Status: Koli

Part of Me

Kellin has plans for his life, despite constantly moving up and down the country because of his dad’s job, Kellin knew he wanted to go places and make something of himself.

But all that suddenly changes when he falls in love with the cool kid Oliver Sykes. Little does Kellin know his life is about to turn into an emotional rollercoaster and find himself in a overwhelming situation which will change his life forever.

(Lame summary, I’m sorry)

This is a Koli – a Kellin Quinn and Oliver Sykes ship. (Also known as Kelliver and Olinn but I’m sticking with the ship name Koli)

There will be hints of Fransykes and Kellic throughout this story as well but the main focus is Koli.

This is my first ever non Fransykes fic so I hope you all like the little change :)

Story title – 'Part Of Me' by Katy Perry