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A Little Bit of Everything


IF MY FIRST year of college taught me something it's that there are two types of people in this world. Those who are early to everything and those who show up late for everything.

Being that I would be the person to procrastinate for everything, I somehow ended up with a roommate who was early to everything. It was odd but kind of nice. He was on top of his shit, never a hair out of line.

Those who procrastinate (me) live off the thrill of doing things last minute, as a way to give themselves a sense of energy. Or they'll just procrastinate because either they were Netflixing too hard or because they felt like they couldn't do it.

I said felt not because they felt worthless or have given up. They only feel like they given up but really, these people are the reason for some of the greatest comebacks to ever exist.
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