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Silent Guardians

Chapter Fourteen

Anya had found herself in the garden a few hours later. She sat down on one of the steel benches. The garden had just been watered as Anya felt the humidity rise. Greenery was everywhere around her. Bushes with white and orange flowers littered the area. Rose bushes, daffodils, and a willow tree draped over a small koi fish pond. Petals from a nearby cherry blossom tree began falling around

Anya as she listened to the birds singing, the rustling of the trees, and the small waterfall at the pond. She closed her eyes as the sounds began to envelop her, relaxing her muscles. her eyes and head quickly darted to the glass door that was being opened.

A sigh left her mouth as she saw Bucky slowly scanning the area until his eyes landed on her. He began walking up to her cautiously.

"Can we talk?" Anya put her gaze down in her lap. She didn't say anything, so Bucky took that as a sign to go ahead. He gently sat next to her on the bench and looked around the garden. They sat in silence for a moment.

"I'm sorry, Anya." She looked up at Bucky who only had his eyes set on her. She swallowed some before nodding. Bucky knew she was finding it hard to trust him now. He didn't do it often, but he knew he needed to speak his mind. He didn't have very long to tell her what he was feeling inside of his head and stomach. He ran his human hand through his dark hair.

"I don't deserve everything you have given me, Anya." She didn't expect Bucky to start telling her these things. She glanced up at him and he had his eyes on her still.

"What are you talking about, Bucky?" She found the words to be confusing.

"I mean, I don't deserve the kindness and the protection you offer me. I have done so many horrible things." A sigh from her stopped him. "What?" He almost found it insulting that she was bored with what he was telling her.

"Bucky, the 'bad' you did was not in your control. Yes, your body killed many people, but your mind, conscious, and soul did none of those things." Bucky only kicked himself mentally for even thinking she was bored with him.

"I know, but.."

"But nothing, Bucky." Ever so gently, he took her hand in his human one and held it. With a soft smile, he caressed her hand with his thumb.

"Only you could make something like this be easy." Anya only gave him a small smile in return. "But, I am only doing this because HYDRA is still in my mind." Anya was hoping they were getting off the subject. Her smile faltered.

"If we stay hidden, HYDRA will never get to you." Bucky leaned back some.

"Anya, they had Zemo right there, but they were so concerned with capturing me that they didn't even think about checking their information. What if that happens again? What happens when I go after you next? I threw you off a building!" Bucky stopped once he heard his voice rise slightly.

"Bucky, I don't believe T'Challa would let a HYDRA spy infiltrate this facility, and even if they did, you hesitated up there on the roof. You could have very easily snapped my neck, but the Winter Soldier thought it best to just throw me out of the way, not kill me. Now, why do you think he did that?" Bucky sighed as he let go of her hand and began rubbing his temple.

"Because he wanted to get out?" Anya rolled her eyes slightly and got up to go back to her room.
"It was because a small part of you saw me and recognized me, or he can be civil. Either way, he had the chance and didn't act on it." Anya then proceeded to walk back into the facility. Bucky shook his head as she left, again. Maybe she was right. Maybe the Winter Soldier could be tamed.

After he thought about it, he only scoffed. There was no way he could be tamed especially with those trigger words in his mind. Bucky rose from the bench and sighed looking around. He still had things that needed to be done before tomorrow.

Walking back into the building, he began looking for her. He didn't want to spend the last few hours he had just moping around. Knocking on her door, he instantly began feeling his stomach flutter. When she opened the door, she only furrowed her brows. The whole point of leaving the garden was because Bucky wouldn't listen to her.

"What is it, Bucky?" He only smiled at her.

"Let's go get that cheeseburger, yeah?" Seeing Bucky's face light up made a small smile appear on her face. Looking over at the clock on her nightstand and the grumbling in her stomach made it very apparent that she was hungry.

"Let's not talk about anything about tomorrow. Let's just focus on today." Anya nodded as she closed her door. Bucky grabbed hold of her hand tightly. A small blush crept up on her cheeks. They had grabbed three cheeseburgers with fries, and two drinks. Anya carried both of their food and her drink as Bucky carried his own drink.

"I miss Romania. Not that I don't like it here, but in Romania, everything was just so local." Bucky smiled at the memories surrounding their time in Romania.

"We didn't have to worry about anything until they found out where I was located." Anya slowly ate her burger and fries as Bucky sipped his drink.

"Did you even get to eat your daily plums?" Bucky looked up from his food just now realizing that he never got the chance to eat them.

"No. No, I didn't." He chuckled some.

"They might have a plum smoothie, you could always go ask." Bucky knew Anya was playing with him as they both laughed together. "So, what is the adventurous plan for the day?" Bucky honestly didn't know. He hadn't planned anything, but now might be a good time.

"I'm not sure. I guess we can eat, I know they have a pool in the exercise room. We could go swimming." An idea popped into his mind.

"What about afterwards?" He grinned some.

"It's a surprise." Anya only furrowed her brows at him playfully. Once they both finished their burgers, Anya split the third for the both of them like they were in Romania again. As Anya looked down, Bucky couldn't help but keep his eyes on her with a smile on his face. They quickly finished, threw their trash away, and began walking to their rooms.

"Be quick." He smiled some.

"I only have one arm. Unless you wanna give me a hand then it's going to take me a minute." Anya only laughed some with a blush on her cheeks that Bucky could see until she turned away.

"I'll let you do it." She closed her door and began going through the clothes that were provided to her. It was nothing fancy, just a few white and black tank tops and t-shirts with black cargo pants and shorts. There were two swimsuits. A grey one piece with the facilities logo on it and a black two piece. She decided to wear the two piece and wear shorts and a tank top over it. She didn't really want to walk around the facility in a two piece bathing suit with nothing over it.

As she grabbed a grey towel, she put on her pair of black flip flops and walked out of her room to see Bucky standing across her doorway talking with Steve. Once they noticed her, they smiled to each other and Steve walked off.

"What was that about?" Bucky only shook his head.

"Nothing. Just wondering what we were doing." Anya only nodded as they walked towards the exercise room. She couldn't help but wonder something.

"Bucky. can you get your shoulder wet?" He looked over at the tight black cover that encased his metal nub.

"Yeah, they told me that it was on there pretty tight." Once they opened the door to the exercise room, they found it completely empty. The pool was to their right and it was empty as well. The pool was rather large and in the shape of an 'L'. The tile in the pool was a turquoise color and helped the color of the water look even more inviting. There were a few rows where people could do laps, and then there was just the pool where people could relax. On each side of the pool was a waterfall that helped mix the chlorine in the water.

"Well, let's go." Anya put her towel down on a table next to the pool and found herself staring at Bucky's torso. He was perfectly tan and had the perfect amount of muscle. He knew he was staring and it only made him grin.

"Are we going in?" His voice took her out of her stare. Slowly, Anya began pulling the tank top over her head and took her shorts off. This time, it was Bucky's turn to gawk. He had never seen her in anything other than her catsuit or regular shirt and jeans. He almost felt embarrassed to be seeing her this way. Her skin wasn't pale, but she wasn't as tan as he was. Her long brown hair was down and over her shoulder. Bucky would kick himself later, but his eyes looked over her entire body. Her waist wasn't too thin, but she wasn't overweight either. She was very curvy. Her legs were long and beautiful.

"Are we going in?" He only grinned as she used the same line on him that he did with her. Anya was just going to get into the pool slowly, but Bucky decided to dive right in. The water was cold, but he quickly got used to it. Anya slid in from the side of the pool, waiting for Bucky to resurface. As he came up, he pushed his hair back with his human hand and smiled as he saw Anya with the ends of her hair being splayed out around her in the water. The blue water was reflected in her eyes as she smiled up at him.

They both swam around each other, Bucky couldn't help but think that she looked like a goddess when she was under the water. Her hair floated around her like an elegant dance. Gently, he grabbed her hand in his own and began pulling her up with him. As they grabbed some air, Bucky laid his arm on the side of the pool, relaxing. Anya began floating on her back and listened to the sounds underwater. Bucky slowly came up to her as her eyes closed.

Gently, he placed his human hand underneath her back and began to slowly spin her around while looking at her eyes. She smiled some as she felt the warmth on her back and opened her eyes just to connect with his. Anya's stomach began fluttering with butterflies as she began noticing small details about Bucky's features.

His strong jaw line, the slight stubble on his face, a small freckle on the left side of his forehead. She noticed how his steel gray eyes also had a bit of green in them and his right eye had a dark, almost black, fleck in it. Bucky slowly came to a stop and began to lean down towards her. His hand came up to the side of her face as he began to softly rub his thumb over the top of her cheek under her eye. He rested his forehead against hers and slowly dipped in to connect their lips.
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