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Silent Guardians

Chapter Sixteen

Her breath was caught in the back of her throat as Bucky confessed his feelings to her. Slowly, he began to lean towards her. He glanced down at her pink lips and, ever so softly, placed his on top of hers. The feeling of being able to finally kiss her was something he would always remember.

Anya's face was red hot, but she closed her eyes, and they began getting into a rhythm. Bucky pulled back just to look into her eyes.

"You have no idea how much I have been wanting to do that." A soft smile appeared on her face as she gazed into his eyes.

"You have no idea how much I wanted it to happen," Bucky grinned and quickly dipped back in to take her lips. He put his hand on the side of her cheek and only deepened it more. The feeling of his lips on hers was hot and heavy, and Anya could feel his tongue on her lower lip. She gradually opened her mouth to let Bucky explore.

Pulling back some, Bucky pushed some of her hair away from her face and stared at her lovingly. He could see that she was beginning to tire.

"Would you like to rest?" She grinned at him.

"Only if you will let me stay with you tonight." He held out his arm for her to hook onto.
"I wouldn't have it any other way." They both walked out of the garden, but not before Bucky plucked a red rose from one of the bushes and handed it to her. A blush ran across her cheeks as she brought it up to her nose.

"Thank you, Bucky, for everything." He only had a sparkle in his eye and his smile never faltered. He put his hand on her cheek, lightly caressing her. She gazed into his steel gray eyes and not a moment later, Bucky swooped down to capture her lips again, but there was more want in it. Anya laid her hands on his chest. He pulled back and started leading her back to their rooms.

Bucky opened his door for her to enter, and as she walked in, the smell of Bucky and his cologne hit her nose. It disoriented her for a moment and as she turned, she hadn't even noticed that Bucky had closed the door and was right up behind her. He picked her up bridal style and strode over to his bed.

Carefully, he laid her down and placed his lips and body over top of hers. They both closed their eyes as Anya wrapped her arms around his neck. She felt Bucky's tongue against her bottom lip again and smiled into the kiss giving him access. As he explored her mouth, she dropped her hands down to Bucky's chest and slowly slid his suit jacket from his shoulders.

Not breaking contact, he had the garment off and on the floor in seconds. Anya began unbuttoning his undershirt. Once she unbuttoned the last button, Bucky pulled away and sat up. He brought his lower lip into his mouth as he saw he laying on his bed with her long brown hair flared out around her head on his pillow. He ran his hand up and down her side and found her zipper to the dress she wore.

Slowly, he began pulling it down. The feeling of having Bucky pull down her zipper sent chills up her spine. She felt goosebumps all over her body as she felt his warm hand on her skin. He helped her take the dress off and laid himself in between her legs. Capturing her lips once more, Anya's hands came up to the back of his head and pulled his hair out of the hair tie.

Rubbing her thigh, she began pulling his undershirt from his torso and sat up to unbuckle his suit pants. She pulled them down only to see his hardened manhood. Bucky laid her back with his hand on her neck.

"Do you want this?" She looked up into his eyes and began biting her bottom lip.

"Yes." He smiled before kissing her quickly, and began kissing down her chest, stomach, and then kissed her through her panties, finding that she was already wet for him. Anya threw her head back and gently arched her back. Her breathing began getting rapid. Bucky rose and began pulling her panties down as she took her bra off.

Quickly, Bucky dipped down to take a supple nipple into his hot mouth. The contrast between the cold air and his mouth was exhilarating. He gently bit down on her as his hand began kneading the other. Anya let out a gentle moan as Bucky moved his thigh in between her legs, feeling her warmth against him as she began rocking back and forth. Bucky slid down in between her legs and rubbed everywhere except where she needed it. He was teasing her.

"Bucky, please." He only grinned as she begged and placed his tongue over her clit. Anya couldn't hold back the moan that escaped her lips as she closed her eyes. His tongue slid down to her entrance and back up to her clit in a slow manner. He then began sucking and biting her clit while sliding two fingers. He began fingering her in a 'come here' motion, and instantly found her G-Spot. Her toes began to curl, and she grabbed the sheets in a tight bundle in her hands.

"Oh, Bucky." He knew she was almost there, but he stopped and sat up. She looked up at him as he pulled his fingers into his mouth that had her juices on him. He pulled his boxers down revealing his massive girth. Bucky shifted so his head was rubbing against her clit. He would slowly move it up and down against her.

"I want you inside of me, Bucky." He grinned and began pushing into her. He filled her completely and didn't move until she was ready and used to his size. Once she nodded to him, he began thrusting in and out at a steady pace. Bucky began moaning with Anya.

"Just like that." Anya began feeling the strong unexplainable feeling in the pit of her stomach. "Oh, God, Bucky! Faster!" Bucky leaned his hand down and began rubbing her clit while pumping into her.

Involuntarily, Anya's back arched up and her toes curled in while her calf muscles tensed. Bucky began feeling the same unexplainable feeling in his stomach and began thrusting harder.

"I'm about to cum, doll." He began grunting and moaning. Both of them were slick with hot sweat and Bucky gave one last thrust. They both yelled out in ecstasy as they came together. Bucky rode their orgasms out together. He leaned down over her, catching his breath slightly. He laid his forehead on Anya's as she spasmed against him.

"I love you, Anya." With tired eyes, she looked up at him and grinned. She began rubbing his back gently.

"I love you too, James Buchanan Barnes." Before they both got up together to take a shower, Bucky kissed her on the forehead. Once they were clean and fresh, they both cuddled up into the bed together and fell asleep.

Anya was walking down a pitch black hallway. The only source of light was the one being projected down on her. There was no smell and when she would try to feel for the walls, her hands would only sink in a black liquid that was freezing to the touch. She was sure it was a dream, but it felt so real to her.

After what felt like hours of walking into a black abyss, Anya saw a white curtain. She furrowed her brows and pushed her way through. Anti-septic, alcohol and rubber penetrated her nose as the bright light blinded her. Once she was able to clear her eyes, she saw a large tube in the middle of a white room. She looked around and saw no one around.

Cautiously, she walked around to the front of the tube to see bucky inside. He seemed to be asleep, but Anya noticed he wasn't breathing, and saw sparkles of frost on his hair and underneath his nose. He was frozen.

Her worst fear came true. They froze him without letting her say goodbye. Tear sprung into her eyes as she gently laid her hand on the glass. She closed her eyes and leaned her forehead next to her hand. Why would they do this?


Anya yelped out as her wide wet eyes looked at Bucky inside the cryogenic tube.

"B..Bucky?" His eyes looked panicked as he tried clawing at the glass over top of him.

"Anya! Help me! Get me outta here!" She looked around for something, anything to get him out.
Suddenly, to her left, a button appeared.

"Hit it, Anya!" Shaking her head quickly, Anya ran to the button and slammed her fist down on it. She began to smile as she heard the mechanical noises of the lid opening. When she turned around, though, Bucky quickly grabbed a hold of her throat in his bionic hand. She couldn't understand how he had his metal arm, but it didn't matter. The murderous glare in his eyes held her attention.

She could feel the air flow slowly disappear as he gripped her tightly.

"B..Bucky?" He only growled at her. She squeezed her eyes shut, wishing for it to stop, but it never ceased. When she opened her tearful eyes, they went wide as Bucky's eyes were black hollow spheres. As he bared his teeth at her, they began to change and sharpen.

"This is why I am to be frozen! I kill everything I touch! I want to kill everything I see! I want your broken neck in my hands!" Anya only watched as he spat in her face.

Slowly, Bucky began cutting off her air flow completely. Black spots began to cloud her vision. in an instant, Bucky crushed her windpipe.

"I hate you, Anya. Your father should have killed you.

Anya woke quickly feeling a weight over her body.

"No!" Bucky grabbed her hand as she tried getting him off of her.

"Anya! Stop! Wake up!" Her emerald green eyes looked at Bucky fearfully as tears escaped the corners of her eyes.

"Bucky?" Gently, he pushed her soaking wet hair from the side of her face.

"Yeah, doll, it's me." Her breathing was rapid and her heart was trying to slow down. "Come here." He wrapped his one arm around her back and pulled her into his chest. She trembled in his arm, gently resting her hands on his chest muscles. She began explaining what happened in her nightmare. Bucky only looked concerned.

"Anya, listen to me. When I stay in there for a long period of time, it takes a lot of energy out of a person." He laid his hand upon her cheek. "But, if HYDRA used those words against me, I wouldn't have control over my body. You must understand that this is why I have to be frozen again." Anya laid her own hand on his and only nodded. Bucky got on the side of his bed next to her.

"I'm right here, Anya." They both laid down. Anya had her back against Bucky's chest while he laid his arm over her waist and pulled her tight against him. "I love you, Anya. Please, don't ever forget that." A tear fell from her eye.

"I love you too, Bucky." She didn't want tomorrow morning to come. She closed her eyes and let sleep overcome her once again.
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