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"I need to make sure they are okay!" Luke's hands flew in the air as he paced back and forth in the living room. My heart pounded in my chest as I watched him frantically get a bag of supplies together.

"Luke it's not safe.."

His blue eyes were on me in seconds, I couldn't tell if it was fear, hurt or anger resting within them but it hurt me to look at him. So I looked down to the ground, I couldn't stop him, I couldn't talk him out of it. I simply had to remind him of the dangers out there and hope he would make a safe trip.

"I want you to stay here, just in case they get here while I'm out." He gripped the small bag of supplies and swung it over his shoulder as I slowly looked back up at him, folding my arms i sent him a small glare.

"Fine, but you owe me a strip tease when you get back..."

It had been four hours since he had left, four long agonizing hours. I had checked every window, locked every door and shut every curtain In the cabin. By now I was laying on the couch with a book in my hands, a gun in my lap and my legs rested on the arm rest. The sun had long set, a small breeze would rush into the cabin from time to time and every so often my eyes would drift close but open with the smallest sound.

I had dozed off to sleep for the fifth time when a sudden bang on the door had me jumping up from my spot, the gun rested in my grip as I held it pointing towards the door. I could hear the soft groans coming from the other side, the nails scratching at the wooden door as it tried to get in.

From the souds of it there was only one just lingering, so I took a few careful steps back towards the steps, letting the floor boards creak under my weight as I slowly got closer to the steps. There were a few more bangs against the door and bloody moans when I finally reached the steps and made my way up.

Crossing over to the nearest window I pulled back the curtain and looked down, at the front door stood a man probably in his late fifties banging his body into the door, blood dripped from the wound in neck while a bag hung from the other side. His clothing were worn out, dirty and covered in blood from who knows where.

I couldn't help but to feel bad as I watched the once man, now dead stumble back tripping over the steps and dropping the bag. He landed on the ground with his face looking up ad I could see the white soulless eyes staring up as if staring at the sky.

Closing the curtain I placed my back to the window an stared into the bedroom I was standing it, the picture on the far right tore at my heart as I stared at Luke and his parents.

"Come back Luke..."