We Could Be Something

107: It’s Your Day

Carefully pushing her fingers through her hair, Adriana peeked towards the mirror which stood ahead of her, her blue eyes admiring the reflection which stared back at her. It had been a little while, after she and Ella had had breakfast, she had spent a little time with Olivia and Luca before Ella had insisted that she started to get ready, and whilst she still felt a little nervous, Adriana was excited by the idea of seeing Iker who, as silly as it was, she had missed since the previous night.

Carefully tucking a few loose blonde hairs behind her ear, she spared her reflection another look before the sound of a knock on the bedroom door reached her ears, causing her to turn a little, her blue eyes peeking towards Ella who’d moved to step into the room. “I hope I am not interrupting” she babbled softly “But your mother…wow” she squeaked, her eyes settling on Adriana.

Adriana rolled her eyes. “Is that all you’ve got?” she posed “You’re first person to see me, Ella, and I need to know whether or not I look dreadful” she added, offering her friend a shy smile.

Ella blinked a couple of times before she shook her head, a small smile pulling at the corner of her mouth. “You look amazing, Ana” she breathed softly.

“You sure?” Adriana posed “Because it isn’t too late. If I need to change anything…”

“You look perfect, Ana” Ella interrupted softly “Iker’s a lucky guy” she added, an impish smile on her face.

Adriana’s cheeks warmed a little at the compliment before she shook her head softly. “Did you want something?” she posed softly.

Ella paused for a second, trying to remember why she had come into the room, before she nodded her head. “Your mother” she noted softly “She’s downstairs” she added, her tone soft and tentative. She knew that it was still a sore point, whenever the topic of Adriana’s mother was bought up, the blonde tended to shy away, and Ella didn’t want to push her, not on a day that was supposed to be happy.

Adriana, who’d moved to smooth out the material of her dress, stilled a little at the sound of Ella’s voice before she lifted her head. “She’s here?” she posed softly.

“She is” Ella confirmed “She’s downstairs talking with your sister-in-law, but if you want me to get rid of her, I can. Your papa is on his way and we’re supposed to leave in a little while” she added gently.

Adriana mulled her words over for a few seconds before she shook her head. “I’ll go and see her” she noted softly.

Ella offered her a soft look, wordlessly enquiring if she was sure, before she nodded her head. “Alright” she noted softly “But we do have to get going soon. I’m fairly certain that Iker will freak out if you’re even a couple of minutes late” she added, offering her a bright smile.

Adriana rolled her eyes softly before she ducked down, collecting the bottom of her dress in her hand before she padded out of the room, making her way towards the living room where Clarissa sat, talking quietly to Emily. “Mae?” Adriana posed softly.

Clarissa, who’d been focussed on Emily, startled a little at the sound of Adriana’s voice before she lifted her head, her blue eyes softening as they settled on her daughter. “Adriana” she breathed softly “Sweetheart, you look…you look so beautiful” she breathed softly, pushing herself up to her feet.

“Thank you” Adriana mused shyly.

Clarissa quirked a small smile before she stepped towards Adriana, offering her hand a small squeeze. “I know that you don’t want to see a lot of me today” she mused softly “I mean, I am still grateful that you invited me in the first place, but I couldn’t not see you before you walked up the aisle, sweetheart” she added, carefully adjusting a few loose details of the dress her daughter wore.

She knew that Adriana didn’t want to talk, it was written all over the slightly nervous smile that she wore, but part of her hadn’t been to resist the idea of seeing her daughter before the wedding, even if she did run the risk of running into her ex-husband, she hadn’t been able to resist the chance to see the blushing bride.

Adriana offered her mother a soft smile before she shook her head. “I couldn’t not invite you, Mae” she mumbled softly “I know that things between the two of us aren’t the best, but you are my mother and I couldn’t not have you here. I just…I need you to promise me that you will behave yourself today. I know things between you and my papi aren’t fantastic but…”

“We will both be on our best behaviour, Adriana”

Adriana, who’d been focussed on her mother, jumped a little at the sound of her father’s voice before she turned around, her blue eyes settling on the older man who stood in the door way, his eyes peeking towards her softly.

“You’re right” Rafael mused “Things between me and your mother aren’t great, but today…today isn’t about that, it’s about our daughter who’s going to get married. I can’t promise that we will get along, Adriana, but I can promise that, for today at least, we will be civil for you. It’s your day, sweetheart, and neither one of us want to ruin it for you” he insisted softly, his eyes briefly flicking towards Clarissa who nodded her head in agreement, offering their daughter a soft smile.

Adriana allowed his words to linger for a couple of seconds before she shook her head, a small sniffle falling out of her mouth.

Rafael quirked a small smile at the little noise before he stepped towards her, pulling her into a soft hug. “Don’t cry, Adriana” he mused softly “Ella will kill me if you ruin your makeup” he added brightly.

Adriana spluttered out a small laugh before she pulled away from him, her fingertips gently wiping away the tears which had snuck out of her eyes. “Obrigado, papi” she enthused softly.

Rafael offered her a soft smile before he stepped towards her, gently straightening her dress slightly. “We should probably get moving” he mused softly “I remember what it is like to be stood at the front of the church waiting for the bride to arrive, and I am sure that Iker will freak out if you’re even a couple of minutes late” he added, offering his hand out towards her.

Adriana giggled a little before she placed her hand into his, something which caused Rafael to nod. “Let’s get you married” he teased brightly before he led her towards the door, offering her hand a soft squeeze.
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