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Everything seemed normal that morning.

I had woken up around eight to the normal sound of the country, some horns honking here and there, birds chirping and dogs barking in the distance. My boyfriend sleeping next to me snoring lightly with his arm wrapped over my chest, making it slightly hard to breathe.

Pushing it from my chest and sitting up with my feet grazing the rug, I curled my toes. They felt cramped, my legs needed to be stretched and my body needed to consume coffee, a lot of coffee. So I made my move, stretching to get the blood flowing while tossing my messy hair into a bum, shuffling me way into the bathroom for the morning routine and then shuffling to the kitchen.

It all seemed so normal.

"I smell coffee." The sound of my boyfriend's husky voice hit my ears causing the corner of my lips to lift into a smile.

My eyes made their way from the coffee over to the husky man walking into the kitchen, his blue eyes still half open, some stubble on his chin from not shaving yet, his hair was nothing but bed head. My eyes traveled down to his body, he wore his usual morning attire, Batman pajama pants with fuzzy slippers and no shirt that allowed his well built body to tease and torture me.

"You can only have coffee if you strip for me." I teased as I sipped on my cup, the dark aroma coffee gliding down my throat making me feel pleased and awake.

I watched he left of a soft sigh, slowly stepping out of his pink fuzzy slippers and putting his thumbs into the hem of his pajamas, I instinctively bit my bottom lip as I watched him. His hips started to sway, his left hand moved to where he could run his fingers through his messy hair. His other hand lowering his pants slowly, while slipping into his pants at the same time.

My eyes grew wide as I watched him, starting to feel the heat of his dance. My hand gripping the cup tighter and his pants for lower but soon stopped, his body straightening and his eyes locked on mine. My jaw slacked as I stared at him.

"I love you, but I have work this morning babe." My bottom lip poked out as he walked around the counter and placed a kiss on my forehead.

"That's not fair, you cheated," I sipped my coffee. “I was going to ravage you on the living floor to wake you up."

I could hear him shifting behind me at my words, the coffee cup clanking against the corner as he did his things. I knew he had become mad, I had denied him last night out of exhaustion and now he was denying me because he felt like it.

Everything wasn't normal.

"Lock your doors, stay away from the infected." My finger lingered over the remote as I turned on the news, my eyes narrowed as I stared at the television in the living room. Luke, now by my side with his hand rested on my lower back watched the screen. "We don't know how this happened, we don't know what caused this, but we do know to stay indoors! If you can kill one, always hit the brain!"

My grip on the cup loosened as I stared at the screen, it had to be some sick joke, April was right around the corner. Maybe the news cast was pulling an April fools joke on everyone, the gun shots from the screen startled me as I watched the guy fall to his knees. His face pale of all color, his jaw hanging to one side and his eyes almost white with red lines. It seemed as if the bullets didn't affect him the least bit as he started to get up, low growls coming from his throat.

"I think we better start packing, get to my parents cabin." Luke spoke and all I could do was nod as I watched him, his knees now bloody from hitting the floor hard. His hands swaying at his side while his neck leaned to the left as if he couldn't hold it up. The cop raised his gun and the television went dark.

My eyes went to Luke and I could see the worry in his bright blue orbs, we woke up thinking that everything was normal, that today was just another day. But we were both wrong, today was the start of our survival.