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25: I’m Your Boyfriend?

Sparing a small yawn into his hand, Iker rested back against the counter, his ears doused by the soft sound of the kettle. It was early, after their encounter with Jonathan the previous night, Iker had spent the night asleep on Adriana’s couch, and whilst he was sure that staying had been the right call, he found himself with a few aches and pains from the couch which had been too small for him.

Sparing another yawn into his hand, he shuffled towards the cupboard and moved to collect two mugs, settling them on the counter. He knew that Adriana didn’t want to talk, after she had left Jonathan the night before, she had been quiet and slightly distant with him, but still Iker wanted to offer her the chance to talk to him, even if he knew it was likely to be a sore point with her, he wanted her to know that he was more than happy to listen.

Ensuring that the two cups of tea were made, he cleaned up the counter briefly before he padded towards Adriana’s bedroom door, gently tapping his hand against it. “Addie?” he posed softly, nudging the door open.

Adriana, who was sat up on her bed, lifted her head a little at the sound of Iker’s voice before quirked a small smile. “You’re up early” she mused.

Iker nodded. “I am” he quipped as he moved to place her tea on the bedside table “Your couch is great, but it is just a little too small for me to sleep on” he added.

Adriana smiled gently before she shook her head, playfully poking his side. “You were the one who insisted on staying” she teased.

Iker, who had settled on the bed beside her, smiled gently. “I just wanted to make sure that you were OK” he noted gently “I mean, you didn’t quite seem yourself after we left the restaurant last night and I just wanted to make sure that you were alright” he added, his dark eyes peeking at her softly.

Adriana pulled at the duvet a little before she let out a small sigh, her blue eyes meeting his shyly. “It took me a little by surprise” she murmured gently “I mean, I figured eventually I would run into him, but…but I didn’t quite know what to say to him.” she added, her fingers still tugging nervously at a loose thread which poked out of the duvet.

Iker watched her hand for a moment before he leant down, carefully lacing their fingers together. “I’m sorry, Addie” he mumbled softly “I know that you were hoping to get to talk to him” he added, his thumb gently brushing over the back of her hand.

Adriana shook her head. “I thought that he’d want to talk” she muttered, a small frown playing on her place. She had known that it was a long shot, when she had run into Jonathan the night before, she had known that it was unlikely that he would have changed his mind about wanting to be involved when it came to their baby, but still she had held out a little hope, even if it was misplaced, she had thought that he would at least want to ask about how the baby was doing.

Iker noted the small frown on her face before he shifted a little closer, pressing a careful kiss against her temple as she cuddled into his side. “You deserve better, Addie” he murmured softly.

“I know” Adriana mused softly “But it is just hard. I could understand him not wanting to be around me, but this is his son or his daughter. How could he not want to be around them?” she posed quietly, her eyes glancing down towards her bump.

Iker followed the line of her stare before he shifted a hand, gently resting it on her bump. “I don’t know” he mumbled softly “But I know that you don’t need to worry about it now. You’ve got something more important to think about than that idiot. Bump needs you to be calm and happy, Addie, they don’t need you getting worked up” he added, his thumb gently brushing over the front of her t-shirt.

Adriana admired the small movement of his thumb before she shook her head. “I am sorry that he ruined last night, Iker” she mumbled after a few seconds of quiet.

Iker shook his head. “It’s fine” he insisted with a small smile “Until the point that your idiot ex showed up, I had a wonderful time” he teased.

Adriana rolled her eyes playfully before she shifted a little closer to him, encouraging him to settle his arms around her waist before he carefully leant back against pillow, pulling her along with him. “You were great last night” Adriana mumbled, resting her head on his chest.

“How so?” Iker quipped.

“You just were” Adriana noted, peeking up at him slightly “And I appreciate it. You’re a pretty good boyfriend” she teased, offering him a playful smile.

“I’m your boyfriend?” Iker quipped, trying to stifle his amused smile.

Adriana’s cheeks warmed a little. “I thought…we’ve been dating and I thought…”

Iker admired the look on her face before he shook his head, a small laugh falling out of his mouth. “Addie” he quipped “I was kidding” he added.

Adriana offered him a glance before she shook her head, something which caused him to shift his hand, tilting her face so that she looked at him. “I’d love to be your boyfriend, Addie” he mused gently.

Adriana allowed the words to linger for a little while before she leant forwards, pressing a careful kiss against his lips. “I’d like that too” she mumbled as she leant away from him slightly, a small smile appearing on her lips.

Iker returned her smile gently before he leant towards her, stealing another kiss. He knew that it was going to take some time, the chances were that the night before was not the last time that he and Adriana ran into her ex-boyfriend, but he was pleased that they had talked. He knew that things between them were going to be bumpy, with Adriana due to have her baby in a matter of weeks, it was going to take a lot of adaptation, but he wanted to give it a shot, even if it wasn’t likely to run smoothly. He wanted to give it their best try.
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