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A Little Bit of Everything


AROUND THE FIFTH week of school, I saw Jasper again.

I was walking back to the dorms from the library with a couple of friends when I saw Jasper entering our room with someone that didn't look like the same guy I saw on moving in day.

The new guy was a redhead. Kinda chubby (or was it just muscle?). Anyway, the guy was into handwork and decided to tuck (thin) Jasper under his arm to plant a firm kiss on his lips. His then ran a hand through Jasper’s black hair and tugged on it. Jasper looked like he liked it but I don't know. He looked like someone who hated it when people touched his hair. Jasper and said boy-toy then slammed themselves against our door while Jasper struggled to get the key out of his hoodie pockets. They finally got inside our dorm, almost running out of breath.

I dropped the dorm key back into my bag and look at my friends.

“Is it cool if I hang in your guys’ room for now?” I asked my friends, Benny and Kainoa, whom I met on Super Clubs Day (aka the biggest and most dramatic event for all business clubs).

“Yeah,” Benny said. “We might watch a movie with a couple more people from the club. Give us suggestions and you're in.”

I nodded, passing my dorm, slowing forgetting about Jasper’s life.
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