We Could Be Something

110: Husband & Wife

Carefully readjusting a few of the clips which held up her hair, Adriana spared a small sigh, her blue eyes studying the quiet piece of garden which sat ahead of her. It had been a little while, after she and Iker had arrived at the hotel they’d picked out for their reception, they’d spent hours getting through the traditions of a wedding reception, but with Iker having been distracted by a few of his friends from Real Madrid, Adriana had taken the opportunity to sneak out, wanting a couple of seconds to herself before they started to say goodnight to their guests.

Ensuring that her hair was still in place, she let out another soft sigh before she shifted her hands, gently tugging at the light material of her dress’ sleeves in attempt to ward off the slightly cool breeze that pushed past her.

“You really should come back inside”

Adriana, who’d drifted off slightly, startled as Iker’s voice filled her ears, before she lifted her head, offering him a small smile. “I will do” she mused softly “But I wanted a couple of seconds before we left. It’s been a long day and I just wanted a little while to myself” she added, her fingers gently smoothing out the material of her dress.

Iker watched her for a couple of seconds before he shook his head, moving to take a seat beside her. “I can leave you to it if you want” he offered softly “I am sure that I can get you a couple of minutes” he added, his hand gently moving to take a hold of hers.

Adriana peeked down at their hands for a couple of seconds before she shook her head. “I am sure that I can put up with you” she quipped softly, a small impish grin on her face.

Iker rolled his eyes a little before he carefully shrugged off his jacket, moving to wrap it around her shoulders. “My parents are going to take Olivia and Luca for the night” he mumbled, breaking the comfortable quiet that had settled around the two of them.

Adriana, who’d moved to pull his jacket a little more around her shoulders, nodded her head gently. “Are they sure that they don’t mind?” she posed softly.

“My madre insisted” Iker noted softly, his arm gently wrapping around her waist “And if she hadn’t, your papa was right behind her in offering. I think they might think that I want you all to myself tonight” he added teasingly.

Adriana nudged his shoulder playfully, something which made him chuckle a little before he ducked in, pressing a soft kiss against her lips.

Adriana smiled into the kiss for a couple of seconds before the sound of someone clearing their throat reached them, causing her to duck back, her blue eyes peeking up towards Jose Luis who stood a little away from the couple, a doting smile on his face. “I’m sorry for interrupting” he noted softly “But you two have a room full of guests asking after you and there is only so much time I can buy for you. Do you think that you could come inside soon?” he posed gently.

He didn’t want to interrupt, for the majority of the day, Iker and Adriana had found themselves surrounded by their friends and family and were clearly in need of a little time alone, but he knew that he couldn’t leave to it, even if he did want to, people wanted to make a fuss of them and would want to for a little while.

Adriana sighed a little before she nodded her head, offering the older man a small smile. “We’ll be right with you” she mused softly.

Jose nodded his head before he ducked back inside, leaving Iker and Adriana alone once more.

Adriana watched after the older man for a couple of seconds before she let out a small groan, something which made Iker chuckle as he pushed himself up to his feet. “Come on” he noted, extending his hand towards her “We’ve only got to make it through a little while longer before we can head up to our room. Besides, I saw Cristiano earlier and he might had mentioned wanting to dance with my gorgeous new wife” he added, offering her an impish smile.

Adriana offered him a slightly dubious look before she spared a playfully dramatic sigh, her hand settling in his.

Iker spared another bright laugh before he helped her up to her feet, his arm gently wrapping around her waist as he guided her back into the hotel.

“Are you sure that you don’t mind taking them for the night?” Iker posed softly, his eyes looking towards his mother who stood ahead of him, Luca sleepily resting against her shoulder. It had been a little while, after he and Adriana had had a couple of seconds to themselves, a couple more hours had passed, and with the party having started to wind down, Iker found himself looking forwards to retiring for the night. It had been a long day, too long for him, and a part of him couldn’t wait to settle down beneath his duvet for the night with Adriana curled up beside him.

Carmen shook her head. “Of course not” she mused softly “Me and your papa are more than happy to take them. Besides, I am sure that you’d rather have Adriana to yourself” she quipped, offering him a knowing smile.

Iker’s cheeks tinted a little pink before he shook his head, something which made Carmen smile a little before she shook her head, pressing a kiss against his cheek. “Buenos noches, Iker” she mused softly.

Iker offered her a brief smile before he ducked down, pressing a soft kiss against the top of Luca’s head. “Dulces sueños, little one” he murmured softly.

“We’ll see you tomorrow” Carmen mused gently before she stepped away.

Iker watched after her for a couple of moments before he turned on his heel, padding towards where Adriana stood, talking quietly to her father. Pausing for a second, he admired her gently before he stepped towards her, his arms gently settling around her waist.

Rafael, who’d been talking to his daughter, rolled his eyes a little before he shook his head. “I should be on my way” he noted softly “Congratulations, both of you” he added with a small smile before he padded away from the couple.

Adriana watched him go for a couple of seconds before she turned around, smiling up at Iker. “I am guessing that you’re ready to get out of here” she mused softly, her arms gently wrapping around his neck.

Iker quirked a small smile before he nodded. “I think so” he noted gently “What about you?” he posed.

Adriana nodded her head before she carefully pulled away from him, moving to take a hold of his hand. “Come on then” she noted, moving to lead him from the room.

Iker followed after her for a couple of steps before he shook his head, a smile playing on his lips as he gently squeezed her hand, wordlessly musing over how well their day had gone.
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