We Could Be Something

01: I’ll Get Used To It

Resting back into her seat, Adriana peeked around the room, trying to swallow the lump that existed in her throat. It wasn’t the first one, since she had found out that she was expecting, she had been to the hospital more than once, but still it felt more than a little uncomfortable, especially when she was surrounded by other expectant couples who all looked so happy and content.

Sparing a shy look around the room, she moved to collect her phone from her bag before she dialed a familiar number, listening to the dial tone for a few moments before it clicked over to his familiar voicemail. “Hey, Jon” she murmured softly, “I know that we’re not on the best terms right now, and I know that you were clear when we last spoke, but I just wanted to tell you that I had an appointment with my midwife this morning and I was hoping that we could get together and talk about it. I’d love to hear from you” she added before she carefully hung up, stowing the phone back into her bag.

It had become a familiar routine, after she had informed her fiancé that she was expecting, things between them had been quick to fall apart, but still Adriana insisted on calling him whenever something pregnancy related came up, even if she knew that he had little interest in the baby that she was carrying, she still wanted to try and involve him.

It had been a surprise, when Adriana had discovered that she was pregnant, it had been a little out of the blue, but what had caught her more off guard was the reaction of her fiancé. She had assumed that they were on the same page, after 4 years together, she had thought that they were in the same place in their relationship, but when she had told Jonathan that she was expecting, it had been made clear that she had been wrong.

She had been expecting a hug, she had been expecting him to smile and enthuse about the prospect of welcoming their first child into the world, but instead, what she had gotten was a line about not wanting to have children before Jonathan had ended their engagement, insisting that he just wasn’t quite as sure of them as she was.

Sparing a soft look towards her feet, she spared another soft sigh before she spotted a pair of feet ahead of her, causing her to lift her eyes. “Dr Montes?” the midwife posed.

Adriana nodded. “It’s good to see you again, Isla” she enthused as she pushed herself up “Are we ready to get started?” she added as she placed her bag onto her shoulder.

“We are” Isla enthused as she led the other woman towards her cubicle “I’ve seen your latest tests and I am very happy. Your blood pressure has levelled out, which is a good sign, but I will still monitor it to make sure that it won’t cause complications later down the line. If you’d like to hop up onto the bed, we can do the ultrasound” she added, offering Adriana a spot on the examination bed.

Adriana offered it a slightly uncertain look before she climbed up, allowing Isla to scoot the bottom of her blouse away from her stomach. “You’re 12 weeks now” the midwife mused “So we’re looking at a due date in February” she added before she moved to collect the bottle of gel, gently squeezing a small amount onto Adriana’s stomach.

Adriana flinched at the cold sensation on her stomach, something which made the midwife smile. “You’re not the first one to flinch” she teased, spotting the hint of pink which played on Adriana’s cheeks.

Adriana offered her a soft smile before the soft sound of the baby’s heartbeat filled the air, pulling her attention towards the screen which sat a little away from her.

“Blob’s got a good heartbeat” Isla enthused “And he or she is growing at a good rate too. Things are looking very good, Adriana, but I am still going to advise you take it easy for a little while. I am going to set you up an appointment with a colleague of mine for next week, just to keep an eye on you, but I am happy. You’re progressing very well” the midwife grinned before she excused herself, mumbling about making Adriana’s next appointment.

The blonde woman watched the midwife out of the room for a second before she flicked her attention back to the screen, admiring the scan which filled it. It still felt odd, the idea that she was expecting a baby, but she was getting used to it, even if she wasn’t quite getting used to the idea of doing it alone, she was excited at the prospect of welcoming her baby into the world.

“Do you have a picture?”

Adriana, who’d padded into her office, shook her head a little, before she flicked her attention towards her desk, offering the woman who sat behind it a small smile. “I might do” she quipped softly “But what makes you think I am going to show it to you?” she added, settling her bag down.

“Because I am your best friend” Ella quipped “And because I know you’re itching to show someone. Come on, Ana, let me see my little niece or nephew” she grinned as she pushed herself to her feet. It had been a surprise, the news that Adriana was pregnant, but Ella was pleased for her, even if other people weren’t, she was confident that her friend would make a wonderful mother.

Adriana offered her friend a playful eye roll before she reached into her bag, handing over the scan picture. “Isla seemed pleased with blob’s progress” she enthused softly “They’ve got a strong heartbeat and appear to be growing at the right sort of pace. She’s very happy” she added, her tone wavering a little.

Ella shook her head. “He still not returning your calls?” she posed.

“No” Adriana quipped “But that’s not a surprise. He was clear, Ella, and I guess I will just have to start getting used to it” she added with a small shake of her head.

Ella offered her a soft look before she opened her mouth, preparing to offer some comforting words before the sound of a knock at the door echoed, causing the two women to look up towards Adriana’s boss. “You’re back, Dr Montes” he enthused.

“I am” Adriana confirmed “And what can I do for you, sir?” she added.

“The club has acquired a new player” the older man noted “And we’re looking to make an announcement pretty quickly, but before we do, I was hoping you could oversee his medical. You’ll need to be at the hospital within the next hour” he added.

Adriana offered Ella a look before she flicked her attention back towards the older man, offering a nod. “I can go right now” she enthused with a small smile.

The older man nodded his head before he mumbled out a small thank you, ducking out of the room.

“Ana, if you don’t want to go…” Ella offered softly.

Adriana shook her head. “I’ll be fine” she enthused “And we can talk later, OK?” she added before she ducked out of the room, leaving Ella watching after her. She knew what her friend was going to say, since she and Jonathan had broken up, Ella had said the same thing time and time again, and whilst Adriana appreciated that she was trying to comfort her, she wanted to avoid it for a little longer.