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44: Do I Need To Be Worried?

Yawning slightly into his hand, Iker adjusted the holdall which sat on his shoulder, his hand moving to find the spare key that Adriana had supplied him with. It had been a few days, with Spain having had a couple of friendlies, Iker had spent almost a week away, but he was pleased to be back, even if it was a little silly, he was pleased to have the opportunity to see Adriana face to face. Shrugging his bag off, he settled it quietly down beside the door before he padded towards the living room, a small smile appearing on his face as he spotted Adriana who was sat on the couch, Olivia sleeping comfortably on her chest.

“Addie?” he posed softly.

Adriana, who’d been absently watching the television ahead of her, startled a little at the sound of Iker’s voice before she lifted her head, offering him a gentle smile. “I wasn’t expecting to see you tonight” she noted gently.

“I caught an earlier flight” Iker noted as he stepped a little deeper into the room “And I thought I could drop by. Do you mind?” he posed softly.

Adriana quirked a small smile before she shook her head. “Of course I don’t” she quipped softly “Iker, in case you’ve not noticed by now, I kind of like having you around” she added teasingly.

Iker, who’d moved to sit at her side, rolled his eyes a little before Olivia let out a small whimper, causing him to peek down at her softly. “I think someone might be ready to go to bed” he mused, his fingertips gently smoothing out of the tufts of blonde hair which sat on the little girl’s head.

Adriana watched the movement of his hand for a moment, quirking a soft smile, before she nodded, carefully moving to settle Olivia in her arms. “I should go and get her settled” she noted softly “I shouldn’t be gone too long” she added.

Iker nodded his head before he leant forwards, pressing a kiss against Olivia’s head before he mumbled a small goodnight, something which made Adriana’s stomach twitch a little. She knew that she had to talk to him, with Jonathan insisting that he wanted to start spending time with Olivia, she knew that she couldn’t not tell Iker, but part of her was slightly worried, even if she was sure that Iker would be supportive, part of her was a little concerned about his reaction.

“So, what have I missed in the last week?” Iker quipped as he padded into the living room, his hand settling a mug of tea onto the coffee table ahead of Adriana. It had been a quiet evening, after Olivia had gone to sleep, Adriana and Iker had spent a little while merely cuddled up ahead of the television, but Iker knew that there was something on Adriana’s mind, even if she hadn’t said anything, he could tell that there was something bothering her.

Adriana, who’d been pulling her hair into a ponytail, shrugged, something which made Iker shake his head. “You know” he noted softly “You’re the worst liar, Addie” he added, a half-smile pulling at the corner of his mouth.

Adriana shook her head a little before she let out a small sigh. “I do need to talk to you” she admitted softly.

“You do?” Iker quipped as he sipped on his drink.

Adriana offered him a slightly nervous look before she nodded. “Jonathan came by a few days ago” she admitted gently.

“Jonathan?” Iker asked “As in your ex-boyfriend Jonathan?” he added, his voice more than a little surprised.

Adriana, who’d moved started to play with her necklace nervously, nodded, something which made Iker shake his head, a small frown on his face. “What did he want?” he posed gently.

Adriana offered him a small look before she let out another sigh. “He says he’s changed his mind” she noted softly “He wants to meet Olivia” she added.

Iker’s expression twitched a little at her words before he nodded his head. “OK” he noted gently.

“Ok?” Adriana posed.

Iker nodded his head. “What did you expect me to say?” he quipped, a small smile on his face.

“I…I don’t know” Adriana babbled.

“He’s Olivia’s papa, Addie” Iker noted softly “And whilst I might not love the idea of your ex-boyfriend hanging around, I know that I can’t get in the way” he added, his hand moving to take a hold of hers which fiddled nervously in her lap. It did irk him, the idea of Jonathan hanging around, but he knew that he couldn’t get in the way, even if it did have the potential to make things slightly more complicated, he knew that he couldn’t cause a problem.

Adriana glanced at their hands for a moment before she quirked a small smile. “You’re pretty great, aren’t you?” she mused.

Iker shook his head, a bashful laugh falling out of his mouth which made Adriana giggle before she leant towards him, pressing a soft kiss against his lips. “As silly as it is, I’ve missed you” she mumbled as she pulled back slightly, resting her forehead on his.

Iker smiled a little at her words before he leant away from her slightly. “How was seeing Jonathan?” he posed after a couple of seconds of quiet.

Adriana tilted her head. “What?” she posed gently.

Iker offered her a slightly shy look before he sighed. “Do I need to be worried, Addie?” he mumbled gently. He didn’t want to cause a problem, for 6 months, things between him and Adriana had been amazing, but he wanted to ensure that there was nothing to worry about. The last thing he wanted was to watch things between them fall apart.

Adriana blinked a couple of times, surprised by his words, before she shifted her hand, gently resting it against his cheek. “You have nothing to be worried about” she noted softly.

“Are you sure?” Iker posed, his expression soft.

Adriana studied the look on his face, not missing how uncertain and nervous he looked, before she leant forwards, pressing a soft kiss against his lips in an attempt to reassure him. She knew why he was nervous, she and Jonathan did have a lot of history, but she wanted to be clear that she only had eyes for him.
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