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29: Here’s To A Good Year

“You know, if you wanted to, there’s nothing stopping you heading out to a party tonight” Adriana quipped from her spot on the couch, her blue eyes peeking up amusedly at Iker who was attempting to select a film for them to watch.

It was New Year’s Eve and, even despite Adriana insisting that she was more than happy to spend the night alone, Iker had opted to spend the night at her apartment, something which made Adriana smile a little. Things were good for them, after she had met his parents, things had settled down for them, and whilst she was under no illusions about the chances of things getting complicated between them when the baby came along, she had to admit that she was a little proud of how well things were going.

“I know” Iker quipped, flicking through the selection of films on the screen “But I’d rather stay here. You don’t want me here?” he added, offering her a small impish grin.

“It’s better than being alone” Adriana shrugged, playfully poking her tongue out.

Iker chuckled a little at the look on her face before he moved to sit down beside her, pressing a little kiss to the side of her head. “I’d like to see in the new year with you, Addie” he noted gently as he settled his arm around her waist.

He knew what she was doing, since he had suggested that they spend the night at home rather than at a party, Adriana had been keen to offer him an out, but Iker wanted to assure her that he was more than happy to spend the night in, even if it was a little quieter than he was used to, he was slightly excited at the prospect of spending New Year’s Eve with Adriana.

“Are you sure?” Adriana posed softly, her fingers messing with the bottom of his shirt shyly.

Iker admired her shy expression for a second before he nodded, a small smile pulling at the corner of his mouth. “I’m certain, Addie” he noted gently “Besides, it’s not like I’ve got other offers” he added teasingly.

Adriana rolled her eyes a little, something which made Iker chuckle softly before to pull her a little closer, encouraging her to lean into his side. He had been a little worried, when he had first suggested the idea that Adriana meet his parents, he had been concerned that things would hit a snag, but he was pleased with how things were going, even if he and Adriana were still moving at a tentative pace, he was pleased that they were doing so well.


Adriana, who was half asleep, startled a little at the sound of Iker’s voice before she sat up, a small yawn falling out of her mouth. It had been a pleasant night, Iker and Adriana had spent it curled up in front of a selection of films, and whilst it wasn’t quite what Adriana was used to, she had to admit that she had enjoyed it, especially since it had allowed her to fall asleep for a couple of hours. “What?” she posed.

Iker, who’d moved into the chair opposite her, spared a small smile at the sleepy tone of her voice before he shook his head. “It’s about 5 minutes to midnight” he noted softly “I thought maybe you’d want to see in the new year before you headed off to bed” he added.

Adriana nodded her head slightly before she spared another yawn into her hand, something which made Iker smile a little, slightly amused by her. It had been a quiet night, quieter than Iker had anticipated, but still he had enjoyed himself, even if Adriana had spent a proportion of the evening asleep, he had merely enjoyed spending time with her. Offering her another amused smile, he moved to settle into the seat at her side before he flicked the television on. “You’ve only got to make it a couple of minutes” he mused gently, his arm wrapping around her waist.

Adriana, who’d moved to cuddle into his side, nodded. “I know” she quipped “Did you plan on staying the night?” she added.

“I’ve got a bag in my car” Iker noted gently “So, if you don’t mind sharing your bed, I’d like to stay” he teased.

“I am sure that I can spare the space” Adriana played along, offering him a soft smile.

Iker returned her smile briefly before he leant in, pressing a soft kiss against her lips which Adriana was more than happy to respond to. “I’m sorry for falling asleep” she mumbled as she pulled away from him, resting her forehead against his.

“It’s more than OK” Iker mused softy “I know that this little one it taking his or her toll on you” he added, his hand gently brushing over her bump.

Adriana watched his hand briefly before she moved hers, lacing their fingers together. “I’m glad you were here tonight” she mumbled softly “Even if I did spend most of the night asleep, I am still glad that you spent New Year’s Eve with me” she added, a shy smile on her face.

Iker quirked a small smile. “I’m glad I was here too” he mused softly.

Adriana offered him a soft look, briefly contemplating allowing the ‘l’ word to fall out of her mouth, before the sound of the New Year’s countdown echoed from the television, pulling her attention towards it. she knew that it was soon, she and Iker had only been dating for a matter of weeks, but already she was sure that she was falling for him, even if things were likely to be complicated, she already knew that she had a depth of feeling towards him.

Allowing the last few seconds to tick by, Iker spared a small smile before he ducked towards Adriana, stealing a soft kiss. “Happy new year, Addie” he mumbled between soft kisses.

Adriana smiled into each kiss before she leant away from him slightly, her hand gently squeezing his. “Happy new year, Iker” she mused softly.

Iker squeezed her hand gently before he ducked in, stealing another soft kiss. He knew that the next couple of months were likely to be complicated, with the baby due in early February, he knew that things had the potential to get difficult, particularly if Jonathan reappeared, but still he was confident, even if his relationship with Adriana was still in its early stages. He had a good feeling about them.
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