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My heart pounded in my chest as I stood with my back to the door, Luke had figured we would need more supplies so we took the car to the nearest supermarket. He had given me two blades and gun, knowing that I knew how to use all three and then we went out separate ways.

So here I was with my back to a door as I watched the dead casually stumble by, without noticing me. I had made the mistake of walking into the back storage room with out telling Luke, which would have been a better idea. My shopping cart was just outside the door I was leaning against, but if I moved they would hear me.

My right hand rested on the door handle as my left hand held the gun, ready to shoot what came near me. But they seemed interested in something else, or someone else for that matter. I had caught a glimpse of a person running away from these things, but there was no screaming, no gun shots and the number of them never got smaller.

My hand turned the knob slowly as I watched the last of them get farther away, quickly pulling it open and then pulling it shut behind me, I let out a breathe I didn't realize I was holding. My eyes peeked through the small window as I saw the body's outline run around once again, it was as if this was a game to them.

Quickly I pushed away from the door and went to my cart, my hands still shaking from the adrenaline and my heart still beating a hundred miles a minute. It was when I saw Luke walking down the isle with his cart that I started to feel calmer, safer for some reason.

"Everything okay?" He stopped in front of me and I took a good look at him, he looked tired with little bags under his eyes. He hadn't been sleeping much, since he had gotten back. His eyes also held a sadness that I couldn't fix, a sadness that he had to endure while getting his father to safety.

"Yeah, let's finish up and get home." I pushed my cart forward stopping next to him before placing a kiss on lips.

He gave a soft smirk before following after me allowing us to gater the rest of the supplies, it was twenty minutes after when we heard the blood curdling scream come from the back storage area.

Luke had jumped from being startled and I had shook my head in disappointment. The person had finally lost their footing, or the dead had gotten smart and pulled a fast one on him. Picking up the steak from the freezer, I examined it and placed it into the cart.

The slamming of a door caused me to jump and turn in the direction, a young man in his late twenties stood holding his arm. Fear written all throughout his face as he slowly took a step towards us, blood dripping on the tiled white floors. His lips moved but I couldn't hear him, I watched Luke take a step in front of me pulling out his gun. The boy spoke again and this time held out his hand, asking for help.

But there was no helping him, his knees had given out and his body hit the floor. Luke pushed me back causing me to push the cart.

"We need I leave, right now." I could hear the fear in his voice as he took the small amount of stuff from his cart and tossed it into mine, not caring about the noise.

My eyes went to boy again, he wasn't moving. Blood Pooled out of his arm but it seemed to have gotten thicker, so it wasn't coming out as fast. A foul stench had picked up in the air and by now Luke was pushing the cart and dragging me behind him.

It was as if everything had started to move slow, the front doors were right there and behind us was the boy. His body up right wih a slight slowly in his shoulders, his skin practically white allowing me to see the veins through them. His head lulled to the side as if it was to heavy to carry, the ding of us passing through the doors caught his attention.

His head snapped up allowing me to see his eyes, they were wide, white and soulless. Blood trickled down his lip and I watched as his jaw opened and closed while he took on step forward, what I didn't understand was why Luke was yanking me from the store if thing moved so slow.

"Get in the car!"

I felt his body move mine to where I was now stuffed in the front seat while everything from the cart was being tossed in the back, not caring if their was glass or if something would break. He was frantic to get as far from here as possible. Slamming the door he rushed around the front and jumped ino the divers seat, his breathing fast as he turned the car on and placed it into gear.

"Luke?" My voice held confusion as I watched him back out of the spot, it was when i saw the boy that I realized why he was scared. He was now in a full sprint towards us, his jaws opening and closing snapping at us like a wild rabid dog. Luke slammed on the breaks causing us to jerk forward, the stuff to fall to the floor and the dead to fly over the car.

Quickly he moved driving over the body, careful to get the head leaving a pile of guts behind us.

"When I was out there for those few days, I witness what happened when you got bit." His Right-hand gripped mine. "Some people take a few days or a few hours, other turn shortly after." His eyes scanned all the mirrors.

"The ones who turn slightly after are the most dangerous, it's like they have a burst of energy or something. Like the body doesn't realize it's dead yet, it's just hungry for flesh."

My mouth hung open as I listened to him.

"I guess it depends on the person really."