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Our blue Camry was packed with everything we needed, from Toilet paper to a first aid kit. We didn't know the full extent of the situation and because of that we wanted to get as far from the city as possible, so we drove. Luke's parents had a nice cabin in Pennsylvania, up towards the mountains where it was cold and not many people traveled. It was a comfortable place to stay.

It had two bedrooms with two bathrooms, a decent sized kitchen attached to the main living room, the living room held a nice sized fireplace as well with a mantel over top. There was electricity along with two back up generators and obviously a ton of surrounding woods to keep a fire going.

"I should only take us a few hours to get there without traffic." Luke spoke while entangling his fingers with my own.

My eyes scanned the city streets as we drove towards the highway, people were scattering everywhere. Woman picking up their children to get indoors, men following them protectively. Stores closing down for the day or days to come just in case, it was pure chaos.

"Let's hope there's no traffic, we should pass over the bridge to make sure."

I didn't get a response from him except the cat moving in the direction of the over pass to the highway, my eyes still glued on the scene in front of me. Maybe people were starting to sniff bath salts again, maybe they put something in the water supply to cause panic.Maybe it was bird flu or..

"We have to find another way." Luke's voice pulled me from my thoughts showing me that we were over the highway, people were bumper to bumper honking their horns and trying to get out of the city.

"We could try the back roads until we get farther up north, not many people are thinking straight right now so it should be clear. "

My eyes locked with Luke's as he nodded and started the car in the direction of any back roads we could use, and I was right. Mostly everyone was heading to use the highway, because it was a fast way of transportation. But they failed to realize how jammed it could be and how there was no way out of that jam once stuck in it.

"It will be okay, just a little detour and we will get there."

Luke tried to be helpful, he could see the worry and fear on my face as we drove the back roads. Passing a few people on the side of the road, one man had been attacked and was dragged to the ground. In any other conditions, Luke would have helped, but this was dangerous and I wouldn't put him in a situation to where I would lose him.

"We may need to stop for gas soon," We had been driving for about an hour now, trying to stay away from main roads the best that we could. Ignoring all the people who walked on the side of the road.

It was around one in the afternoon when we finally stopped for gas, everything seemed pretty much empty. A few cars on the side of the road that had been left, some still held luggage and food. My eyes lingered on the gas station in front of us, Luke's hands resting on the wheel as he took a deep breathe, we both felt like it was wrong.

"We need to fill up."

I nodded and he slowly pulled up to the pump, keeping the car on as he swiped his card and started to fill the tank. My eyes moved around our surroundings, keep a look out for something, someone, a sign of life. But all I saw was empty cars, lights flickering in the store and Luke filling the gas tank.

I rubbed my hands together and the ran them through my messy brown curls, a sigh escaping my lips as Luke got into the car and buckled himself in. His eyes scanning the store as he put the car in gear and started to drive.

"Do you think it's like this everywhere?" I asked in a hushed voice.

"I don't know..."