We Could Be Something

54: He Deserves Something Good

Pulling her hair up into a ponytail, Adriana spared a soft look towards the mirror which stood ahead of her, attempting to swallow the nerves which twitched in the pit of her stomach. She knew that it was a little silly, from the moment that Iker had broached the topic of her meeting his friends, he had reassured her that there was nothing for her to be worried about, but still part of her felt nervous, even if Iker was confident that his friends would like her. Part of her worried that they wouldn’t warm to her like he hoped they would.

Scanning her reflection once more, she let out another nervous sigh before the sound of a knock at the bedroom door echoed, causing her to turn a little, her blue eyes settling on Iker who leant against the door frame, a soft smile on his face. “Are you going to come downstairs at some point?” he quipped playfully.

Adriana, who’d moved to collect her shoes, rolled her eyes a little, something which made Iker chuckle a little before he stepped towards her, his arms softly wrapping around her waist. “You’re going to be fine” he mumbled softly “It’s going to be a couple of hours at most and, if you want to leave at any point, we can do. You just say the word” he added, pressing a soft kiss against her shoulder. He knew that she was nervous, even despite his attempts to soothe her, Adriana still looked unsure about the prospect of meeting his friends, and he wanted to calm her down a little, even if he couldn’t get rid of her nerves entirely.

Adriana allowed his words to linger for a couple of seconds before she turned slightly, offering him a small smile. “OK” she quipped softly.

Iker offered her another reassuring smile before he carefully ducked down, pressing a gentle kiss against her lips.

Adriana smiled into it for a couple of seconds before she ducked back, offering him another soft smile. She knew that it wasn’t a big deal, regardless of whether or not his friends liked her, she knew that things wouldn’t change between her and Iker, but still she wanted to make a good impression, not wanting to cause an issue between him and his friends.

Sparing a small look towards the door which stood ahead of him, Iker quirked a small smile before he lifted his hand, pressing the doorbell before he stepped back a little, his hand taking a hold of Adriana’s which fiddled shyly with the side of her shirt.

Adriana jumped a little at the feel of his hand in hers before the door pulled back, revealing Sergio who wore a warm grin on his face. “You finally made it then, Iker” he quipped “I was starting to think that you’d got lost” he added teasingly.

Iker rolled his eyes. “It’s good to see you too, Sergio” he mused.

Sergio laughed gently before he flicked his stare towards Adriana, a soft smile on his face. “Aren’t you going to introduce us properly, Iker?” he noted.

Iker, who’d been watching the two of them, nodded his head a little before he squeezed Adriana’s hand softly. “Of course” he enthused gently “Sergio, this is Adriana, my girlfriend, and her daughter, Olivia. Addie, this is Sergio” he added.

Adriana spared a small look towards their hands before she lifted her head a little, offering a soft smile towards Sergio. “It’s nice to finally meet you in person, Sergio” she noted softly “Iker has told me a lot about you” she added, her voice a little shy and quiet.

Sergio noted the tone of her voice before he stepped out of the door way, a kind expression on his face. “Pilar is out in the garden with the boys” he noted softly “You should come through. She’s pretty excited to meet the girl that Iker can’t shut up about” he added, offering a small smirk towards the keeper who rolled his eyes.

Adriana watched the small interaction between the two of them before she shook her head, a small smile playing at the corner of her mouth.

“Come on” Sergio enthused softly, not missing the smile which had formed on Adriana’s face “You should come through. We’re just about eat lunch” he enthused before he stepped away, leading the other couple through the house.

Resting her head back against the chair that she sat in, Adriana let out a small relieved sound, her eyes closing for a couple of seconds. It had been a pleasant afternoon, despite her nerves, Adriana had enjoyed getting to know both Sergio and Pilar, and she had to admit that she was pleased that they done it, even if she was still a little nervous around them, she was pleased that Iker had encouraged her to meet them.

Stretching her legs a little, she relaxed into the chair for a moment before the sound of someone sitting down beside her caught her ears, causing her blink her eyes open.

“I didn’t mean to disturb you” Sergio quipped softly.

Adriana shook her head. “It’s OK” she noted softly “I was just taking a couple of seconds. Where are Iker and Olivia?” she posed softly.

“Iker’s gone to put her down for a nap for a little while” Sergio noted gently “But I was hoping that I could talk to you” he added, offering her a small look. He didn’t want interfere, from the way Iker spoke about Adriana, the two of them were more than happy with one another, but still Sergio wanted to talk to Adriana, even if it wasn’t entirely necessary, he wanted to ensure that her intentions towards his friend were good.

Adriana, who’d moved sit up a little, tilted her head slightly.

“I am sure you’ve probably heard this before” Sergio quipped “And I know that you and Iker, you’ve been together for a while now, but I just wanted to ask you to be careful. He deserves something good, Adriana, and I’d like it to be with you” he mused softly, his dark eyes peeking at her timidly.

Adriana allowed his words to linger for a couple of seconds before she quirked a small smile, her hand gently moving to squeeze Sergio’s which sat on the arm of the chair he sat in. “I am not going anywhere, Sergio” she noted softly “I like what we have, I like having him around, and I am sure that, when the timing is right, we’ll start making steps forwards. I’m going nowhere any time soon” she assured him softly.

Sergio offered her a small look before the sound of the door opening and closing caught his ears, causing him to look up at Iker who’d stepped out of the house. “Am I interrupting something?” he quipped, offering a teasing look towards their hands.

Adriana quirked a small smile before she shook her head. “We were just talking” she noted softly.

Iker tilted his head, something which made Sergio shake his head, a small laugh falling out of his mouth. “It’s nothing bad, hombre” he quipped as he pushed himself to his feet, moving to step past the keeper.

Iker watched him go for a second before he offered a small dubious look towards Adriana, something which made her giggle a little. “You’re OK” she teased softly. She had known what was coming, as soon as Iker had mentioned her meeting his friends, she had anticipated having a conversation about her intentions, but she was confident, even if it was still early. She was sure that, eventually, she and Iker would start to make steps forwards.
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