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Ain't Gonna Beg You to Stay


Sabrina wasn’t even sure what she was doing anymore. It was a stupid idea to leave California thinking that everything would be okay. Her ex boyfriend would obviously find her sooner or later, he wasn’t stupid. But for now she decided to lay low in Georgia and see where things go.

It took her several months to get the guts to leave her abusive boyfriend. Thankfully she had such a supportive best friend down in Georgia that she was currently staying with. He had tried to text her and call her several times but she wanted nothing to do with him. Within the next few days she would be changing her number and erasing her past from him.

“You know, I think we should go out tonight. It would do you some good to let loose and have a few drinks.” Aubree said.

“Yeah you’re right. I’ve been here for a week and have yet to do anything exciting. I suppose we can go out tonight and see what lies ahead.” Sabrina said.
Norman Reedus had loved her and had plans on marrying her. But walking in on her fucking his best friend was never part of the plan. He had been with Nichole for 3 years now and couldn’t believe she would do something like this to him especially with his own best friend.

He made sure that she would be out of his house by tomorrow before he turned around and walked out. He was going to go to the bar tonight and get drunk to where he would never remember her name.

The bar was busy as usual when he walked in. He saw a few of his friends sitting at one of the tables so he figured he’d join them.

“How are you doing?” Chris asked.

“As good as I can be. I don’t care about her, but the fact that my best friend did that to me really bothers me.” Norman said.

Once the waitress showed up, he ordered shots for the whole table. Chris got the hint that Norman didn’t want to talk about what happened anymore. So they continued to get drunk the rest of the night without any problems.

Norman had gotten up to use the restroom, when he saw her. Her short black hair reached her shoulders and she was laughing with what he was assuming was her best friend. She looked gorgeous in her short black dress and long legs. Norman thought about headed over there to say hi but decided against it. It was too soon to be moving on.
“Who was that?” Sabrina asked noticing the guy that had been checking her out a few minutes ago.

“Oh that’s Norman Reedus. He’s on the Walking Dead. How do you not recognize him?” Aubree asked.

“I’ve honestly never seen that show.”

“What!? Looks like tomorrow we’ll be watching some Netflix. It’s good. You’ll like it. I think Norman is going through tough times himself.”

“Which is why I’m not going to try and talk to him. Let’s just enjoy our night and see where it takes us.”
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Aubree | Sabrina

Rewrite number 3, third time is the charm lmao. Hoping this one goes better. The next chapter is going to be something else, that's for sure. Anyways, feedback is welcome!!