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36: You Don’t Have To Worry

Sparing a small yawn into his hand, Iker padded out of the bedroom, his ears doused with the sound of doorbell which filled the apartment. It was early, after Olivia had woken both him and Adriana up throughout the night, Iker had been keen to sleep in for as long as he could before he headed to training, but it was clear that whoever was on the other side of the door had other ideas. Yawning a little more, he attempted to straightened out his hair a little before he placed his hand on the door handle, pulling it open to an older man who looked up at him, his eyes a little wide. “Can I help you?” Iker posed sleepily.

The older man stared at him for a second before he nodded. “You must be the boyfriend” he quipped “Adriana mentioned you” he added.

Iker frowned a little at his words before he tilted his head, confusion etched onto his features. “Can I ask who you are?” he posed.

“Adriana didn’t mention that I was coming?” the older man quipped, an amused smile on his face.

Iker thought for a moment before he shook his head. “She didn’t” he noted gently.

The older man offered him another quirked grin before he stuck his hand out towards Iker. “I’m Dr Rafael Montes” he noted softly “But more importantly for you, I am Adriana’s father” he added, his expression warm and teasing. It had caught him off guard, the phone call a couple of days previous to inform him that his granddaughter had arrived had caught him more than a little by surprise, but he had been quick to fly into Porto, even if it had meant ducking out of work for a couple of days, he was excited by the prospect of meeting his first granddaughter.

Iker, who was staring at the other man’s hand, blinked a couple of times, something which made Rafael chuckle before he moved to take a hold of the younger man’s hand. “Don’t look so worried” he teased softly “My daughter has already been remarkably clear with me that I am not to upset you” he added.

“She’s mentioned me?” Iker posed, shaking the older man’s hand slightly.

“A lot in the last few months” Rafael mused “You’re Iker, no?” he added.

“I am” Iker confirmed “It’s nice to meet you, Dr Montes” he added.

“And you, Iker” Rafael noted “And whilst I am keen to get to know the new man my daughter appears to be so smitten with, I’d first like to meet my granddaughter. Do you think we can do that?” he posed as he stepped into the apartment, pushing the door closed behind him.

“I should think so” Iker replied softly “I’ll go and get Adriana and then I am sure she would be happy to introduce you to Olivia” he added before he ducked out of the room, padding back into the bedroom where Adriana sat, fixing her hair into a ponytail.

“Who was at the door?” she posed softly. It was early, too early for Adriana who’d spent a lot of the previous night awake with Olivia, but she knew that she wouldn’t get the chance to lay in, even if the visitor had departed, she was sure that Olivia would wake up pretty soon.

Iker, who’d moved to pull a t-shirt out of his holdall, shook his head. “You didn’t think to mention that your papa was likely to drop by?” he posed, his tone caught between irked and teasing.

“My papa?” Adriana posed, pushing herself up to her feet.

“He is out in the living room waiting to meet Olivia” Iker countered softly “He says that he let you know that he was coming” he added, his expression slightly fretful. It had been a surprise, finding Adriana’s father at the door had caught him a little off guard, and it had left him feeling a little nervous, even if Adriana had insisted that her father would like him, he was still uncertain about the prospect of spending time with him.

Adriana shook her head. “He said that he might come” she noted softly “But I expected him to call first. Are you worried?” she added, a slight smirk playing on her face.

Iker spared her a small glare, something which made Adriana shake her head a little, a small giggle falling out of her mouth. “Iker, you really don’t have to be worried” she noted gently “My papa, he’ll love you as long as you make me happy and, in case you’ve forgotten, we’ve got a pretty good thing going on here. You’re going to be more than OK” she enthused, her hands gently moving to take a hold of his.

Iker glanced at their hands briefly before he flicked his attention upwards, his dark eyes mirroring her blue ones. “You sure?” he posed softly.

“Certain” Adriana enthused gently “He’s not the type to threaten any guy I show interest in. As long as things are good between us, he’ll be fine with you, I promise” she insisted gently. It was a little strange, Iker hadn’t seemed nervous around her for a while, and Adriana wanted to reassure him that he was going to be fine, even if her father did tease him a little, she was confident that he would warm to Iker.

Iker offered her a slightly dubious look before the sound of Olivia’s cries echoed away from the monitor which stood on the nightstand, pulling his attention towards it. “I’ll get her” he noted gently.

“Are you sure?” Adriana posed.

“You can go out and greet your papa” Iker quipped with a small smile before he ducked out of the room.

Adriana watched him out of the door for a moment before she pushed herself to her feet, moving to warp her dressing gown around her around shoulders. She knew that it had been coming, with Olivia’s arrival, it had been inevitable that her father made the trip to Porto to meet the little girl, but Adriana was confident that her father would warm to Iker, even if she was almost certain that the older man would pull her boyfriend aside for a private conversation about taking care of her and Olivia, she was certain that Rafael would like the man who she had fallen for.
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