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Silent Guardians

Chapter Eight

Anya and Bucky had gotten back to the apartment with ease, and decided to go to the same cafe they went to yesterday, but only when they were dry enough.

They both ordered the same thing, but bought an extra burger to split.

"I think this has been one of the most decent days I have had in a while." Bucky took a sip of his drink and smirked.

"Glad that you enjoy my company." A smile only crossed Anya's features as she took the last bite of her burger.

"I should be heading back to the hotel. I smell like pond water." Bucky chuckled.

"Maybe you shouldn't start something you can't finish."

"Ha-Ha, Bucky." Anya rose and put a tip on the table. "I'll be seeing you tomorrow." He only smiled and watched her leave.

Anya got back to her hotel room with ease and plopped down on her bed. Licking her lips, she turned on the T.V. to see what was happening in the news. It was devastating. Hundreds of people died in Sokovia even though others had been saved, it didn't seem to matter to the media or to anyone else.

They were calling the Avengers murderers and unsupervised superheroes. It's like they didn't even care that the Avengers just saved thousands of people's lives. Yet, Anya knew that if they didn't bother with it, people would have been just as vexed if they hadn't shown up to save them. It was hard to make people happy these days. Nothing you could do could satisfy people anymore. Anya was always a huge supporter of the saying: 'Kill one, save millions.' But then again, she had killed a lot of people and it came as second nature to her.

Anya sat there with her legs crossed underneath her and watched the news a bit more. Slowly, the sun began setting while casting a pink and orange hue throughout her white hotel room. Looking towards the sun, she sucked in her lips and popped them back out gently. She ran a hand through her chocolate brown hair as she turned the T.V. off. She planned on seeing Bucky again tomorrow so, she decided to sleep early. She turned off the T.V. and curled up in her white duvet and satin white sheets.

Anya had lived long enough to know that you needed a weapon within arms reach, so she made sure her 9 mm pistol was under her pillow in case she needed it. She looked out of the window of her hotel room and watched as the orange and pink colors transitioned into purples and dark blues.
The soft change in color slowly put Anya to sleep as she closed her eyes and let sleep envelop her.

"You're Mother has died, Anya. It is time for you to start your training." Anya's vision was blurry as she tried looking around. When her eyesight cleared, she was looking at herself in her mother's full-length mirror, her mother's body lying just two feet away in her bed. She was her seven-year-old self again.

"Anya!" Her head snapped back at her father. He stood with authority and intimidation. She only nodded at him gently as she was ushered out of the room. She took a glance back at her mother's gray and beaten body, a stray tear falling from her eye. It crushed her.

Before Anya made it out of the door, her vision went black and she could only hear the horrific screams.

"Do it, Anya." Her father's poisonous voice sent a chill up her seventeen-year-old body.

"No, please, not my wife! She's with child!!" The next thing Anya heard was the gun firing.

Anya sat up and in one fluid motion, she had her pistol out and ready to shoot. Sweat poured from her body as her chest rose and fell rapidly. She heard the gunshot again, but it wasn't a gunshot. Getting up from the warm bed, Anya got up and walked to the window just to see a large pickup truck backfiring. Shaking her head and running a hand through her damp hair, she eventually put the pistol in its holster. She looked at the clock above the T.V. and saw it was almost six in the morning. She was surprised she slept that long for she hadn't slept that well in years.

Deciding to take a shower, she grabbed her clothes which consisted of form-fitting black jeans, white lace tank top with a black v-neck t-shirt on top, and a pair of black socks. She laid all of the garments on the large sink and started the water.

Anya showered and got dressed quickly as she felt the need to get fresh air after her nightmare. She grabbed her black high heeled boots and black leather jacket and walked out of the building.

She walked down the bustling streets silently. She knew that if a thief or rapist came through, as much as she didn't want to draw attention to herself, she would be able to put a bullet in their brains quickly as she felt her pistols in their holsters around her torso.

Anya was trying to figure out why the nightmare, or rather memory, had plagued her tonight of all nights. She hadn't had a nightmare about her childhood since she first moved to America. A sigh came from her mouth as she looked around Bucharest.

It was lively in mornings, with everyone getting their necessary food and groceries, but in the night it was even more bright and festive. People walked down the street wearing their very best clothes for the nightlife. Laughing drunkenly and walking into another bar or club nearby. People living their lives without a care in the world.

Stuffing her hands in her pockets, Anya knew she had to talk with Steve about Bucky, but she also didn't want to bother him since it was tense back at home.

"Anya?" Quickly she looked up across the street to see Bucky's form at the crosswalk. Wearing his usual attire and black cap to hide his features, he ran through the crosswalk, making sure that cars and other vehicles wouldn't hit him as he sprinted towards Anya.

"Are you okay?" Bucky didn't understand why the question slipped from his mouth. He felt worried for Anya especially seeing her so distraught. She only nodded some and forced a smile to him, but he caught the facade. He could look straight past her even when she was trying her hardest not to show emotion.

"Why are you out right now?" She ran a hand through her hair and shrugged gently as they walked down the street together. The streetlamps cast a gentle orange glow around them. Bucky debated in his mind. He knew something was off, but did he really want to get any more involved with her? Did he really want to get to know her more? Would he get too attached to her? He had a feeling he knew what the old Bucky would have done and that is why he was in Bucharest right?

"Anya, what's wrong?" She was surprised at him. She leaned up against the brick wall next to them.
"I had a nightmare about my childhood." Bucky's tense shoulders seemed to relax some. He was worried she might have called Steve or worse. "It's been a long time since my adolescence came up in a dream." Bucky watched her with an intense gaze as people walked through them to get to their destination. He understood the need for fresh air when a nightmare happened. Sometimes you're also afraid to even go back to sleep in fear of the dream resurfacing.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked you about it." Anya gave a reassuring smile.

"It's okay. I wanted to tell you." As more people walked past and through them, Bucky looked around and then back at her.

"Do you wanna get an early breakfast?" Anya felt her stomach rumble at the mention of food and lifted off the wall.

"Why not?" The both of them decided to take their breakfast back to Bucky's apartment and eat. Anya was sitting at the table and Bucky sat across from her. They ate in silence for the most part, but it was a comfortable silence. Bucky considered on asking her the nagging question that has been bothering him. He couldn't see what it would hurt.

"When are you contacting Steve?" Anya slowed in her chewing and only looked down at her eggs. She put her fork down and took a sip of her drink to wash the food away.

"I figured when he had the chance. Lately, it's been hell back at home." Bucky bowed his head as he ate his bacon. Anya looked at the clock in the living room: 8:30 AM. Staying here in Bucharest and visiting Bucky was really starting to appeal to Anya. It was like she actually had a life outside of killing targets. She had a friend she could hang out with and just live. She looked up at Bucky and saw that he was blindly eating his food as he was lost in thought.

He had finished his breakfast and sat with a serious look on his face. Bucky had an idea, but he didn't know how she would react to it. The old Bucky kept thinking it was a great idea, but the Winter Soldier, the more cautious side of him thought it completely irrational.

"Bucky?" He was trying to better himself and listening to the old him might be what helps.

"I have..." He paused for a short moment. "An idea." Anya put her drink down and sat back in the old rickety chair. She gave Bucky her full attention, and Bucky wasn't sure he wanted her complete attention at what he was going to propose.

"Seeing as how we don't know when you will be contacting Steve, that means you're staying longer, right?" Anya nodded gently to him as she creased her brows slightly. She would be damned if she would just leave after searching for almost two years.

"I was thinking, why don't you move in?" Anya was taken back by Bucky and what he was saying. She sat there thinking. "I figure you come here every day anyway." Anya didn't know what to say. It would make things easier and he would know he couldn't escape, but this was far from what she expected him to ask. Anya began biting her bottom lip and Bucky felt the Winter Soldier part of him kicking him around.

Anya didn't know what the change in them was. At first, they were trying to kill each other and now, they seemed to be friends. She wondered if it was James peeking past the Winter Soldier, trying to get a grip on his life again. He must be gravitating towards someone who understands.

She began shaking her head gently and looked up at him.

"Okay. I will have to get my stuff." Bucky couldn't tell if he was excited or if he was nervous. Anya stood and began throwing their trash away.

"I will be back before you, so don't worry." Anya shook her head in his direction and was about to grab her jacket, but Bucky got to it beforehand and helped her with it. He didn't know why he did it, but it made him feel normal.

"Thank you," Anya smiled to him, but he only turned away as he felt his cheeks burn. Anya soon left and went to her hotel room.

She couldn't quite understand why Bucky asked the question. It wasn't something you would normally ask someone you barely know and thought might hurt you. Sighing, she turned the T.V. on and listened to the news as she packed everything. Just one small black duffel bag.

"Breaking News in Vienna, Austria. A bomb in a news van killed the Wakandian King. Early surveillance shows one James Buchanan Barnes leaving the scene." Anya dropped everything and ran to the television. The picture showed what the person in question looked like, and it did look like Bucky, but that would be impossible. She was with him the time the bomb exploded. Shaking her head, Anya quickly grabbed her stuff and left the hotel as fast as she could. Bucky was being framed and they somehow knew he was here.

As she ran towards Bucky's apartment, she noticed SWAT members had surrounded the entire building. Onlookers watched attentively. There was yelling and soon after there were gunshots. Anya tried getting past the spectators and once she finally broke through, she saw Bucky jump from the fourth story window onto the other building next to it.

She raced towards the building and saw a stranger, with a black and silver outfit, start attacking Bucky. He managed to fight him off enough to jump down into the underground bypass, but the stranger followed quickly with Steve behind him.

Anya dropped her duffel and grabbed her pistols and I.D. She began ran behind Steve and caught up with him and silently thanked her stamina for still being enhanced.

"Anya?" Steve was surprised to see her, but he couldn't question her now. "Later!" She couldn't tell if he was upset with her or not.

Bucky was jumping over cars and walking on top of them, but he eventually pushed a guy off his motorcycle and in a blur, he was driving it past Steve and Anya. They could barely keep up at this point, so Steve saw a police vehicle coming up next to them and jumped into the windshield. He pulled the driver out and Anya sat on the passenger side. Mashing the gas to the floor, Steve caught up with Bucky within seconds, but the stranger had pounced onto the back of the police SUV and used it to his advantage.

"I can't shake this guy, Sam." It wasn't long until Sam had the stranger, but he used Sam to get closer to his target. Bucky looked back and threw a small stick bomb on the bypass ceiling. Before it went off the stranger grabbed a hold of Bucky and they both fell, skidding on the asphalt. Steve tried to swerve from the fallen ceiling, but the car tilted and both Steve and Anya jumped out of the drivers side door before it flipped over.

Steve ran just before the stranger could attack Bucky and tackled him to the ground. Anya had rolled, not being able to land on her feet, but she got up as fast as she could and ran to Bucky's aid. Worry was apparent in her eyes as she looked down at him. He was breathing hard from the adrenaline and was catching his breath as she helped him up. The stranger stood there glaring at Steve. Bucky and Anya stared at each other for a moment as Anya held him up. The police sirens took their attention as they came speeding up behind the stranger.

Bucky slowly walked in front of Anya in a protective gesture. She looked up at him and he looked back at her to make sure she was alright for a split second. Sam came up behind the three of them.
War Machine crashed down and pointed his weapons at everyone. The stranger then took their headpiece off to show who they were. Steve was shocked to see T'Challa, the new King of Wakanda. Anya then knew that he was trying to kill Bucky for vengeance.

"Your Highness." War Machine looked back at Steve. "Congratulations Cap, you're a criminal. "
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