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104: As Long As He Is Happy

Sparing a small yawn into her hand, Adriana padded towards the door of her hotel room, her ears doused by the soft sound of knocks which tapped against the wood. It had been a couple of days, after she had arrived in Porto, she had spent a couple of days meeting up with friends she hadn’t seen in a while, but with only a couple of days remaining before she returned to Lyon, she, Ella and Carmen had made plans to spend the day looking at possible venues for her and Iker’s wedding reception.

Allowing another yawn to fall out of her mouth, she pulled her blonde hair up into a ponytail before she pulled the door open, her blue eyes settling on Carmen who stood on the other side, a bag of food clutched in her hands. “Buenos dias, Adriana” she greeted brightly.

Adriana blinked a couple of times, slightly surprised to see the older woman, before she stepped out of the door way, allowing Carmen to step inside. “I didn’t mean to wake you” Carmen mused as she stepped through the suite, making her way towards the living room “But I figured that we’d get an early start. I’ve bought breakfast” she added, moving to settle the food down on the coffee.

Adriana watched her for a couple of seconds, slightly caught off guard by Carmen’s actions, before she quirked a small smile. “I think that breakfast sounds pretty good” she mused softly “Give me a couple of seconds to check on Olivia and Luca and to throw on some clothes and I will be right with you” she added, offering the other woman a soft smile.

Carmen offered her a swift nod, offering Adriana the chance to step out of the room, quietly making her way into the bedroom where Luca and Olivia still slept soundly.

She knew that Carmen was excited, from the moment that Adriana had agreed to her accompanying her and Ella to look at possible wedding venues, the older woman had appeared excited about the prospect, and Adriana had to admit that she was glad, even if she was a little concerned about spending time with Carmen without Iker around, she was pleased to see that the older woman was so excited about the idea of helping plan the wedding.

“So, how is planning the big day coming along?”

Adriana, who’d moved to pour herself another mug of tea, startled a little at the sound of Carmen’s voice before she lifted her head, her blue eyes peeking towards the older woman who sat on the floor ahead of her, playing happily with Luca.

It had been a pleasant morning, after Carmen had arrived at her hotel room door, Adriana and she had enjoyed a comfortable breakfast, and Adriana had to admit that she was pleased that she and Iker’s mother were getting along well, even if she did still feel a little shy around her, she was pleased that it wasn’t as awkward as she had feared it would be.

“It’s coming” Adriana mused, sipping on her drink softly “I mean, we’ve already got a guest list sorted out, and I’ve already bought my dress, but we’ve still got a lot of things to do. Ella’s come up with a couple of venues that we’re going to look at today for the reception, and we’ve still got to send invitations, but we’ve still got a few months left” she babbled softly, the tone of her voice a little shy and nervous.

Carmen quirked a small smile at the nervous tone of Adriana’s voice before she shook her head, carefully moving to settle on the couch beside her. “You know” she mused softly “You really have no reason to still be so nervous around me, Adriana” she added, offering the blonde a soft smile.

She knew that she was nervous, from the moment that Carmen had arrived at the door of Adriana’s hotel room that morning she had looked a little uncertain and shy, and Carmen wanted to offer her a little reassurance, even if she doubted that it would help, she wanted Adriana to know that she had nothing to be worried about.

Adriana mulled the other woman’s words over for a couple of seconds before she shook her head, her cheeks tinting a little pink. “I know that” she mused softly “You and your husband, you’ve been nothing but wonderful to me since we met, but still I am a little…nervous” she added, her fingers pulling at a loose thread on her sweater nervously.

Carmen watched her for a couple of seconds before she carefully reached her hand out, gently squeezing Adriana’s which fidgeted nervously. “Adriana, you have nothing to be nervous about” she insisted softly “I’ll admit, when I first found about you dating Iker, I was worried that he had gotten himself involved with something which was only going to see him get hurt, but the more time I spent with the two of you, the surer I got that you two were going to work out” she mused, offering Adriana’s hand another squeeze.

“You really thought that?” Adriana posed, her expression soft and sheepish.

Carmen quirked a small smile before she nodded her head softly. “I had my doubts about you, I mean, it was quite the shock to find out that Iker not only had a girlfriend, but one which was pregnant by another man, but as soon as I saw the two of you together, I was sure that it would work out and I am happy that it has” she enthused.

Adriana mulled her words over for a few moments before she quirked a small bashful smile, something which made Carmen squeeze her hand gently once more. “You two are good for one another” she mused softly “And as long as that is the case, then you don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to me, Adriana. As long as Iker is happy, then I am happy too” she grinned softly.

Adriana returned her smile for a brief second before the sound of a knock at the door echoed, causing her to push herself to her feet. “That’s going to be Ella” she noted softly “And we should probably get moving. She’s got a couple of places lined up for us to see this morning and I’d hate to keep her waiting. Do you think you could help Olivia and Luca to get shoes on?” she posed softly.

Carmen offered her a small smile before she nodded her head, offering Adriana the opportunity to step out of the door, a small sense of relief in her stomach.
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