We Could Be Something

39: He Knows Where We Are

“Did you want something to drink?” Adriana posed as she padded through towards the living room, her blue eyes briefly peeking over her shoulder at the older couple who followed after her, sheepish expressions etched onto their faces. It felt awkward, from the moment that her eyes had landed on Penelope and Marcos, Adriana had felt uncomfortable, but she knew that she couldn’t send them away, even if they had caught her more than a little off guard, she knew that she had to afford them the chance to talk her.

She knew what they were likely to say, since Jonathan had ended things with her, his parents had offered her the same set of apologies time and time again, but still she knew that she couldn’t avoid the conversation, even if it was tempting. Whether she liked it or not, Penelope and Marcos were Olivia’s grandparents and she didn’t want to send them away for no reason.

“We’re OK” Penelope noted softly “We don’t want to impose on you for too long, Ana” she added, moving to settle on the couch which Adriana had offered to her and her husband.

Adriana nodded her head a little before she moved to settle in the armchair, her feet shifting nervously.

Penelope watched the younger woman for a second before she shook her head, a soft expression on her face. “We heard that your daughter has arrived” she noted gently “Your father, he left us a message. Is everything OK?” she posed tentatively. She didn’t want to push Adriana, with things as they were between her and Jonathan, the last thing she needed was his parents pushing her, but she was curious about the baby. It had been brief, the message that Rafael had left had been basic, and Penelope wanted to hear a little more about the baby which was her first grandchild.

Adriana, who was pulling shyly at a loose thread, nodded. “Things are going well” she noted softly “I mean, it’s taken me a little while to get used to having her around, but I think I am doing OK” she added, the tone of her voice soft and shy.

Penelope quirked a small smile at the tone of her voice before she leant forwards slightly, offering Adriana’s hand a soft squeeze. “I am sure that you are doing a wonderful job, Ana” she enthused kindly “You always were bound to make a wonderful mother” she added.

Adriana offered her a brief smile, but quickly shifted her hand away, something which made Penelope sigh a little before she leant back, sparing a brief look towards her husband. “I know that this isn’t what you want to hear” she noted softly “But we are sorry that Jonathan isn’t here, Ana. We’ve tried to talk to him, both of us have, but there is very little movement and for that, we’re sorry” she added gently.

Adriana, who’d curled up into her seat slightly, shook her head. “I don’t want you to apologize for him, Penelope” she noted softly “Jonathan is the one who made his mind up that he didn’t want to be around for our daughter and I have tried to keep him involved, but I can’t make him want to be involved. I’ve tried, Penelope, but I don’t know that there is anything else I can do” she added, her blue eyes peeking towards the older woman.

Penelope shook her head. “Maybe if you spoke to him in person…”

“I have tried that” Adriana interjected “And his response was the same, Penelope. If he wants to change his mind, he knows where I am” she added, her tone slightly more confident than she had been expecting.

Penelope mulled Adriana’s words over for a moment before the sound of Olivia’s whimpers echoed, causing her to peek up towards the doorway where Iker stood, the little girl snuffling softly in his arms. “I didn’t meant to interrupt” the keeper mused, his eyes briefly peeking down towards Adriana.

Adriana offered him a soft smile before she shuffled a little in her seat, making room for him at her side. “Penelope, Marcos, this is Iker, my new boyfriend, and in his arms, this is Olivia, your granddaughter” she added.

Marcos, who was sat beside his wife, briefly contemplated commenting on Iker’s presence before Penelope squeezed his arm, wordlessly warning him against it. It was none of their business, after the way their son had treated Adriana, they had no right to comment on how quickly she had moved on, and Penelope wanted to stop her husband, not wanting to upset Adriana.

“She’s stunning, Ana” Penelope mused softly.

“She is, isn’t she?” Adriana enthused softly.

Penelope quirked a warm grin before she nodded her head. “She looks a lot like you” she commented kindly.

Adriana offered the older woman a grin before she leant towards Iker, gently collecting Olivia from his arms before she offered her out towards Penelope. “You can hold her if you’d like to” she noted softly “I mean, in a little while, she’ll need to be put to bed, but if you’d like to…”

“I’d love to” Penelope enthused, cutting off Adriana’s nervous babbling.

Adriana’s cheeks warmed a little before she leant forwards, carefully lowering Olivia into her grandmother’s arms.

Penelope admired the little girl for a second before she leant back, showing the baby off to her husband who smiled warmly.

Iker watched the older couple for a second before he shifted his hand, offering Adriana’s side a soft squeeze. “Are you OK?” he whispered, keeping his voice low enough for just her to hear.

“I think so” Adriana mumbled, leaning into him slightly “I mean, they caught me off guard by showing up like they did, but I was expecting them to show up eventually” she added, her blue eyes watching the older couple fuss over the newborn.

Iker spared her a slightly dubious look before he pressed a kiss to the side of her head, something which made Adriana smile a little. She knew that it wasn’t going to be straightforward, with Jonathan’s parents around, the chances were that there would be a few bumps along the road, but she was confident, even if it was still early for her and Iker, she was sure that they were onto a good thing.
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