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A Little Bit of Everything


“Hellllo, Jasper, you there?” Nolan shook a hand in front of my face. “What do you think about this frat? Should I rush it?”

I placed my attention back on my friend. He stuffed a piece of orange chicken into his mouth while turning his laptop towards me. “What do you think, should I do it?”

I looked past Nolan and noticed a black haired guy that wore a hoodie that no doubt came out of my roommate’s closet. While the guy picks up a salad, I got a better look; it’s the same Sylar, whom I didn't see in a couple of days.

Sylar rounded a few tables, not noticing me yet.

I scratched my neck, looking at Nolan and he was still talking about some fraternity.

Sylar was about to sit across the room from me.

“Sy!” I called out, catching his attention. He confusingly looked at me, raising an eyebrow. I waved a hand for him to join Nolan and I.

He only gave me a half-smile.