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A Little Bit of Everything


SYLAR TOLD ME he was transferring schools after this fall. He looked hurt. His cheeks were red and his eyes were puffy. Everything in my nature wanted to hug him.

And I did. I wrapped my arms around Sylar and tucked his head into my neck. He started to cry and I felt his breathing against my chest.

“Ace your finals. You’ll do great.” I whispered. “Hey, maybe one day I'll visit you at home.”

He looked up and drew in a long breath.

“And then maybe, you can finally ask me out on a date.”

I brushed a tear from his cheek and cup the side of his face. I smiled as he let out a small giggle. In that moment, I knew it only felt right to finally kiss Sylar Mendoza.
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hopefully you all enjoyed reading this as much as I loved writing this lil thing! thank you to everyone who took the time to read / sub / comment / rec ~ thank you so much!!! I've been meaning to write a oneshot for these two, giving them an ending they deserve so look out for that soon :)