We Could Be Something

Epilogue: We’ll Figure It Out

“How are you feeling?”

Iker, who’d been placing the last of his things into his kit bag, startled a little at the sound of Adriana’s voice before he lifted his head, offering her a soft smile.

It had been a little while, after they’d agreed on the idea of Iker retiring, a few weeks had passed, and with the season having reached its conclusion, Iker was preparing for his last match, something which had him slightly nervous. He knew that it couldn’t be avoided, eventually, the day that he retired was going to arrive, and he knew that he had to get through it, even if he was slightly nervous about what the future held, he knew that he had to put it to the back of his mind for a little while.

“I’m feeling a little strange” he admitted softly “It’s a strange idea, that today is the last one, but I am sure that I will get used to it” he added, moving to settle down on the bed.

Adriana, who’d moved to step a little deeper into the room, quirked a small smile before she sat down beside him, her fingers lacing through his. “You’re still sure about this?” she posed softly “Because, if you’ve changed your mind…”

“I am sure, Addie” Iker interjected softly “It’s going to take a little getting used to, but I am sure about this” he added, offering her hand a small squeeze.

Adriana spared a small look down towards their hands before she shook her head, moving to rest it against his shoulder as a soft silence fell over the two of them.

Iker spared her a soft look before he leant down, pressing a soft kiss against her temple. “You know” he mumbled against her skin “Whilst we haven’t got everything figured out right now, we are going to figure it out eventually, Addie” he added, pressing another kiss against her skin. He knew that she was nervous, even despite her support of his decision, he knew that she was a little worried about their future, and he wanted to reassure her, even if they didn’t have everything quite figured out, he wanted her to know that they would get there eventually.

Adriana, who’d been contently rested against his shoulder, quirked a small smile before she nodded. “I know that” she mused softly “Besides, I kind of like what we have going on here and would be pretty upset if we messed up now” she added, her tone light and playful.

Iker chuckled a little before he shifted his spare hand a little, resting it against her cheek before he leant into her, stealing a soft kiss. “You’re not getting rid of me so easily, amor” he mumbled between soft and innocent kisses “I kind of love you” he added teasingly.

Adriana spared a small smile at his words before she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him into a soft kiss.

Iker jumped a little, caught off guard by the intensity of the kiss, before he warmed to it, kissing her back happily until the sound of someone clearing their throat reached them, causing him to pull back a little, his dark eyes peeking towards the doorway where his mother stood, her eyes on her feet. “I didn’t mean to interrupt” she noted softly “But Gabriela, she’s starting to get a little fussy and I think she probably wants her madre” she added, offering a look towards Adriana.

Adriana spared a small sigh before she nodded her head. “I’ll be right with you” she noted.

Carmen nodded her head a little before she stepped away, leaving Iker and Adriana alone once more.

“You should get downstairs” Iker mused softly “And I should be getting going. I’ll see you at the game, won’t I?” he posed gently.

Adriana nodded. “Of course” she noted softly “I wouldn’t miss it” she added, offering him a light smile.

Iker returned her smile for a couple of seconds before he ducked down, pressing another light kiss against her lips before he moved to collect his bag, padding out of the room.

Standing at the edge of the pitch, Adriana nibbled on her lip, her blue eyes watching Iker who stood in the centre circle, shaking hands with his opponents as they walked past him. It had been a good game, even despite the fact that Lyon had had little to play for, the match had been an enjoyable one, but Adriana hadn’t been able to focus on it, instead opting to focus on Iker who appeared more than slightly distracted. She knew that it was strange to him, the idea that that game was his last was one that was going to take a while to settle in, but part of her merely wanted to wrap her arms around him and tell him that it was the right thing to do, even if they didn’t quite have their next step precisely figured out, she wanted him to know that she was behind him.

“He’ll be over in second, you know”

Adriana, who’d been quietly watching Iker, startled a little at the sound of Jose Luis’ voice before she turned, offering him a small smile. “I know” she mused softly “It’s just…”

“I know” the older man smiled “But it is probably the right time, no?” he added softly.

Adriana nodded her head in agreement before she felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist, something which caused her to let out a small squeak in surprise.

Iker chuckled a little at the small sound before he ducked down, pressing a soft kiss against her shoulder. “Lo siento” he mumbled softly “I didn’t mean to scare you” he added, pressing another kiss against her shoulder.

Adriana smiled a little at the contact before she carefully turned around, her arms wrapping around his neck. “You remembered to pack your speech when you left this morning, didn’t you?” she posed gently.

Iker nodded. “I did” he confirmed softly “But, before I give that, I was sort of hoping you’d like to take a little walk with me” he added gently.

Adriana tilted her head. “What?” she posed softly.

“Before my speech, the team are going to do the lap of honor and I would very much like it if you, and the children, came along with me. I know that you’re not a big fan of crowds, Addie, but it would mean a lot to me” he mused softly. He knew that she was nervous, from the second that the words had fallen out of his mouth, she had looked apprehensive, but he wanted to encourage her slightly, wanting to share the moment with her.

Adriana offered him a slightly dubious look, wordlessly enquiring it was what he wanted, before she let out a small sigh, something which made Iker grin a little. “Gracias, mi amor” he noted.

Adriana admired his smile for a couple of seconds before she stepped towards his parents, moving to collect Olivia, Luca and Gabriela before she padded towards him, offering her hand out towards him.

Iker glanced down at her hand for a couple of seconds before he moved to lace their fingers together, moving to lead her around the pitch with a small smile on his face, his eyes fixed on his small family. It wasn’t what he had envisaged, when he had made the move to Porto, he had expected that he would struggle to adapt to playing anywhere outside of Madrid, but he was glad that he had made the move in retrospect, even if leaving Madrid had been hard on him, the move had worked out better than he could have hoped for.
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