Wolf Team

It's been many many years since we have set foot on the moon. More than the first exploration out into space. Further than the first many finding of life on other planets and galaxies. Wars have started and ended, lives have been lost for many races. When the first Epsilon crisis hit almost all known galaxies where in civil wars. Wars raged planet wide, from planets to planets, and even wars fought over empty dark space. The very lives of the galaxies were in jeopardy soldiers and civilizations alike. The crossfire spared no one. This was when the U.E.C. came to fruition. The United Enforced Colonies military corp was formed to protect the innocent and keep the peace among all. Races from many other worlds joined, but others also broke away. When a second Epsilon crisis was on the verge of starting and then end quickly, and then long after a third Epsilon almost started it was a dark day for all. The U.E.C. was spread thin across space. The U.E.C. tried to keep the peace, but their efforts were not good enough as a third and devastating third Epsilon crisis had indeed started. A whole world of innocent people was lost, burned away from history, the world fell into discord. Nothing survived the scourge from people to buildings to history... It was all lost a whole civilization was lost to ash. This was the day the Spectral Wraiths were born. The Spectral Wraiths blamed the U.E.C. for not taking stronger actions that could have prevented the second and third Epsilon crisis from happening. This was the day they began their campaign to tear down the U.E.C.'s military occupation for their own anarchy government were the free man or women does what he or she must to the government does turn back to the U.E.C.'s ways so the government can stay the way the Spectral Wraiths rebellion put it to be. However the United Enforced Colonies and the Spectral Wraith Rebellion are in a heated and destructive conflict. The war rages on, each side loosing and gaining territory, each side loose battles and win. With each passing day it seems the war is not going to be over anytime soon, but the war still rages as a furnace does with endless fuel. No one knows if the war will end in a few days, months, years, even a few millennium, or if the war will last forever...
  1. Prologue #1: Reading the Script Early
  2. Prologue #2: Chains and Shackles Are My Life
  3. Chapter 1: Graduation Day
  4. Chapter 2: You Want Who in Your Squad ?!
  5. Chapter 3: Recruitment Day
  6. Chapter 4: Psychiatric Assessment! Is There a Cheat Sheet?
  7. Chapter 5: Test Your New Skin
    The recruitment process is almost complete and now the Miranda, Sephtis, and Sofia are now going to get their state of the art armor developed by the UEC and can be a dangerous tool for the convicts...