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A Little Bit of Everything


I WAS WALKING out of the elevator when I saw Sylar exit Financial Aid’s office. He was looking down at his phone, reading something.

Should I talk to him?

I looked at my watch. My next class didn't start for another seventeen minutes. I think I had time.

Should I walk with him?

But to where?

My class was a ten-minute walk. I couldn't afford to be late.

I was one foot out of the elevators when I finally made a decision. I brushed a hand through my hair when I called out his name. Sylar looked up from his phone, lips parted (probably confused) and waved.

“Hey,” he said slowly. “Sorry, I didn't see you.”

I hiked up my bag, coughing. “No–uh–I just finished work when I saw you leaving FA.”

Sylar placed his phone in his jacket pockets before sniffing. “Where do you work?”

I was staring at him again. His dimples are popping and not because he was smiling but because they're just visible on his face. It was cute.

“I work at the Advising Center.”

“Yeah?” he praised. “What do you do?”

He was unsurprising curious.

“I work at the welcome desk. Just answering calls, scheduling appointments, scanning papers, shit like that.”


He was silent and it was odd. There's this tension between us that was different and it shouldn't be this way; not between us roommates. It's just odd.

“So,” I exhaled, “everything okay with FA?”

Sylar lifted his shoulders in a half shrug. He remained silent while he played with his fingernails.

Uhhhhh that's too personal. DEAR GOD. I should've known to never ask about a person’s finances.

“Uh yeah. Kinda.” He paused. But he doesn't continue.

I stared at his face again. His eyebrows were knit together and his eyes were staring down at his shoes. He lowered his head, letting out a long breath.

Dammit, I shouldn't have asked about money.

He scratched the back of his head before he sighed. “It's sort of a long story.”

From the time I started talking to Jasper, I knew class started in seven minutes. It was a ten-minute walk from here and I knew I was going to be late.

I peered at Sylar one last time before I whispered, “I have the time.”

And slowly, I exited the building, walking with Sylar to who knows where.
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