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A Little Bit of Everything


I HAVE ALWAYS wanted to ask him, what's your schedule like? or do you want to grab dinner? but a part of me told me not to because that wasn't my place to do so.

When I first asked him to dinner, he asked, Why? We always have dinner together. I responded with, that’s not what I meant.

Keegan hated anything serious. And I figured that out myself when I told him about my parents coming up to visit me for thanksgiving, which was many fucking months from now. Just thought he'd like to know, you know? Anyway, he said he wasn't looking for something serious and only fun. I told him, parents don't bite. He responded, if they did, your roommate’s parents would've done so already. And that I kinda ignored him.

Asking about your class schedule or going on a real dinner date was nothing to be afraid of. But Keegan was afraid. And I couldn't do anything about it.
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I'm sorry this is so so short. Next one is long, I promise (: