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70: You’re Not Going To Do Better

Staring at the door which stood ahead of her, Adriana let out a small sigh, her ears ringing with Iker’s words. It had caught her off guard, the news that Iker was thinking about leaving had come as more than a surprise, but she knew that they would have to talk about it, even if she did want to put it off for a little while, she knew that there was no avoiding it.

She felt bad, from the moment she had walked away from Iker, she had felt awful, but part of her wanted to take a little time to wrap her head around it, even if her reaction hadn’t been the best, she wanted the chance to think things through.

Pushing a hand back through her hair, she let another small sigh fall out of her mouth before she lifted her hand, tapping it against the door. Shifting a little, she watched the door for a couple of seconds before Ella pulled it open, a small frown on her face. “Ana?” she posed softly “What are you doing here so early?” she added, stepping out of the door way.

Adriana, who’d moved to step across the threshold, shrugged a little. “I needed to get out of my apartment” she noted softly “But, if you’d prefer, I could just take Olivia and go” she added, her tone soft and a little unsure.

Ella frowned a little at the tone of Adriana’s voice before she shook her head, gesturing over her shoulder. “The kettle has just finished boiling” she noted “Why don’t I make us some tea and then you can tell me what it is that’s on your mind” she added, offering her a small smile.

Adriana offered her a soft look, wordlessly enquiring whether or not she was sure, before she nodded her head, something which made Ella nod before she padded into the kitchen, moving to pour two mugs of tea. “So, what was it that Iker wanted to talk to you about?” she posed tentatively. She didn’t want to pry, for as long as she had known Adriana, she had always been a little private when it came to her relationships, but it was clear that the blonde needed someone to talk to, even if she was a little nervous, she was clearly in need of someone she could talk to.

Adriana, who was messing shyly with the necklace she wore, shook her head a little. “It’s nothing” she mumbled softly.

Ella scoffed. “Nothing?” she posed “Ana, you look like you’re about to cry. So why don’t we skip over the part where you insist that there is nothing wrong?” she added, settling a mug of tea down ahead of her friend.

Adriana offered her a shy look before she shook her head, a small sigh falling out of her mouth. “Iker’s going to leave Porto” she mumbled softly.

Ella, who’d taken the seat at her friend’s side, blinked a couple of times. “What?” she posed softly.

“He’s got offers from America and a couple in Europe too, but he’s going to leave and I don’t quite know what to feel about it” Adriana noted softly.

Ella allowed her friend’s words to linger for a couple of seconds before she shook her head. “You’re going to go with him, aren’t you?” she posed softly. She didn’t want to interfere, whatever happened between Adriana and Iker was between the two of them, but Ella wanted to encourage Adriana a little. The last thing she wanted was to watch the two of them fall apart when things between them had been going along so well.

Adriana, who’d moved to sip on her tea, shrugged. “I don’t know” she admitted softly “I mean, I love him, Ella, you know I do, but this is my home. I’ve lived here almost all of my life, my job here, my friends are here…I don’t know if I am ready to leave all of that behind” she added, her blue eyes peeking up at her friend shyly.


“I know what you’re going to say, Ella” Adriana interjected softly “And I know that Iker and I, it’s a good thing, but this is huge. It’s not like we’re just moving in together. He’s going to move to a new country and I don’t know that I am ready to go along with him. It’s a long way from home, Ella, a long way from where I feel comfortable, and I don’t know that I am ready to follow him” she added gently, her fingers messing nervously with the mug which sat in her hand.

Ella offered her a small look before she shook her head, letting out a small sigh. “I need you to listen to me, OK?” she posed softly.


“Please, Ana, just hear me out, OK?” Ella interrupted, her tone a little firmer than she had been expecting.

Adriana blinked a couple of times before she nodded her head, agreeing to hear her out.

Ella offered her another look before she reached out, gently taking a hold of Adriana’s hand which fiddled nervously. “This is a big deal, Ana” she mused softly “But you have to know that it would be a mistake to end things with Iker. I’ll admit, I’ve not seen too much of the two of you but I have seen enough to know that that man adores you, Ana, and that it would be probably the biggest mistake you could make to leave him behind. He’s the best thing that could have happened, Ana, after Jonathan, Iker’s been nothing short of wonderful for you and for Olivia, and I think you’d be making a huge mistake if you called it quits now. You love him, Ana, it’s all over your face” she added, her tone soft and encouraging.

Adriana, who’d been staring down towards her feet, sniffed a little before she shook her head. “I’m scared, Ella” she mumbled softly “What if I go along with him and it falls apart?” she added, peeking at her friend tearfully. She knew that Ella had a point, things between her and Iker were more than good, but still she was apprehensive, even if their relationship had made it a year. The last thing she wanted was for things to fall apart.

Ella shook her head. “Ana, I’ve seen you two together” she mused softly “You’re brilliant together and I am sure that you’ll keep making it work. You’re great together” she added, a reassuring smile on his face.

Adriana glanced at her for a second before she shook her head, something which made Ella squeeze her hand. “I know that I can’t make your mind up for you, Ana, but you have to know that you’re not going to do much better than him. He adores you, Adriana, he’s brilliant with Olivia and I am sure that when this one comes along, he’ll be amazing with them too. Just think about it, won’t you?” she posed, her hand gently brushing over Adriana’s bump.

Adriana spared a small glance down towards her bump before she quirked a feeble smile, wordlessly agreeing that she would think about it.
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