We Could Be Something

27: Are You Happy?

Sparing a look towards the door which stood ahead of her, Adriana spared a small sigh, trying her hardest to stifle the bout of nerves which twitched in her stomach at the thought of meeting Iker’s parents.

She knew that it was a good step, even if it was slightly fast, meeting Iker’s parents was a good step forwards for them, but still she was nervous, even if Iker insisted that they would like her, she couldn’t shake the butterflies which had twitched in her stomach since they had broached the subject. It was complicated, with the baby, things between Iker and Adriana, as well as between her and her ex, had the potential to get difficult, and Adriana doubted that Iker’s parents would be happy, even if Iker appeared to be happy with her, she doubted that they would be as keen on the idea of their relationship.

Offering the door another look, she briefly contemplated turning and walking away before she lifted her hand, tapping it gently against the wood.

“Addie” Iker quipped as he pulled the door back “I was starting to think you weren’t going to show” he added, offering her a small nervous smile.

“I thought about it” Adriana admitted gently, her fingers pulling at a loose piece of material on her coat sleeve.

Iker watched her for a second before he reached his hand out, catching a hold of hers. “You know it’s not going to be so bad, don’t you?” he posed softly. He knew that she was nervous, from the moment he had suggested that she meet his parents, she had looked uncertain and apprehensive, and Iker wanted to offer her a little comfort, even if he was slightly nervous himself, he wanted to try and encourage Adriana to be her cheerful and bright self.

Adriana, who’d been peeking down at her feet, lifted her head, her blue eyes looking up at him shyly. “You don’t know that” she noted softly.

Iker shook his head. “I don’t” he agreed softly “But I do know that I am not going to let them upset you, Addie. Our relationship is complicated, we both know that, but it is still good and I am not going to let my parents say otherwise. You’re happy, aren’t you?” he posed tentatively.

Adriana nodded. “I am” she confirmed softly “But I really don’t want to be a problem between you and your parents” she added, her expression soft.

Iker admired the soft look on her face for a second before he leant in, pressing a soft kiss against her lips. “You’re a lot of things, Addie” he mumbled softly “But you’re not a problem. I like having you around, nena, and even if today doesn’t go well, that’s not going to change. I kind of like what we have going on” he added, a quirked smile playing at the corner of his mouth.

Adriana’s cheeks warmed a little before she ducked her head, a soft smile playing on her face. “You’re still sure about doing this?” she posed softly.

“I’m certain about it, Addie” Iker mused “But if you want to…”

“I want to do it” Adriana interjected.

Iker offered her a slightly dubious look before he nodded his head, moving to take her hand before he led her towards the living room. Adriana followed along behind him before the sound of voices filled her ears, causing her to swallow slightly before Iker cleared his throat, his hand offering hers a small comforting squeeze. “Madre, padre, I have someone I’d like to introduce you to” he quipped softly.

The older couple, who’d been talking amongst themselves, looked up at the sound of Iker’s voice before they flicked their attention towards Adriana, something which made her shift a little on the spot.

“Iker?” Carmen posed, a curious look on her face.

Iker offered his mother a soft look before he placed his arm around Adriana’s waist, shuffling her slightly closer to his parents. “This is Adriana” he noted softly “She’s my girlfriend” he added, a brief smile appearing on his face.

Carmen spied the look on his face before she quirked a soft smile, moving to push herself to her feet. “Hola, Adriana” she greeted gently “I’m Carmen and that is my husband, Jose Luis. It’s nice to meet you” she added softly.

Adriana swallowed a little before she quirked a small smile, moving to shake the hand which Carmen had offered. “It’s nice to meet you too” she noted softly “Iker speaks very highly of both of you” she added.

“I wish I could say the same thing to you” Carmen noted “But Iker neglected to mention that he had a new girlfriend” she added, offering a small playful glare towards her son.

Iker rolled his eyes slightly. “I didn’t realize I needed to keep you updated with my love life” he countered impishly.

“It would have been nice to know that we were going to meet her, Iker” Jose Luis quipped before he flicked his attention towards Adriana, offering her a small smile which Adriana returned hesitantly.

Iker watched the small interaction for a second before he shook his head. “We’ve not been seeing one another for very long” he noted gently “And things are…it’s all slightly complicated” he added, his eyes briefly peeking down towards Adriana’s bump which was masked by the coat she wore.

“Complicated?” Carmen posed, a small frown on her face.

Adriana nodded her head slightly before she carefully moved to pull off her coat, revealing her bump which stuck out obviously from beneath the sweater she wore.

Carmen, who was watching her, let out a small squeak. “You’re…?” she squeaked.

Adriana nodded her head. “I am expecting a baby in February” she confirmed softly “And that’s why things are not so straightforward between me and your son” she added, sparing a soft look towards Iker who’d stepped back to her side, his hand holding onto hers.

Carmen blinked a couple of times before she shook her head. “The father?” she posed.

“My ex-fiancé” Adriana noted, her tone more confident than she had been expecting “He left me when he found out that I was expecting” she added.

Carmen nodded her head slowly, something which made Adriana shift a little. She knew that it was a big deal, the idea that she was expecting another man’s baby was likely to make things more than a little complicated when it came to her and Iker’s relationship, but still she hoped that his parents would take the news well. The last thing she wanted was to become a problem.

“Did you know when you two started to date?” Carmen posed, looking towards her son.

Iker nodded. “I did” he confirmed “She told me pretty quickly after we’d met that she was pregnant” he added.

Carmen nodded. “And you’re OK with…?” she trailed off.

Iker quirked a grin before he nodded his head. “I like her, mama” he confirmed softly “I have done for a while, and it’s not likely to change any time soon” he added, sparing a soft look towards Adriana who blushed a little at his words.

Carmen watched the exchange for a moment before she spared a look towards her husband who smiled a little, wordlessly enthusing about how it had been a while since they had seen Iker so content. Shaking her head a little, she quirked a small smile before she stepped towards Adriana. “Are you going to stay for dinner?” she posed warmly.

Adriana blinked slightly, caught off guard by the warmth in the older woman’s voice, before she nodded. “I’d love to” she enthused.
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