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The Calling

Abduction (Part 2)

Pamala lays in a snow white hospital bed, oblivious to the other person in the room. The walls are blank like the eyes of a traumatized human. She assumes she must be in a hospital room. Pamala squints her eyes trying to adjust herself to her surroundings. A man with a scruffy beard and firm chin wearing a pure white robe holding a clipboard approaches her. Pamala assumes this man is a doctor.
"Ms. Adams?" The doctor asks, "Are you awake?" Pamala can't summon enough energy to speak; the room is filled with a quiet echo and the beep of the monitor. The doctor sighs and marks something on his clipboard. The doctor walks away and asks a similar question to another person, but instead he says "Mr...?" Pamala began to fill with curiosity. Who was this other person? And what did they look like?
The person in the other bed responded, "I'm awake" in a deep, manly voice.
The doctor asks another question, "What's your name?"
"Arnold Georjett."
"Anyway, Mr. Georjett it seems as though your arm was severely damaged by a bullet wound. Do you happen to remember how the bullet got there?"
"Chasers." Arnold replies.
"I see." The sounds of a moving pen echo throughout the room.
"Mr. Georjett, do you know the woman who was found passed out on you?" The doctor grabs a curtain dividing the two beds and slides it over. Arnold and Pamala stare at one another.
Arnold begins to tear up, "Jericho!!" Arnold leaps out of his bed, rips out the IV and dives into Pamala's lap.
"Jericho, I'm sorry!!!" Arnold bawls his eyes out.
"Mr. Georjett!!! Don't wake her up!! She's been asleep for five days!!!" The doctor hollers.
Pamala shot up and exclaims, "FIVE DAYS?!!!" Both the doctor and Arnold stare at Pamala.
"I... uh... I'm awake." Pamala gazed off into another direction trying to avoid eye contact.
"Jericho, how are you alive?!" Arnold reiterated. The doctor left the room assuming this was a private conversation.
"My name's not Jericho...." Pamala held Arnold's hand and with a warm smile said, "It's Pamala."
Clearly startled, Arnold rose and attempted to act serious, "Well It seems I should leave I have urgent business to attend."
Pamala giggled, "Stop, I want you to stay here."
"Because the moment I saw you I knew I loved you." Pamala blushed realizing what she just said.
Arnold became flustered, "You... love.. me?" The encounter had become entirely awkward.
Wanting to skip over the subject, Pamala asks, "So you were shot by Chasers? What did they want with you?"
"You heard that, huh?" Arnold sighs, "They suspected my village was harboring Spirians, so they shot it up and burned it to flames."
"That's awful, why would they do that?"
"That's their policy, 'If confirmation cannot be achieved, burn it to flames and let them grieve' It's a sick way of living."
Arnold pauses, "I had to watch as my wife and children burned to death."
"I couldn't do anything, they held me down and forced me to watch!!!"
"My Jericho is gone!!!" Arnold began to break down and cry.
Pamala hugged Arnold, "Calm down Arnold, please be calm."
"I'm sure they're in a better place now."
"You're probably right," Arnold sniffles and brings his hand to his nose and begins rubbing it vigorously.
"We should go back to sleep." Pamala covers herself in bed sheets, "The doctor will worry."
"Yeah..." Arnold looks away and returns to his bed. An hour passes by and the doctor walks in; at least it seems like. The sound of sharp heels click against the vanilla-white tile floor.
A woman's voice thunders, "ALRIGHT MEN TAKE HIM AWAY."
Soldier-like men march in and reply, "MA'AM!" The Solder-like men abduct Arnold under the orders of the woman. The hours tick by while Pamala ignorantly rests looking forward to the next day.
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I didn't intend on making three parts to this small intervening arc, but it seems I've got no choice. Well I kind of chose to make it this long, so it feels right. So yeah. Arnold thought Pam was his deceased wife, Jericho. That had to have hit you in the feels. If not congrats. (That's not even the most tragic part of the book yet.) Now it seems it's Pamala's chance to save Arnold just like how Arnold saves Pamala in the future! Yay! Plot points! Want some more love? Keep reading!! OvO