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66: Do You Need To Answer It?

Wrinkling his nose a little, Iker tossed onto his side, his ears doused by the soft sound of Olivia’s sniffles. It was early, with the winter break having arrived, Iker had grown a little used to laying in, and he was a little surprised to be awake so soon, even if it was a little late for him usually, part of him had been hoping to lay in for a little while. Running a hand over his face, he spared a small yawn into his hand before he moved to sit up, his dark eyes settling on Olivia who sat on Adriana’s lap, her blue eyes a little tearful. “Is she OK?” he posed softly.

Adriana, who’d been quietly reading the book she held in her hand, startled a little at the sound of Iker’s voice before she lifted her head, offering him a small smile. “She’s just being a little fussy this morning” she mused softly “But I am sure that she will calm down soon. Did she wake you?” she posed softly.

Iker, who’d moved to sit up slightly, ran a hand back through his hair before shook his head. “I should probably be up about now anyway” he noted softly, another yawn falling out of his mouth.

Adriana admired the sleepy look on his face for a couple of seconds before she shook her head. “You can go back to sleep if you want to” she offered softly “I am sure that me and Olivia can handle getting the apartment ready for your parents’ visit” she added gently. It had been a little sudden, the call from Iker’s mother had come a little out of the blue, but Adriana had been quick to extend the invitation to visit for the holidays, even if part of her had been hoping to spend a few quiet days with Iker, she knew that it meant a lot to him that she and his parents got along.

Iker spared her a small look before he shook his head. “It’s my parents visiting” he noted softly “I should probably help out” he added with a teasing smile.

Adriana rolled her eyes a little before she sat up a little, moving to settle Olivia into his arms. “Would you mind getting her dressed?” she posed, carefully smoothing out the little girl’s blonde curls.

Iker watched the small interaction for a couple of seconds before he shook his head. “I think I can manage” he noted softly.

“Good” Adriana mused “If you need me, I will be taking a bath before we start to get this place ready for your parents’ arrival” she added, pressing a brief kiss against his lips before she pushed herself to her feet, padding towards the bathroom.

Iker watched after her for a couple seconds before he flicked his attention towards Olivia, softly tickling her sides.

Olivia stared up at him for a couple of seconds, her blue eyes wide, before a series of giggles feel out of her mouth, something which made the keeper smile softly before he ducked forwards, pressing a light kiss against the top of her head. It had taken a little while, after Olivia had arrived, it had taken some time for Iker to get used to her being around, but he had to admit that he enjoyed spending time with her, even if it had taken some getting used to, he liked having her around.

“So, Adriana, how are you feeling?” Carmen fussed softly as she settled down on the couch, her eyes peeking up towards the blonde who sat in the chair opposite, sipping on a mug of tea. It had been a little while, after she and her husband had arrived, Carmen had spent a lot of time catching up with Iker and fussing over Olivia, but she was pleased to have Adriana alone, even if it was only for a few seconds, she had been looking forwards to catching up with her.

Adriana, who’d been nursing her mug of tea, quirked a small smile. “I’m feeling pretty good” she noted softly “I mean, I get a few aches and pains every now and again, but all in all, I think I am doing OK. My midwife seems pretty happy” she enthused, her fingers messing with a loose thread on her sock shyly.

Carmen watched her for a couple of seconds before she shook her head, a warm smile playing on her face. “You know” she mused softly “You have no reason to be nervous around me, Adriana. I’ll admit, when I first met you, I had my reservations about things between you and Iker, but you two…you’re brilliant together and as long as that remains the case, you have no reason to be nervous” she mused softly.

It had worried her, when she had first met Adriana, she had been a little concerned that Iker was setting himself up for a fall, but she had to admit that she was pleased to see him so happy, even if things were happening a little too quickly. She liked how happy he appeared to be.

Adriana mulled her words over for a couple of seconds before she nodded her head. “I hope that that remains the case for a long time to come” she noted softly.

Carmen offered her another small smile before the sound of Olivia’s giggles reached her ears, causing her to peek up towards Iker who’d stepped into the room, the little girl sat in his arms. “Is everything OK in here?” he posed, moving to settle in the seat beside his mother.

The two women shared a look before Adriana nodded her head, offering him a soft smile. “We were just talking” she noted softly.

Iker quirked an eyebrow, wordlessly enquiring whether or not he needed to be worried, something which made Adriana giggle a little. “You’re fine, Iker” she enthused brightly.

Iker offered her another look before the sound of his phone reached his ears, causing him to sigh a little. Shaking his head slightly, he carefully moved to hand Olivia over to Adriana before he pulled the phone out of his pocket.

“Do you need to answer it?” Adriana posed.

Iker, who’d spotted his agent’s name on the screen of his phone, blinked a couple of times before he shook his head, pressing the reject button. “It can wait” he noted, offering her a small smile.
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