Status: Prologue 6/7/2016

Silent Guardians

Chapter Seventeen

Today was the day that Bucky was to be frozen. Anya got up and ran her hand through her hair as she sat on the bed as Bucky got dressed in the clothes provided to him earlier this morning. The both of them didn't say a word. Bucky looked back at her and began to kick himself mentally. He couldn't let HYDRA, or anyone else have control of his body. This feeling felt familiar as he pulled the white tank top over his head.

"Bucky is this really something you wanna do?" He was fixing his beige tie in his full-length mirror.

"Of course! I have worked way too hard to let it all go to waste." The tall brunette at his door nodded. Bucky looked at her in the mirror and saw she was wiping away tears. He quickly turned to her and held her in his arms.

"Hey, Becca, it's going to be okay." She only nodded.

"I know Bucky, but it just worries me. You're going away to war. What if I never see you again?"

Bucky only grinned at his little sister.

"Hey, I'm Bucky Barnes, right? I can take em!" Rebecca smiled and sniffed.
"Kick their butts, Bucky."

A sigh left his mouth as he thought back on that particular memory. He turned his eyes to Anya. She must have been feeling the same pain. Bucky couldn't deny that he thought about his decision. Maybe he shouldn't go back on ice. Bucky shook his head as he looked at himself in the mirror. He had to do it. For everyone's safety.

It was time to go. Bucky walked up to Anya and held his hand out for her to take. He wanted her there with him. Anya put her hand in his, and Bucky swiftly pulled her up from the bed. As they walked towards the door, a knock sounded. Furrowing their brows, Bucky opened it to reveal Steve.
"We were just coming down." Steve only nodded with a smile.

"T'Challa said it might have to wait until this afternoon if that is okay with you." both Anya and Bucky were confused.

"Why?" Steve pushed his hands into his pockets and shrugged slightly.

"I'm not sure, but maybe he is giving you more time to think, or spend time with Anya." The girl in question only blushed. She didn't want to be the cause of the delay. Bucky wrapped his arm around her waist and nodded to Steve with a small smile gracing his features.

Once Steve left, Bucky closed his door and sighed.

"I'm not changing my mind." Anya swallowed hard. She had to accept the fact that Bucky wanted this. She had to accept the fact that he believed he was dangerous to other people, not just her.
"I know." She turned and sat down on the end of the bed and put some of the blanket in her lap. Bucky pushed his hair back and turned to her.

"You know? What happened to the arguing?" Anya fidgetted with the duvet under Bucky's stare.

"This is what you want, right," Anya bit her bottom lip. "and I respect your decision as much as it pains me." Bucky walked over to her and sat behind her. He pulled her towards his chest and pushed her long hair over her shoulder leaving small kisses against it.

"I love you, Anya." She nodded gently.

"I love you too, Bucky." She looked up behind her at him with hot tears falling from her eyes. Before she could say anything, Bucky pulled her into him. She turned and wrapped her arms around his middle and laid her hands on his warm back. They stayed like that for a moment.

Anya tried remembering how he felt when he held her. She tried to remember his musky and woodsy smell. How he would always run his hand through his dark hair and how his stubble would feel when he kissed her. Bucky pulled away but kissed her on the forehead.

"So, what is the plan for today? At least until noon." Bucky chewed his bottom lip as he thought. He began to softly pet Anya's hair as they sat there. There wasn't much to do in T'Challa's facility. Honestly, Bucky couldn't see himself living here for more than a week or two.

"How about we watch movies and stay in bed?" Anya smiled to him, the sides of her eyes crinkling.

"Sounds great! After breakfast of course!"

"Why not bring it back?" Anya liked the sound of just spending time with Bucky. They both got dressed quickly, not wanting to waste any time, and ran down to the cafeteria. Anya skidded to a halt, almost falling over, but Bucky grabbed her around the waist to hold her steady.

She wasn't clumsy, she was an assassin, but she enjoyed letting Bucky catch, or hold her when she would stumble.

"I won!" Bucky scoffed as he pushed his hip into hers.

"Yeah, after I let you win!" Anya gave him a shocked expression.

"James Buchanan Barnes! You're not supposed to let me win!" She elbowed him in the ribs slightly. He only grinned at her as they picked up their trays. Bucky had gotten pancakes, sausage, eggs, and hash browns with water, and Anya had gotten a ham and cheese omelet with water. They snuck their food up into their rooms quietly, and once they closed the door, they began to settle in.

As they ate, they looked through the entertainment center and found a few movies such as Star Wars, Pride and Prejudice, and documentaries about some of the Wakandian nation. Anya had enjoyed her omelet and from the nerves, she couldn't eat much more. She let Bucky, who ate everything on his plate, have the rest of her food.

Once they finished, they cuddled together under the large duvet. Bucky had his arm wrapped around Anya, their food tucked away in their bellies. Bucky was lightly stroking her arm when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." When the door opened, Anya's heart sank to the ground. Steve and T'Challa stood there with small smiles on their faces, but their eyes held dread and sadness. T'Challa was wearing a black suit and tie and held his hands in front of him. Steve wore regular jeans, navy blue shirt, and his brown jacket. He put his hands on his hips.

Bucky turned the T.V. off as both he and Anya sat up.

"It's time." All of them began walking toward the medical wing of the facility. Anya felt like they were on death row as they walked down the hallway. The only sounds were their shoes hitting the shiny floor. As they turned to the right, Anya saw the large tube that was in the middle of the room.
All around her was white, white walls, white floors, and the white clothes on Bucky.

"Alright, if you would please sit." One of the doctors motioned for Bucky to sit on a white hospital bed. Once he was comfortable, they began to stick the I.V. needle into his one good arm and pump him full of saline.

"You sure you wanna do this?" Steve walked in front of Bucky as they waited for the bag of saline to enter his body. Bucky sighed some as he looked up.

"I can't trust my own mind." There was sadness in his voice as he gave Steve a reassuring smile. Everyone knew Bucky didn't want to do this, but it was Bucky's decision. "So, until they figure out how to get this stuff out of my head, I think going back under is the best thing," Steve looked at Bucky with a flicker of anger in his eyes. HYDRA was the cause of all this. HYDRA is the reason he is losing his best friend. Bucky looked over at Anya who only had tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

"For everybody." Bucky's eyes looked distant, but Anya walked up to him and sat with him. It wasn't long until the doctors took the I.V. out and opened the chambers lid.

"When you're ready." Bucky swallowed hard as memories of being in HYDRA's grasp and being frozen there ran through his mind. He slid off the bed and walked in front of the tube. Anya's heart was racing and she hoped that he would reconsider, but she knew him all too well. He turned towards Anya, Steve, and T'Challa, and motioned for Anya to come to him.

Slowly, she was standing in front of him. He softly placed his hand on her cheek and looked into her emerald green eyes.

"Dream of me?" He smiled at her and dove in to capture her lips with his own. It was deep, meaningful, and passionate because it was the last kiss they would share together. Bucky pulled back some and leaned his forehead against hers.

"I'll always dream about you, doll." Anya licked her lips and could still taste him.

"I will be finding out how to get HYDRA out of your mind, I promise, Bucky." He pulled back some and pushed her hair away from her neck.

"I love you, Anya." A tear fell from her eye as she backed away. She couldn't speak without breaking down on the floor. Bucky looked towards Steve. "Keep her safe, Steve!" he nodded as well to his best friend. They would see each other again. Bucky walked into the cryogenic tube and leaned his back against it. The lid closed, Bucky closed his eyes and breathed in deeply as the subzero temperature took over his body, freezing him.

Anya walked up to the glass and placed her hand on it with tears streaming down her face. No one else in the room mattered. The doctors were letting Steve and T'Challa know that his vitals were steady.

"Thank you for this." T'Challa was looking out of the nearby window giving Anya time.

"Your friend and my father were both victims," he looked down at his father's ring, "If I can help one of them find peace..." Steve nodded.

"You know if they find out he's here, they'll come for him," T'Challa smiled at the thought of people coming into his country and taking something important such as this.

"Let them try."

Anya stood at the glass.

"I love you too, Bucky." Anya laid her forehead onto the cold glass tube with her eyes closed. She couldn't keep wallowing in self-pity. She had to take action, now. Anger filled her body as she opened her eyes, the only emotion flowing through them was pure hatred. In a flash, she was in her room getting ready to leave.

T'Challa stayed back as Steve ran after Anya. he knew her plan, and he hoped she would succeed.
Steve got to Anya's room just as she was walking out of her room and into Bucky's.

"Anya, what are you doing?" She began packing some of Bucky's clothes, so she could have him around her.

"I'm going to find HYDRA facilities." A sigh left Steve's mouth.

"Anya, I understand how upset you are right now, but storming into HYDRA facilities and interrogating them would be suicide." Anya had anger blinding her as well as more tears that she hated. She knew Steve was right, but she wanted Bucky back. She stopped throwing clothes into her bag and stood there.

Steve slowly came up to her and wrapped his arms around her. When she felt the comfort Steve was trying to give her, she crumbled to the floor. Steve only held her as she cried into his arms next to Bucky's bed. The pain of having someone ripped from her was too much.

All of a sudden, she screamed. It was the only way to let some of the pain go away. Steve jumped slightly, but he understood what she was going through. They both sat on the floor, Steve's back against the nightstand and Anya in between his legs and in his arms, trying to control herself.

It was about two hours later and Steve found that Anya had passed out from exhaustion. He gently picked her up and laid her in Bucky's bed, covering her up. he left a note on the lamp next to the bed and left.

Steve met up with T'Challa who only looked concerned.

"How is she?" T'Challa noticed the tear marks on Steve's shirt. He let out a breath he didn't know he was holding in as he shook his head.

"She is really hurt. I am going to take her with me." T'Challa and Steve had talked about when he would leave and break his friends out of the prison in the middle of the Atlantic.

Steve was about to start getting ready, but T'Challa stopped him.

"He will be safe here, go save your friends and get answers," Steve smiled and nodded. T'Challa put his hand on his shoulder.

"Be careful my friend."
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