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A Little Bit of Everything


I AM OFFICIALLY swearing off guys for the rest of the year,” I blurted, as I started to arrange pictures against my wall. I wanted to put lights up too.

“Uhhhhh bullshit, Jas,” Amelia huffed. “It's almost the end of October. Are you swearing off men for two months? Only two months?”

She had a point.

“Oh, can you remind me to buy more film for my camera?” I said, tugging on my sweater.

The sound of keys made us freeze. Amelia peered at the door, watching Sylar walk in.

For a second, Sylar was frozen by the door frame before Amelia jumped to her feet to greet him.

“Hi!” Amelia gushed. “You must be Jasper's roomie! I'm Amelia, his sister! You must be so cold! Come in, come in!”

I threw her a look but she didn't notice. My god, Amelia.

Sylar slowly shut the door, looking slightly confused, as if he walked into the wrong dorm room.

“Hello,” Sylar whispered. “I'm Sylar.”

“Oh! I know! Jas talked about you a lot! You're from San Diego, right? So jealous!”

Amelia bobbed her head, gazing at Sylar. She was terrifying him. My god, Amelia.

I wrinkled my nose and said, “Amelia, can you grab the tomatoes from the kitchen? The kitchen is down the hall to your left.”

Amelia walked pass Sylar, giving him a half-smile.

“Hey, sorry about my sister. She's a handful.” I explained, “She's only here for a night before she leaves for her flight back home.”

“No, it's fine,” he began, “I didn't know you had a sister.”

Sylar had his back towards me when he grabbed a couple notebooks and laptop out of his closet.

“Did you want to stay?” I abruptly asked while tugging on my sweater. Sylar turned his head, peeking at me beneath his beanie. I added, “We’re making tacos.”

“I was gonna head to the library to study,” he said in a small whisper.

“Oh, are you leaving already?” Amelia gasped, standing near the door frame. “You should stay! Everyone likes tacos.”

I looked sheepishly at Sylar and watched him bite his lower lip.

“We’re about to watch season 2 of Stranger Things,” I tried again.

Sylar cracked a smile and closed the door. He lifted his chin. “But the question is are you Team Jonathan or Team Steve?”

And that's when a soft giggle escaped my lips. I felt my cheeks burning and my lips lifting up into a small smile.

Annnnd I'm pretty sure Amelia noticed.