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105: It’s Only A Few Days

Pulling the zip around on his suitcase, Iker spared a small sigh, his stomach flipping at the thought of the few days which stood ahead of him. It had been a few months, after Adriana had spent a little time in Porto, almost six months had passed, and with their wedding date only a few days away, Iker found himself a little nervous, even if he was mostly excited. The idea that the big day was only a couple of days away unnerved him a little.

He knew that it was what he wanted, after dating for 2 and a half years, he had no doubt that Adriana was the woman that he wanted to marry, but still he found himself slightly nervous about the idea, even if Adriana seemed more than confident that things would go off without a hitch, a part of him was worried that something would go wrong.

Ensuring that the suitcase was closed, he spared a small look towards the list which sat on the end table before he sat down, closing his eyes for a couple of seconds.

“Are you nearly done in here?”

Iker, who’d moved to rest his head against headboard, jumped a little at the sound of Adriana’s voice before he lifted his head, offering her a small smile. “I think so” he noted softly “I managed to pack everything that you wrote on the list” he added, his dark eyes peeking towards Luca who stood ahead of Adriana, wobbling a little on his feet.

Adriana followed the line of his stare before she quirked a small smile. “He’s getting a little steadier” she noted softly “He’s not quite ready to take a step yet, but it shouldn’t be too long” she added, moving to lift the little boy onto her hip.

Iker offered her a small nod before he moved to shift the suitcase off of the bed, making room for her and Luca beside him. “Are he and Olivia all ready to go?” he posed softly, his fingertips smoothing out the little boy’s dark hair.

Adriana nodded. “I think so” she noted softly “I’ve got a few changes of clothes for them, as well as their wedding outfits, and I’ve got another bag full of the toys that they won’t leave home without. I think I’ve covered all of the bases. What about you? How are you getting on in here?” she posed, her tone caught between curious and soft.

Iker quirked a small smile at the tone of her voice before he nodded his head. “I think I am done” he noted softly “I mean, I’ve managed to pack everything that you put on the list you wrote for me” he added, offering her a teasing smile.

Adriana rolled her eyes before she playfully nudged his shoulder, something which made Iker chuckle a little. “I wrote that list to make sure that you didn’t forget anything” she quipped “The last thing I want is for us to get all the way just to find out you left your tie in your drawer” she added, a playful pout on her face.

Iker admired the expression she wore for a couple of seconds before he shook his head, a small laugh falling out of his mouth. “I think I have everything” he enthused softly “But we still have a little time if you want to go through my suitcase and check” he added, offering her another boyish smile.

Adriana rolled her eyes a little before she shook her head, something which made Iker smile a little before he leant over, pressing a soft kiss against her cheek. “You know” he mumbled, “I can’t quite believe how quickly this has come around. I mean, it doesn’t seem that long ago that I was asking you to marry me and now…now we’re only a few days away” he babbled softly, moving to settle Luca, who’d become a little fussy, on his lap.

Adriana allowed his words to hang around them for a couple of seconds before she nodded her head. “I know what you mean” she agreed softly “It has come along pretty quickly, but I am excited that it is almost over with” she added, her fingers gently smoothing out the t-shirt that Luca wore.

She was excited about the idea of their wedding day arriving, after months of planning, she was more than a little excited about the prospect of becoming Iker’s wife, but part of her was a little nervous, even if Ella and Carmen did insist that things were completely under control. A small part of her merely wanted to get the day over and done with.

“Over with?” Iker quipped, a teasing smirk playing at the corner of his mouth.

Adriana rolled her eyes a little before she shook her head. “You know what I mean” she noted softly “I’m excited about the idea of getting married, of course I am, but I could really do without the whole build up. The next few days are going to be filled with our parents cooing over the two of us and our friends making a fuss and a small part of me merely wants it to be over with” she explained softly.

Iker smiled gently at her words before he shifted his hand, moving to squeeze hers which fiddled with the bedspread softly. “It’s only a few more days” he noted softly “We’ve got to get through a couple of dinners with our parents, a night out with our friends, and then, before you know it, it will be over and done with and you’ll be my wife” he added, offering her a light smile.

Adriana spared a look down towards their hands before she nodded her head, offering him a smile. “Your wife?” she quipped “I kind of like the sound of that” she added brightly.

Iker chuckled a little before he leant over, pressing a light kiss against her lips.

Adriana smiled into the kiss, holding onto him for a couple of seconds before the sound of Luca’s sniffles reached her ears, causing her to duck back. “I should probably go and get him settled down for a little while before the flight” she mumbled between soft kisses.

Iker nodded his head gently before he carefully moved to settle Luca into her arms, allowing Adriana to pad out of the room. Watching after her for a couple of seconds, he moved to rest against the headboard for a couple of seconds before he shook his head, a small smile on his face. He was nervous, the idea that only a matter of days separated him from his wedding day was one that unsettled him slightly, but he was more excited than he was nervous. Part of him couldn’t wait for the day to arrive.
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