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A Little Bit of Everything


JASPER WASN’T LYING when he said see you in a couple of days.

After one week of being a Seattle University student, I thought I'd see more of Jasper Espinosa. He didn't come back into our dorm after the incident with my parents, the following weekend, and after the first week of instruction. He either showed up when I was gone–if so, he was good at timing everything–or he just didn't like me.

Our chats on Facebook weren't anything worth hating me for, as so I thought. We covered the basics like where are you from?, what's your major?, and even personal questions like have you done acid before?.

When Jasper did come back to our dorm–which was on a Thursday–he greeted me by jerking his head in my direction. I was sitting at my desk, eating a granola bar when I said hello. I was 98% certain some pieces of that bar fell on my lap.

“Hey, man.”

I tapped my pen on my desk while twirling my chair around to face him. Jasper was reaching into his closet to pull out a gray hoodie. Covering his black hair, he had a baseball cap on that matched the color of his navy blue shirt. I looked back at my notebook and pen when I heard him cough.

“Sorry, I forgot to ask or do that whole introduction shit. I'm Jasper, but you already know that. And I'm from the Islands; also something you already know. So uhhh, where you from, Sylar–Sylar right?”

Isn't it sad that he didn't fully remember his roommate’s name? I thought, I guess all those messages over Facebook were useless.

“Oh yeah,” I said, trying to sound nonchalant. “I’m from San Diego.”

He grabbed another hoodie from his closet and gave it a long look. Without looking at me, Jasper said, “Oh cool. So the flight up here wasn't too bad then?”

My mouth was wide open and I tried to cover up my surprised face. More crumbs from my granola bar fell onto my lap.

“Only two and half hours. Not too bad. How was your flight up here?”

He sat down on his bed. “Pretty long, but Hawaiian Airlines never disappoints, so it wasn't too bad.”

He doesn't say anything else. I stayed silent myself, but I really did want the conversation to continue. I wanted to chat about his classes, his professors, the spots he frequented, everything to the last thing he did over the weekend; that was how college was supposed to be like–being friends with your roommate and checking out the campus together but I guess I expected too much from him.

When I knew it was the right time (when he started to grab his hoodies and stand up), I turned my chair around.

Jasper opened the door, stayed quiet and left for another couple of days.