Status: This story is the sequel to Washed Out Rock Song and is currently active.

Washed up Rockstar

Chapter Four.

Everyone clapped as Kira and Kennedy made their way into the reception hall and sat at their table for two in the front of the room. Their seats faced everyone. I smiled as I watched them lean into each other giggling. Kira couldn’t stop smiling, she was officially Mrs. Kennedy Brock.

One of the venues waiters came to our table and started pouring champagne for the toasts. Kira begged me not to give a speech, I’m not the best at public speaking. And since Kira didn’t want to be embarrassed by my poor speech giving, I promised her I wouldn’t.

When the room quieted down, I watched as John walked to their table and leaned over to Kennedy and Kira. Kira looked around the room and nodded to him.

He stood up with his champagne glass and tapped the side gently with a spoon. Guests who were previously conversing stopped and looked to the front of the reception hall.

“I’m going to try to make this quick,” John started. “Let me start off by saying, Kira, you look stunning tonight. You definitely could have done way better than this guy.” A short laughter filled the room and Kira smiled before kissing Kennedy’s cheek. “Joking aside, I’m so incredibly happy for you two. When you find someone you love, someone you can’t live without, someone who makes you the best possible version of yourself, you have to hang on to that person, no matter what. Because if you let go for just a second, they’ll be gone.” John paused and looked around the room before redirecting his eyes to the happy couple. “You two held on for six years. And I know you’ll be holding on for the rest of your lives. I love you two.” John lifted his glass. “To Kira and Kennedy.”

“To Kira and Kennedy,” the room echoed and everybody took sips from their champagne glasses.

John shook Kennedy’s hand and then leaned over the table to give Kira a quick kiss on the cheek. Then he made his way over to our table and took his seat.

He glanced at me and I felt my stomach tighten. I couldn’t help but think his speech was somewhat directed at me.

Everyone stayed silent as the rest of the toasts wrapped up and the food started coming out.

“Isn’t this crazy?” Jared said to everyone, sitting down across the table after his short trip to the bar for a drink. “Kennedy and Kira are actually married.”

“Yeah,” Pat said, next to me. “Everyone thought it would be John and Leah first.”

I felt my cheeks flush. I didn’t even realize that people still correlated us with each other.

“I don’t think anybody thought that,” John said as he set his own drink on the table.

He looked at me again and we made short eye contact until the servers started setting our selecting dishes on the table.

Dinner was spent catching up with Pat. But before I knew it, everyone was finished eating and the DJ on the dance floor announced that it was time for the first dance.

Kira and Kennedy made their way to the center of the dance floor and the surrounding lights dimmed. The beginning notes of I’ll Be by Edwin McCain rang out of the speakers and everyone in the room was silent as they watched the bride and groom sway back and forth. Around them were flashing cameras, everyone trying to get a picture of the first dance.

Halfway through the song, Kira motioned for everyone to join in. My mom and dad were the first to join them on the dance floor. A few more couples followed seconds after.

“Come on,” I heard to my left.

I looked over, John stood there with his hand out.

“It’s a wedding, the maid of honor has to dance with the best man, it’s like wedding law.”

“Oh, is it?” I laughed, taking his hand and standing up. He led me to the floor and put his hands on my waist. I loosely rested my hands over his shoulders.

“Can I ask you something?” John said.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“About what Pat said before dinner, did you ever think that?” He nodded at Kira and Kennedy. "Did you ever think that could be us?”

I let out a sigh and looked at our feet pacing back and forth. I looked back up at him. “Of course I did, at one point.” I brushed a piece of hair out of my face and returned my hand to his shoulder, “But things change. That’s just life.”

“It’s just weird, you being here,” John said. “The wedding. It brings back a lot of memories.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.”

The song slowed to a stop and something more upbeat started playing. I dropped my hands from John’s shoulders and he did the same.

John shoved his hands in his pocket and smirked. “So… Do you want to steal champagne and get drunk in a closet or something?”