Status: This story is the sequel to Washed Out Rock Song and is currently active.

Washed up Rockstar


”If you hate it here so much, then leave.” Leah yelled to her boyfriend.

“Well you clearly don’t want me here anyways,” John shouted back. “Why did you even ask me to come?”

Leah crossed her arms. Her eyes were overfilling with wetness. She shook her head. “I can’t believe you right now.” Leah wiped her eyes and leaned up against the dorm room wall. “You’re the one that said we could make this work, you’re the one that said a few states in between us didn’t matter. But it does matter, things are different now."

“Fine,” John said, his voice lowered now. He headed into the bedroom and came back out with a backpack strapped to his shoulder. He stood in front of Leah, a look of desperation was plastered to his face. “Leah,” he said, trying to get her to look at him, but she wouldn’t. “Is this really it? You’re perfectly okay with me walking out that door?”

Leah’s tears continued down her face as she kept her eyes glued to the ground. “Just leave,” she muttered.

And he did.