve distracted Tony. There was a large deteriorating red button that Bucky smashed with his bionic arm and they both began running up the stairs towards the roof.

Steve could only do so much before Tony began flying towards the two. They jumped from platform to platform as Tony began getting closer, but they weren't fast enough. As Bucky tried pulling himself up, Tony kicked him onto a lower platform. Anya looked down with worry evident on her face, but just when Tony was going to blast Bucky, Steve put his shield in front of his best friend. The blast deflected back to Tony, hitting his helmet and knocking him back.

He only got up and began flying back to where he was, but Steve wrapped a line around his neck and jumped down, dragging Tony with him. Bucky jumped back onto the platform with Anya who only helped him up and began running up more stairs. Bucky and Anya were almost ready to climb out when Tony sent a missile towards the hinge of the large steel door above them. Bucky quickly looked up with disbelief and fear in his eyes. He put his body over Anya as they dropped down before falling debris could crush them. Bucky looked Anya over who was fighting for breath as it had been knocked out of her.

Tony came up then and Bucky saw a large pipe next to them. Grabbing it, he swung it like a baseball bat, hitting Tony. It only threw him back a little, but he eventually grabbed Bucky around the neck. Anya stood in front of them not knowing what to do.

"Do you even remember them?" There was pain and poison in Tony's voice as Bucky clawed at his metal arms.

"I remember all of them." Tony pulled Bucky down only to have Steve tackle them mid air. Tony fell to the bottom of the room and Bucky was only a platform above him.

"Bucky!" He looked up as he flexed his left arm. He saw the worry and fear on her face. She was his mission and he is failing. Unable to say anything, he looked over and saw Steve's shield. He knew he had to try and stop Tony.

Steve met his fellow Avenger down on the ground floor as he slowly got up. Anya began jumping down each cat-walk, trying to get to Bucky. Once she got down to him, he had Steve's shield as Tony began pinning Steve down and punching him to knock him out. Bucky jumped down and used the edge of the shield against Tony. Anya watched as both Steve and Bucky worked together, throwing the shield to each other when they saw it needed. When they had Tony on one knee, he used his hand blaster against Steve, throwing him back.

Tony stood and was about to use one of his high powered beams against Steve to keep him down just to have Bucky grab hold of his wrist and pushing the beam from him. Anya jumped down to aid Steve. Bucky punched Tony square in the chest, pushing him against the wall.

Bucky pounced like predator on Tony and with his bionic hand, he grabbed a hold of Tony's arc reactor and began trying to destroy it. Anya looked up at Bucky and saw the rage in his face as he screamed. Tony tried getting Bucky off, but couldn't.

All of a sudden, a bright yellow light lit up the entire room. Everything was slow motion as anya saw Bucky stagger back. She saw that Bucky's bionic left arm had been taken off by Tony's unibeam. The ends of the metal were still red hot from the black. Tony then shot his hand blaster at Bucky's back.
Anya didn't notice Steve getting up as she ran towards Bucky. She didn't care. All she wanted was the fighting to stop. Bucky didn't deserve this.

"Buck?" He only looked up at her as he tried processing everything. He tried getting up, but Anya laid her hand on his chest gently. "Stop. Breathe." Anya then stayed with Bucky as Steve and Tony fought. She grabbed her other pistol from it's holster and cocked it. She was going to protect Bucky as much as she could.

Tony had blasted Steve next to Anya and Bucky. He looked up at Tony with blood coming from his head and mouth. He stayed in front of his friends, catching his breath.

"He's my friend." Tony only looked at him as if he was betrayed for the second time.

"So was I." Tony blasted him again. "Stay down. Final warning." Steve only got up with his hands up.

"I could do this all day." Before Tony could blast him again, Anya only shook her hand as she shot and Bucky grabbed hold of Tony's ankle. The bullet ricocheted off of him. With Anya being in the front of Bucky, he kicked her hard in the ribs, making her fall back. It gave Steve time to grab Tony's suit and lift him above his head. Tony tried flying away, but Steve had a death grip on Tony. He quickly slammed him down on the ground, his helmet coming off as Steve punched him and grabbed his shield.

It all was going by so fast that Tony couldn't even register what to do. When he saw Steve hold his shield above his head to hit him, there was a slight bit of fear in his eyes. Steve couldn't could he? He would kill Tony, would he?
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