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A Little Bit of Everything


MY DAY STARTED off good.

I aced a quiz from my 8:30 class (too early, I know) and bought a burrito for less than $6. After class, I talked to an advisor about switching my major from finance to the possibility of marketing or human resources. I felt good about this change. I was excited.

Finishing up school work, I began working on some scholarship essays. It was around one in the afternoon when I started filling out a FAFSA application for the following school year.

It was a quarter till two when I called my parents and told them about switching majors. It was around two in the afternoon when my parents told me they wouldn't give me their Tax Return information to complete my FAFSA application. It was a quarter past three when they told me that majoring in marketing or HR wouldn't make me as successful compared to if I were to major in finance. It was towards the end of our phone call when my parents told me that because I'm majoring in something they don't approve of, they won't help me get aid.

It was around four in the afternoon when I began to cry.
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