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50: How Long Was It?

Pulling her hair up into a loose knot, Adriana moved to settle down on the couch, her blue eyes closing contently for a few moments. It had been a quiet day, with Iker away with Porto, Adriana had spent a lot of time unpacking the boxes of his things which littered the apartment, but with Olivia taking a nap, she had opted to take a break for a little while, wanting to enjoy a few moments of quiet before the little girl woke up once more.

Tilting her head back, she rested it comfortably against the couch for a couple of seconds before the sound of the doorbell echoed, causing her to let out a small aggrieved sigh. Shaking her head a little, she pushed herself to her feet before she padded towards the door, pulling it open. “How can I help you?” she posed.

Jonathan, who was stood in the hall way, shook his head a little before he quirked a small smile. “Am I interrupting?” he posed gently.

Adriana, who’d been peeking down at her feet, startled slightly at the sound of his voice before she shook her head. “You’re not” she noted “But I would appreciate a call if you’re going to drop by” she added, stepping out of the doorway in order to allow him inside.

Jonathan, who’d stepped into the apartment, nodded his head. “I’ll remember that” he noted gently “But it was a last minute decision. I finished work early and I thought that I could drop by and see Olivia before I went home. If you’d like me to go…”

“It’s fine, Jon” Adriana interjected.

“Are you sure?” Jonathan posed “Because if you’re not comfortable, I can go, Ana” he offered softly. He knew that she didn’t like him being around, from the moment that he had first shown up, Adriana had appeared quiet and uncertain around him, and he didn’t want to make things more awkward, even if it did mean putting up with Iker being around whenever he visited, he wanted to make things as easy as he could.

Adriana, who’d moved to step into the living room, shook her head. “It’s fine, Jon” she noted softly “We’re more than capable of spending time alone together, aren’t we?” she posed, moving to settle down on the couch.

Jonathan offered her a small look before he nodded his head. “I suppose so” he noted softly.

“Olivia’s napping” Adriana mused softly “She should be up in a little while though, if you want to stick around” she added, offering a small look towards Jonathan who’d settled in the armchair opposite her.

Jonathan offered her a small smile before a silence fell over them, something which made Adriana shift a little in her seat. It was still uncomfortable, the idea of spending time with Jonathan still made Adriana more than slightly awkward, but she knew that it was merely something she merely had to get used to. Twisting some hair around her fingers, she spared a small look towards Jonathan before she shook her head. “How is wedding planning coming?” she posed.

Jonathan, who’d moved to check his phone, startled a little at the sound of Adriana’s voice before he looked up, a dubious expression on his face. “You want to know about that?” he posed softly.

“It’s either that or we sit in silence” Adriana countered, her eyes fixed on her hands.

Jonathan spared her another soft look before he shrugged. “It’s going” he noted softly “I mean, it’s not all done yet, but we’re getting there. We’re due to get married at the start of July” he noted softly.

Adriana, who was pulling at a loose thread on her sock, shook her head a little. “You really didn’t waste any time, did you?” she posed softly.


“How long was it, Jon?” she interjected softly “A matter of days?” she added, peeking up at him shyly. She didn’t want to start a fight, regardless of how their relationship had ended, they still needed to be on good terms for Olivia’s sake, but part of her was curious, even if it was likely to hurt her, part of her wanted to know how long he had waited.

Jonathan spared her a small look before he shook his head. “It doesn’t matter, Ana” he mumbled softly.

Adriana peeked at him for a moment, not missing the slightly nervous look which marked his face, before the sound of Olivia’s cries filled the air, causing her to push herself to her feet. “I’ll get her settled before I bring her out” she mumbled as she moved to step out of the room.

Jonathan glanced at her for a second before he stretched his hand out, gently wrapping it around her wrist in order to stop her walking away. “I don’t want to hurt you anymore, Ana” he mumbled softly “I don’t want to make things between you and me any worse than they already are. I messed up. I hurt you, a lot, and I hate that I did that to you. You deserve someone who loves you better than I did, Ana. You deserve someone a lot better for you than me” he added, his expression soft and earnest.

He knew that he had hurt her, just one look at her expression whenever he was around confided the fact that he had hurt her badly, and he wanted to apologize, even if it wasn’t likely to fix anything. He wanted her to know that he was sorry for the way that he had treated her.

Adriana looked down at him for a second, her blue eyes studying the expression on her face, before she shook her head. “All you had to do was talk to me” she mumbled before she tugged her wrist out of his grasp, allowing her to pad out of the room. She knew that it was going to be awkward for a while, regardless of how much she and Jonathan talked about the breakup, she doubted that it would get easier any time soon, but she knew that she had to keep trying, even if talking about it did upset her.
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