Status: 2019.

Amber Alert


She wasn't supposed to find out the truth at all. She happened to be there at the wrong time in the wrong place. It was all her fault that this had even happened to begin with. She was supposed to protect Phoebe but instead, she had set her up for danger and there was nothing she could do to prevent it.

Phoebe wasn't scared of dying. The truth was that she had been waiting for this moment for months now. It was finally here and she wasn't looking back. They would be sorry that they drove her to this point. She didn't blame Nicole at all. Nicole had nothing to with Phoebe wanting to escape from reality.

And Scott? Well he had everything to do with it. Scott was the reason behind the whole situation. Scott is what drove her to wanting to escape from Life.

And shortly after Phoebe's death, time would only tell before the truth revealed itself.
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hi! so this is a rewrite in the works. sorry this is so short. I just wanted to get a small introduction posted so you all can see what it's about. Let me know if it's worth continuing!