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28: You’ve Probably Heard This Before

“Are you sure that you don’t need any help, Carmen?” Adriana posed as she padded into the kitchen, her blue eyes peeking towards the older woman who stood beside the oven, checking on some of the food she had been preparing.

It had been a pleasant morning, despite Adriana’s nervousness, things appeared to be going well between her and Iker’s parents, and whilst she was pleased that they seemed to be getting along, she still remained a little apprehensive about the prospect of being left alone with either of his parents.

She knew that it had been a shock, Iker’s parents had looked more than surprised to see her, let alone her bump, and the last thing she wanted was to find herself alone with his mother or father, not wanting to hear the inevitable ‘be careful’ that she was sure they’d offer. She knew that it was complicated, from the second that she and Iker had agreed to start dating, she had known that it wasn’t going straightforward, and she didn’t need it to be pointed out, even if they only had their best interests at heart, she didn’t want to start doubting them or their relationship.

Carmen, who’d been stirring a pot of food, startled a little at the sound of Adriana’s voice before she quirked a small smile. “Are you sure that you want to help?” she posed gently.

“I’d hate for you to do it alone” Adriana noted “And Iker and your husband are busy talking football. I’d like to help” she added, stepping a little deeper into the room.

Carmen offered her a slightly uncertain look, wordlessly enquiring whether or not she was sure, before she nodded. “You could work on peeling a few of the vegetables” she quipped.

Adriana nodded and padded towards the side, collecting the vegetable peeler before she moved to start peeling the vegetables which sat on the side.

Carmen watched her for a couple of seconds before she shook her head, a slightly nervous sigh falling out of her mouth. She didn’t want to pry, Adriana’s pregnancy was entirely her own business and had very little to do with her, but still she found herself curious, even if Iker had assured her that he was more than Ok with it, still she had questions that she wanted to ask.

“You can ask” Adriana noted, not shifting her eyes away from the vegetables.

“Ask what?” Carmen posed.

Adriana shook her head, a small smile on her face. “I know you want to ask about the baby” she noted softly “And I don’t mind. I’ll tell whatever you want to know” she added gently. She knew that it was coming, from the second she had taken off her coat, both Carmen and her husband had looked curious, and she knew that she couldn’t tell them not to ask, even if explaining it did still sting, she knew that they had a right to know.

Carmen offered her a look before she nodded her head. “You and the father, how long were you together?” she posed softly.

“For about 4 years” Adriana noted “We were engaged for a year” she added.

“And he knows about the baby?” the older woman enquired softly.

Adriana’s expression twitched a little before she spared a small nod. “I told him as soon as I found out” she confirmed gently “He then proceeded to tell me that he didn’t want to have children and then ended out relationship” she added, anticipating the next question that the older woman would ask.

Carmen blinked a little at the younger woman’s words before she shook her head, stepping a little closer to Adriana. “I’m sorry, Adriana” she noted gently.

Adriana shook her head. “It’s his choice” she noted softly “And he’s the one who’s going to miss out on his son or daughter” she added, her hand gently brushing over her bump.

Carmen admired her for a moment before she shook her head, offering the younger woman a soft look. “I know you’ve probably heard a lot of this” she noted tentatively “And I know that both you and Iker are adults and more than capable of handling this by yourself, but you know this has the potential to get more than slightly complicated, don’t you?” she posed softly. She knew that it wasn’t her place, both Iker and Adriana were more than capable of handling their relationship, but still she wanted to offer a word of warning to Adriana, even if it was a little unnecessary, she wanted to be sure that they knew what they were doing.

Adriana, who’d moved to peel another vegetable, nodded. “We do” she confirmed softly “But you have to know that I care about Iker, Carmen. I know the timing isn’t fantastic, and I know that this has the potential to be more than slightly complicated, but I like him, I like us as a couple, and I’d like to give it a chance. I’d like for you to give me a chance” she added, offering a soft look towards the older woman.

“I don’t want to see him get hurt, Adriana” Carmen noted softly “He’s really smitten with you, it’s all over his face” she added.

“I can only promise to try my hardest to ensure that he doesn’t end up getting hurt” Adriana mused softly.

Carmen nodded her head softly. “I hope it works out for you both, Adriana” she noted softly, a small smile pulling at the corner of her mouth.

Adriana returned her smile slightly before Iker padded into the room, pulling the attention of the two women towards him. “Am I interrupting?” he quipped as he padded towards the fridge.

“We were just talking” Carmen quipped softly.

Iker frowned a little at her words before he offered a look towards Adriana, something which made her smile a little. “It’s nothing bad, Iker” she quipped.

“Are you sure?” Iker posed, his expression slightly dubious.

Adriana smiled a little at the look on his face before she nodded gently. She had known that it was coming, as soon as Iker had suggested the prospect of her meeting his parents, she had known that she would have to face a few questions, but she was glad that it was over with, even if she did still feel slightly apprehensive, she was glad that Iker’s parents appeared to have warmed to her slightly.
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