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My heart pounded beneath my chest, my breathing was labored, my hands shook and with every step I took it sounded like echoes in an empty room. We had just arrived at Pennsylvania, the trip was long but out of the way of people and what ever those things were. Both of us were excited to be at the cabin, just to sleep and wait till every thing blew over.

It was when we had stopped to get some rest and food, that we saw how things had turned out.

The small village with the population of about two thousand people, was empty. Not a single soul roamed the streets, there was garbage littering the roads, cars abandoned after Being crashed and pretty much all of the stores still seemed opened.

"Do you mind splitting up real quick, I'll get to the gas station and you check the smallest store for food." Luke watched me with his blue eyes, both filled with worry and passion.

My tongue glided over my bottom lip, I took a deep breath as I scanned the area, my eyes landing on a small deli just up the road causing me to nod yes. It must have been the dumbest choice in history.

Luke drove the car over to the gas station before giving me a large knife and a kiss on the forehead. My whole body felt like it was shaking as I walked towards the deli, that for some reason seemed a lot farther away now that I wasn't in the safety of my car.

"You could do this, there's nothing out there." I whispered to myself as I walked, my hand gripped the blades handle so tight my knuckles were turning white.

My feet stopped right at the entrance of the deli, my heart was pounding in my chest as I pulled the door open slowly hoping I could stuff my self in before the bell dinged. The moment I heard the small almost jingle, I slide into the store.

I wanted to gag, or vomit, or even die for that matter. The moment my foot stepped into that door, I was hit with a putrid smell of death and rot. My arm went to cover my nose but it didn't help, it was as if I could taste the death with each breathe.

"What the fuck?" I tried my best to cover my nose with my arm as I walked through the somewhat dark deli, it couldn't have been the food causing this smell.

My feet shuffled as I tried to silently walk through the store towards where the smell was coming from, in hopes that maybe I could find someone to fix the problem. Maybe it was a dead animal.

Taking another step my whole body shuffled violently as my right food went one way and my body went the other, I didn't even have to squeal as I hit the floor with a hard thud landing in something wet and sticky.

"Son of a-" My breath caught in throat as I stared back at what was staring at me, it's eyes were white with what seemed like black veins going through them, soulless eyes. Who evers face it belonged to was half gone, allowing me to see it's teeth and jaw line.

It's mouth opened and closed as it watched me, snapping every few seconds. Glancing down towards the rest of its body my eyes opened, the head wasn't even attached to the neck. The body lay a few feet away, lifeless with a hole in its stomach allowing the guts to protrude.

My body kicked into action as I pushed myself from the floor without skidding everywhere, avoiding the teeth of the body less head and looked around. For the first time I actually got a good look at the store, a few of the shelves where empty, one of the glass drink doors where busted open allowing anyone to reach in and grab what they wanted.

My eyes caught the glimpse of movement towards the end of the store, a shadow but I knew I had to get out of the store as fast as possible, so I turned, My heart pounded beneath my chest, my breathing was labored, my hands shook and with every step I took it sounded like echoes in an empty room.

I could hear the small growls coming from the end of the store as i got closer to the door, rushing my body I pushed open the door, not caring about the bell and stumbled into the sun where I found Luke stating at me from the car. His eyes were like saucers as I walked over to him not knowing what I looked like.

"Whose blood is that?"

"He was already dead." The imaged flashed through my mind causing me to shutter, my fingers pulling at this car door handle allowing it to pop open. I didn't care about the blood, or the mess or even kt staining my seats. I just wanted to get out of there, I wanted to run and I wanted to hide.
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