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Part of Me

Chapter 14

Vic's POV

I was pacing stressfully up and down in the small hospital waiting room. I was going out of my mind waiting to hear back from a nurse about Kellin's condition or any news on the baby for that matter. I couldn't get in the room with Kellin because I wasn't family or his partner and apparently, best friends don't have that sort of privilege but that scumbag does. I was fuming.

"Will you stop pacing already, you're making me anxious." Josh interrupts making me stop abruptly and spin around to glare at him.

"You're anxious?! You better fucking pray that Kellin hasn't lost that baby or I swear to God Josh ..." I threaten making Josh flinch.

"I- I had no idea that Kellin was still pregnant, Oliver told me he had a miscarriage-"

"And you believed him?! Do you actually believe every word which comes out of that filthy liar's mouth?!" I yell in frustration.

Surely he can't be that stupid but clearly he was because he didn't say anything at the confrontation. He had guilt written all over his face and then he glanced to the ground to avoid my intimidating stare. His head was so high up Oliver's backside of course he would believe anything that would come out of the devils mouth because he was that desperate for his dick. It made me sick at the mere thought.

The rest of tonight's show got cancel after word got out that a pregnant male had fallen down a flight of stairs and immediately I knew it was Kellin. I felt so sick to my stomach with sudden fear of Kellin and I searched the entire building looking for Oliver. It only got suspicious when both Oliver and Josh were nowhere to be seen in the venue and that's when I knew something bad had happened. I rushed down to the hospital as fast as I could and that's when I bumped into a distress looking Josh in the waiting room. He should have called me as soon as it happened, he knew Kellin was my best friend.

Kellin better be okay and the baby too. Oh fuck, if Kellin loses that baby it will ruin him. He loves it more than anything in the world and I know how much he wants to be a parent. Even I've become so attached to it now to and I can't even begin to imagine losing it either. My heart was pounding with so much anxiety and anger. I could have prevented this from happening; I should have made Kellin come back to the PTV dressing room after the set instead of letting him wonder off on his own. At the back of my mind, I always knew something bad was going to happen but not like this.

I remember the first night of tour, Jaime and I went back with Jordan to BMTH tour bus for a few drinks. And that's when we walked in on a rather disturbing scene of Oli fucking Josh in his bunk completely wasted. I should have done something then. I should have warned Kellin before he came out here, but no, I kept it to myself. I didn't mention that his lying cheat of a boyfriend has been fucking Josh almost every night tour has started and failed to mention that I've also discovered Oli has been taking coke this whole tour as well. I was a terrible best friend and if Kellin knew that I knew all of this he would hate me for it. I could have chosen to prevent it from all happening but I didn't because I was protecting him. I didn't want Oli to hurt him anymore, but now he's hurt him in the worse way imaginable.

I glared back down at Josh as I clenched down on my teeth with anger.

"You better not be fucking lying to me Josh, to protect that asshole!" my fists by my sides shook in fury.

"I told you already Vic, I didn't see anything!" he yells back.

"You're lying!"

"I'm not! By the time I got to their floor level Kellin was already at the bottom of the staircase!" he moans in frustration.

My heart sunk at the mere thought of Kellin at the bottom of the staircase knocked out unconscious and left there completely helpless. The second I got here I question Josh for answers. I demanded him to tell me every single little detail and he admitted that Kellin walked in on him and Oli fucking in the dressing room, and then he said he didn't know much what happened after that because Oli ran after him. He just said he heard them arguing in the fire escape staircase and Kellin ended up losing his footing and slipped. I knew it was complete and utter bullshit though. I knew this was all down to Oli. He didn't want Kellin to have the baby in the first place and I bet whilst they were arguing, Oli found out Kellin was still pregnant and pushed him down the stairs as revenge for lying to him. It all made perfect sense. The guy was fucked up on drugs and alcohol and it lead him to abusing his perfect innocent boyfriend.

Out of anger I punched the wall next to me aggressively. I heard my knuckles crunch from the impacted which made me groan loudly in agony as cradled my hand to my chest. Fuck, that fucking hurt!

"Fuck Vic, calm down." I feel Josh's hand touch my shoulder and I spun around at him angrily.

"Ugh, get off me! This is partly your fault." I groan shrugging his hand off me.

"What the fuck do you think you're playing at? Continuously cheating with Oli like he's your own personal lover. Don't you have any respect for yourself? He's has a boyfriend for crying out loud which you god damn already know!"

"I know he does but I love him, okay! And I can't help how I feel about him. Oli's never wanted me the way he used to, ever since Kellin bumped into him in the corridors at college all those years ago! He used to want me but since Kellin came along I've been push to the side and forced to endure every second of their relationship and I can't take it anymore, I want him back!" he rants with tears forming in his blue jealous eyes.

"You're a dirty cheating slut, Josh." I say in disgust.

"I don't care what you call me, it will never make me stop wanting him or fighting for him."

"You're just as bad as he is."

"Why don't you quit hating me on this and open your fucking eyes and see what's going on here!" Josh snaps making me frown at him.

He was angry at me now and the tears have gone but, I was still angry with him so he better watch what comes out of his mouth right now.

"Kellin doesn't see you more than a friend because he's so blinded by infatuation with Oli that no one else even has a chance. Just like Oli doesn't see me because he's so blinded by Kellin. They're not right for each other, you know as well as I do Vic that they're not meant to be together. It's just some fake lustful rollercoaster that's overrun its course and we need to step in and end it now. It's us who they need." He says but his words only angered me.

"Don't you think I already know that?! Don't you think I've tried to make Kellin see sense after all these years? It's killing me seeing him with that lowlife and the way he mistreats him but he won't listen to me!" I whine.

"Then help me make them see sense!" Josh pleads but I wasn't interested to have anything to do with Oli.

"I can't stand the fucker, when I see him I'm going to rip his head off for doing this to Kellin!" I threaten.

I glanced up at the clock with furrow eyebrows, how much longer until I can see Kellin already? I was running out of patience in here. That scum doesn't deserve to be in that room with him, I do!

"Please, don't Vic. You'll just make the situation so much worse. You'll only make Kellin push you away even more and he'll seek comfort in Oliver despite the situation because that's all he knows." Josh steps in front of me catching back my attention.

He was getting annoying and desperate now and I was growing fed up of it. He needed to stop taking the enemy's side and see some sense.

"Stop siding with him Josh! You can do so much better than him, why don't you go and find a nice guy who will love you and treat you so much better like you deserve... like Jordan. Why don't you start something with Jordan, it's obvious he likes you. " I suggest, hoping the poor kid will take my words into consideration and give himself a break from Oli.

It wasn't a good look chasing after someone and cheating with them who's clearly just using you for sex. The poor guy needed to open his eyes and get a grip and move on to someone better.

I watch as Josh sighs heavily in front of me before biting down on his bottom lip. He gave me a look of guilt as his eyes began filling up with tears.

"I can't...B-because...because I'm pregnant too." he whispers.

My eyes widen in disbelief at his confession. He did not just say that.

"Please tell me you're joking?" I asked firmly with wide eyes.

He shook his head and wiped away his tears with his sleeves before stuffing his hands into his pockets. He shifted from side to side awkwardly not knowing what else to say. I couldn't believe this. As if things couldn't get any worse. This would tear Kellin apart if he knew Oli had gotten another person pregnant. Fuck, all hell will break loose if Kellin has lost his baby and discovers that Josh is pregnant too.

"Does Oli know?" I asked impatiently.

"Only Jordan." He shrugs avoiding eye contact from my glares.

"Hold up, you've been drinking this whole tour?" I accused judging his disgusting parental skills of him drinking whilst he was pregnant.

This made him look up at me finally, but with a hurtful expression on his face.

"I drank at the start of tour but as soon as I found out I was pregnant I haven't touched a single drop, I swear Vic, I'm not that fucked up."

"Could have fooled me." I commented nastily making Josh's face drop.

What did he expect? He was anything but innocent in this situation. He's been cheating with Oli behind Kellin's back for years. He's part of the reason why Kellin is always in pieces half the time because his relationship is falling apart from all the lies his messed up boyfriend feeds him.

"You're part of Kellin's suffering Josh, don't act like you're a perfect little angel in all of this."

"Okay I cheated, but that doesn't make me a shitty person who would put my unborn child at risk." He snaps in his defense.

Okay, maybe I was abit harsh to judge him for being an unfit parent but he was still the main problem in all of this.

"What makes you think Oli will even want your baby? He didn't want Kellin's, he doesn't want to have a kid, Josh, don't you get that? He pressured Kellin into getting an abortion and as soon as he found out Kellin didn't go through with it, he pushed him down a flight of stairs to finish the job himself!" I said raising my voice.

"Oli didn't push Kellin, Vic, I told you he fell. And Oli wouldn't do that to me. I know he won't, he loves me Vic, he always has. He's just been too distracted with Kellin over the last few years to notice his true feelings for me. But I know he'll change his mind when he finds out that I'm carrying his baby, he'll change, you'll see. But I need to wait for the right time to tell him and now isn't the right time, so you can't tell anyone Vic." He says desperately fast that I only caught half of what he said.

"You're delusional." I say and run my hand through my hair stressfully. This was all so fucked up.

He actually believes he can change Oli into a better person and make him become a family man because Josh was the mother of his child and not Kellin. Yeah right, the kid has truly lost it.

"Why are you so against this? When I tell Oli I'm pregnant he'll soon forget all about Kellin and want me which gives you the opportunity you've always wanted and finally have Kellin all to yourself." He preaches and I open my mouth to argue back but close it. He did have a point there.

It was obvious to everyone how I felt about Kellin. I wasn't exactly subtle about it, I couldn't help it, I tried to hide it but I was just so in love with the boy I couldn't help how I acted around him sometimes. The only one who didn't know was Kellin himself.

It hurt to think after all this time he has absolutely no idea that I'm crazy in love with him. I sigh deeply at the thought and go to speak to Josh in defeat but, as I glance up, walking past the window of the waiting room was none other than the culprit himself. Anger raged through my entire body making my blood boil and my top lip curl up. Josh gave me a concerned look but before he caught on that I spotted Oli, I let out a loud growl and stormed out of the room and ran after him.

"Vic wait, come back!" I hear Josh call out after me but I was on a mission to destroy right now.

Oli was just walking out of the automatic doors to exit the hospital until I finally caught up to him before he could disappear unnoticed.

"Oi, Sykes!" I yelled.

He spun around at the mention of his name and as soon as he did my fist collides with his nose. I hear it crack along with a cry of pain as he stumbles back not expecting the blow and falls to the ground. His hand clutches his heavily bleeding nose as he tried sitting up and registering what the hell is going on.

The sight of him just makes me want to vomit in disgust and the punch to the face still wasn't satisfying enough for me though, the scumbag needed to be put in his place, so I lunged for him as if he was a wild animal who escaped from the zoo. I got on top of him and started throwing punches at any part of his body I could get my fists to.

He quickly caught on that it was me and started fighting back despite I still had the upper hand on him as he was being pinned down to the floor by the weight of my legs.

"Stop it Vic, get off of him!" Josh screams in distress from behind me.

So much adrenaline was pumping through my veins at this moment that nothing could have stopped me at this rate. I officially lost control. We were struggling on the floor causing a scene which brought attention to security and the paparazzi which were lurking around after hearing about Kellin's accident. But I didn't care about my surroundings at this point. I just wanted to make this piece of shit pay for making Kellin's life such a misery and despite what Josh said earlier, I knew he pushed Kellin down those stairs.

"Vic stop, that's enough now!" a voice screams and grabs my wrist.

I violently pushed at the body that tried to pull me away from Oli and only when the person fell to the floor and cried out in discomfort, I stopped immediately when I realised who it was.

My eyes dart to the body lying on the side of the curb as my heart races with fear.

"J-Josh I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to- are, are you alright-" I ask through panicked pants of air.

"I-I'm fine!" he tells me and gets up from the floor and wraps his arms around himself protectively.

I felt extremely guilty, I just lost control. I didn't mean to push him, I didn't even know it was him, I just saw red. There certainly doesn't need to be another person to lose a baby tonight. I didn't need that sort of guilt on my conscience, I wouldn't be able to live with myself.

"You still hit like a girl Fuentes." Oli spat and shoves me off of him making me fall to the ground beside him.

I scramble back up to my feet ready to throw another punch but Josh jumps in between us, putting a firm hand on my chest to keep me back from attacking Oli once more.

"Vic stop it, you've made your point now, please that's enough." Josh begs looking at me with pleading eyes.

I sighed and took a step back from them both but glared hatefully at Oli's bloody face. I smirk when I saw how beaten his face was now my fists weren't pounding into it. I got in a few good punches which will form nice bruises for that perfect magazine cover he has next week.

"You knew he was still pregnant didn't you?" Oli confronted me, wiping the blood away from his bruised nose.

"So what if I did?" I snapped feisty.

He scoffs, shaking his head at me before wiping at his nose again.

"Of course you did, I should have known he would have gone crying to you for help. How pathetic of him." he says in a bittersweet tone that pissed me off.

"Watch your fucking mouth Sykes!" I charge at him but Josh stops me.

"No, enough of this!" Josh shouts, shoving at my chest firmly.

"Whatever, I don't have time for this I have a show to play." Oli says boredly and starts walking away.

"Are you fucking stupid? The show got cancelled after they heard about Kellin, I thought you out of all people would have the decency to stick by his side at a time like this!" I seethe whilst Josh kept shoving at my chest for me to step away but Oli was making it extremely difficult not to jump over Josh and break his face.

"He's not my problem anymore, you're welcome to him." he waves off as if Kellin was nothing.

"You're fucking trash Sykes, you know that! You stay away from Kellin and that baby or I swear to God, I'll do worse than give you a bloody face!" I threaten pointing my finger at him aggressively.

"I doubt he's still carrying that thing." He sniggers as if it was humors that he lost his unborn child.

I gasp and dropped my tense body from Josh's desperate shoves and I stood there in utter shock. He was a despicable human being that didn't deserve to have the love of others that he has.

"If you've made him lose that baby I'll fucking kill you Oliver! You hear me!" I curse when the shock returned back into anger again.

"Whatever I need a drink, you coming Josh?"

Josh looks at Oli before looking back up at me with guilty eyes before hanging his head. He looked torn as he contemplated about whether going with Oli who was most likely going to sniff up another line of coke or staying here with me to comfort Kellin.

"I'm sorry Vic." He says holding sympathy in his sad eyes.

"Josh, don't go with him, you deserve better remember?" I tried reminding him but he already made his decision.

"Sorry, I can't. I love him." He mummers, before turning around and taking Oli's hand in his and walking him over to the taxi rank across the street.

They were truly made for each other. They were disgusting humans beings who brought shame on the word love.

I shook them from my thoughts, they were the last of my problems, I had more important things to take care of. With Kellin filling my mind I ran to his room as fast I could, I didn't want him to be alone at a moment like this, I knew he'd be freaking out and beating himself up over something like this and I needed to be there for him. I didn't care if the nurse said I wasn't allowed to visit him, I loved him way more than his boyfriend ever did.

I pushed the door open to Kellin's room and saw him with his back to me. The room was deadly quiet and I was nervous to enter but I didn't hang back, I knew he needed me and I really needed to know if he was okay.

"K-Kellin?" I called out quietly not wanting to disturb him if he was asleep.

He didn't speak a single word as I entered the room so I assumed he was sleeping. I walked around to the other side of the hospital bed to the edged and the sight I discovered was well and truly heartbreaking to witness. Kellin was lying on his side, with both arms wrapped around his stomach protectively, one had a bandage around it and his bruised face was buried into the pillow as he cried silently to himself. He looked so broken my heart twinge with intense pain and guilt.

"Kellin?" I whispered but I still didn't get a reaction from him.

My brows furrowed in concerned, I was getting really worried now.

I reached my hand out and gently brushed my fingers through his black hair but he flinched away from my touch and quickly looked up at me with teary frighten eyes.

"Hey, it's just me Kells." I spoke softly trying to calm him from his anxiety.

His eyes soften a little when he realises it was me, he knew I would never hurt him. But then his eyes sadden and just burst into a fit of heartbreaking sobs as his head fell against the pillow again. My heart truly ached for him. I couldn't bare to see him like this, it was too painful for me to take. That fucking piece of shit will pay for doing this to him.

"Kellin, what happened? Talk to me please, is the baby okay?" I asked worriedly.

He cried harder into the pillow which gave me the indication that he had lost the baby. I feel my heart break in two at the realisation. Fuck, this couldn't be happening.

I feel my eyes water with sadness but I held them back. I couldn't be upset right now. I need to be strong for him. This wasn't about me, this was about Kellin and he was mourning for his loss and the best I could do is hold him close and stay by his side until he orders me away.

"Oh Kellin, I'm-I'm so sorry." My voice shook.

I blinked away my tears as more threaten to fall down my cheeks.

"I shouldn't have left you alone-"

"The b-baby's fine, Vic." He said through shaky sobs.

I let out a big sigh or relief at his words. Oh thank fuck. No words could describe how fucking grateful I was that he hadn't lost the baby. There is a God up there looking out for him.

I cleared my throat and sniffed back my tears before glancing at Kellin's shaky form in confusion.

"Then what's wrong Kell?" I ask, placing my hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

"Because I-I promised them I w-would k-keep them safe! And I put them in-in danger, what sort of parent does that m-make me?!" he chokes through heart shattering sobs.

Oh Kellin. My heart ached at his cries and confession. He blamed himself for Oli's disgraceful actions.

"No baby, you're not a bad parent at all, this wasn't your fault." I tell him and rubbed circles into his shoulder to calm him more.

He was working himself up into a terrible state and I needed to calm him down because this stress wasn't good for him or the baby.

"It is my fault." He cries in denial.

"He pushed you down the stairs didn't he?" I pressed further. I needed to have confirmation.

I knew Oli was the blame behind this and I couldn't have Kellin putting it all on himself because it wasn't fair on him. Oli needed to be punished for his actions and I won't give up until I get my answer.

Kellin went quiet and shook his head before letting his hair fall in front of his face so he could hide behind it.

"I...I slipped." He hiccupped and I knew it was a lie.

"Bullshit! I know he pushed you Kellin, Josh told me, he saw the whole thing." I lied but it was the only to get the truth out of him.

He looked distraught by my words and looked at me shamefully before closing his eyes and continued to let the tears fall.

"I- I tried to get away from him but I couldn't... H-he was out of control and he was just too strong for me, Vic... and then he...he..." He cut himself off with a sob and covered his mouth with his mouth to try and silence them.

I clenched down on my jaw harshly as angered filled me once again. Oliver was a dead man.

"So he did push you?" I accused.

"You just said Josh- wait, you tricked me?!" his teary eyes widen in realisation.

"Why are you covering for him?" I question him with narrow eyes.

His bottom lip quivered and he hugged his arms around his tummy tighter before turning his face into the pillow and began sobbing again. He was keeping something from me, I just know it. I had that gut feeling. Oli was in here earlier with him and I bet he threaten Kellin with something no doubt. Ugh, this is so frustrating, why can't he just admit that Oli's a nasty vile person and deserves to be alone for the rest of his sad pathetic life?!

"You need to report this to the police Kellin."

He shook his head against the pillow before turning his face to the side so he was looking up at me, terrified.

"No! No, Vic I can't." he chokes.

"Why not? You're covered in bruises. He tried to kill his own baby by pushing you down the stairs! That twisted psycho needs to be locked up. You have evidence Kell, you just have to report it." I encourage but he just shook his head at me.

"P-please Vic, I don't want to fight with him anymore. I just want it to be over. A-and it is now, I just want to get out of here and focus on my baby and try to figure out where I'm going to go now..." he sniffles.

"You can move in with me." I offered without a second thought.

"No Vic, I can't expect you to do that." he says in a doubtful tone.

"I'm not letting you go back to that flat knowing that repulsive human being is going to be there with you. No way, I'm not letting you and the baby out of my sight, okay?"

I think he was too terrified to turn down my offer because he didn't argue after that, just nodded his head eagerly at me. I guess he was too afraid to be alone in that flat with Oli so he didn't see the point with arguing me on this. He was coming home with me and that was final.

I delicately moved his hair out of his tear stained face with my finger tips and cupped his cheek with my hand. He was so beautiful even when he cried.

"I promise you Kells, I'm going to keep you both safe. I'll never let anything happen to the two of you." I say before pressing my lips to his forehead.

I feel him nod against my lips before timidly opening up his arms and engulfing me into a tight needy hug. He buried his face into my chest and cried into my shirt sadly. I wrapped my arms around his waist and held him gently but close to me as I allowed him to cry. Nothing was going to hurt him now. He has me now and I was going to make sure everyday I will fill his days with nothing but pure love and happiness. I was going to show him what true love really is.
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