We Could Be Something

128: I’ve Been Doing A Little Thinking

Carefully pulling the door to Luca’s bedroom to, Adriana spared a small sigh, glad that the little boy was finally asleep for the night. It had been quiet day, after Iker had bought her breakfast in bed, they had spent the day curled up in front of a selection of films, and Adriana had to admit that she had enjoyed herself, even despite the small knot which twitched in the pit of her stomach, she had enjoyed spending a quiet day with her little family.

“Are you going to come back downstairs now?”

Adriana, who’d been fixing her hair into a loose ponytail, jumped a little at the sound of Iker’s voice before she lifted her head, peeking towards him. “I was on my way” she noted softly “Are Olivia and Gabriela asleep?” she added.

“It took a little work” Iker mused softly “Gabriela didn’t particularly want to settle down for the night, but she, and Olivia, are asleep now, something which means I have you all to myself for a little while” he enthused softly, a small smile playing at the corner of his mouth.

Adriana admired the soft smile on his face for a couple of seconds before she shook her head, a small smile on her face. “You’re incredibly sweet, aren’t you?” she mumbled, wrapping her arms around his neck softly.

Iker chuckled a little before he ducked down, pressing a brisk kiss against her lips. Adriana jumped a little, not quite expecting the light kiss, but she quickly warmed to it, holding onto him for a couple of seconds before she carefully ducked back, her forehead resting against his. “I love you, you know that” she mumbled softly.

Iker quirked a small smile at her words before he nodded his head. “I do know that” he mumbled softly “And you know that I love you too, Addie” he added gently.

Adriana nodded her head gently before she ducked into him, stealing another light kiss before she stepped back, lacing their fingers together. “We should get downstairs” she mumbled softly “I don’t know about you, but I could really use something to eat” she added, offering him an impish smile.

Iker admired her smile for a couple of seconds before he nodded his head. “I think that that sounds like a plan” he noted softly.

“Are you sure that you wouldn’t be more comfortable upstairs in bed?”

Adriana, who’d been dozing on the couch, startled a little at the sound of Iker’s voice before she lifted her head, offering him a sleepy smile. It had been a quiet night, with the children all settled down, she and Iker had had the opportunity to spend a little tine together, and Adriana had to admit that she had relished it, even if they had merely eaten dinner in front of some television, she had enjoyed having a little while with her husband for company.

“I’m pretty comfortable” she noted softly “And for a little while, I just want to sit here with you, do you think that that is something we can do?” she posed, offering him a soft look.

Iker rolled his eyes a little before he nodded his head, moving to get a little more comfortable in his spot beside her. “You know, I’ve been doing a little thinking” he mumbled softly, breaking the small comfortable silence that had settled over the two of them.

Adriana, who’d been contently tracing shapes into the material of shirt, tilted her head. “You have?” she posed softly.

Iker nodded. “I know that you’re worried” he mused softly “I mean, whenever I bring up the idea of me heading back to training, you tend to get a little shy and quiet…”

“Iker” Adriana interrupted softly. She knew that they had to talk, there was no way that they couldn’t, but she wanted to avoid it for a little while, not wanting to spoil the quiet and comfortable evening that they had shared.

Iker noted the tone of her voice before he shook his head. “I know that you’re worried, Addie” he noted softly, his hand gently taking a hold of hers.

Adriana spared a small look down towards their hands for a couple of seconds before she shook her head, a small nervous sigh falling out of her mouth. “I know that you’re not going to let things fall apart easily, you’ve told me more than once that you’re going to do everything that you can to make sure this, us, keeps going along as well as it has for the last few years, but I am just…I’m a little worried. It’s a lot, Iker” she explained, her tone soft and uncertain.

Iker mulled her words over for a couple of seconds before he shook his head, his hand offering hers a small squeeze. “That’s why I have been thinking” he noted softly “The season, it is over in a few weeks and I’ve got an offer on the table to extend my contract with Lyon for another year, but, I don’t know that I want to take it” he added, his dark eyes peeking towards her.

Adriana tilted her head. “You’re thinking of moving again?” she posed.


“You can’t be serious” Adriana interrupted, shaking her head “Iker, I don’t think that we can handle another move right now. We’ve just got settled here, the children are happy here, and I just don’t think that right now is the best time to…”

“I am thinking about retiring” Iker interrupted.

Adriana, who’d been caught off guard by his interruption, blinked a couple of times before she looked at him, a frown on her face. “What?” she squeaked softly.

Iker quirked a shy smile before he shook his head. “I’m not getting any younger” he noted softly “And I think that the timing is right. I’ve had a long and wonderful career, Addie, but I think that I need to start thinking about what it is I want to do next” he added softly before the sound of Gabriela’s cries echoed away from the monitor which sat on the table ahead of them.


“We can talk about it later” Iker mused softly “I just…I wanted you to know that it was on my mind. I should go and check on Gabriela. I’ll see you upstairs in a bit?” he posed, offering her a boyish smile before he moved to climb the stairs.

Adriana watched him out of the room for a couple of seconds before she shook her head, her ears ringing with his words.
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