We Could Be Something

75: Little Steps Forwards

Sparing a small nervous sigh, Iker sat down on the end of his bed, his eyes peeking down towards the phone which sat in his hands. It had been a while, since he and Adriana had agreed to take a break, he had barely spoken to her, but part of him wanted to, even if she wasn’t likely to have changed her mind, he didn’t want to skip out on Olivia’s first birthday. It had been a little while, after they’d agreed to take a break from their relationship, a couple of weeks had passed, and whilst Iker missed being around Adriana, he knew better than to push her, not wanting to make things worse between the two them.

Sparing another look towards his phone, he briefly contemplated putting it down before he dialed Adriana’s familiar number, pressing the phone against his ear. Shifting a little, he listened to the dial tone for a couple of seconds before the sound of Adriana’s voice snipped into his ears, something which made his stomach twist a little. “Iker?” she posed softly.

“Hola, Addie” he breathed softly.

Adriana was quiet for a couple of seconds before she spoke again. “I wasn’t expecting your call” she noted shyly “But it’s nice to hear from you” she added.

“Are you sure?” Iker posed softly “I mean, if you want, I can call back…”

“Iker” Adriana interjected, a soft laugh falling out of her mouth “It’s nice to hear from you” she added, her tone soft and reassuring.

Iker smiled a little at her words. “How are you feeling?” he posed softly.

“I feel very pregnant” Adriana replied, a small laugh falling out of her mouth “Bump’s been pretty active, but I am feeling OK. Is that why called?” she posed softly.

Iker, who’d moved to rest against the pillow at the head of the bed, shook his head a little. “I wanted to ask if you’d mind me dropping by the apartment after training. I’ve got a birthday present for Olivia and I’d love to see her, but if you’d rather I didn’t, that’s OK. I just thought I would…”

“I’m sure that Olivia would love to see you, Iker” Adriana interrupted softly “And I think I would too. I’ll see you after you’re done with training, OK?” she posed, the smile audible in her voice.

Iker blinked a couple of times, caught off guard by the interruption, before he nodded his head. “I’ll see you then, Addie” he mused softly before he hung up the phone, a small smile forming on his face. He knew that it wasn’t the biggest step forwards, if he knew one thing about Adriana it was that she would take her time to make up her mind, but still he was pleased by the idea of spending time with her and Olivia, even if it was only a couple hours. It was a step in the right direction.

Staring at the door which stood ahead of him, Iker spared a small nervous sigh, his stomach twisting a little at the thought of heading inside. It had been a while, after he’d left, he’d only been back once to collect a few more of his things, and whilst he was excited by the prospect of spending time with Adriana and Olivia, he was also a little nervous.

Glancing at the door for a couple more seconds, he briefly contemplated knocking before it swung open, causing him to peek up at Adriana who stood in the doorway, a shy smile on her face. “Are you going to come inside?” she posed softly.

Iker, who’d been admiring her, blinked a couple of times before he nodded his head, quirking a nervy smile. “If that’s OK with you” he noted softly.

“I wouldn’t have invited you if it wasn’t, Iker” Adriana quipped, her tone caught between shy and teasing.

Iker spared a small nervous smile, something which made Adriana roll her eyes playfully before she leant towards him, carefully capturing his hand in hers. “You should come through” she noted gently “I’m sure that Olivia will be more than happy to see you” she added, carefully tugging him through towards the living room.

Iker followed after her quietly, his eyes peeking down towards their hands briefly, before the sound of Olivia’s babbling reached his ears, something which caused him to smile a little.

Adriana noted the small smile on his face before she dropped his hand, carefully nudging him towards the little girl who smiled up at him, her little arms stretched towards him. “You should say hola” she noted softly “I think someone might have missed you” she encouraged lightly.

Iker offered her a small look before her stepped towards Olivia, lifting her into his arms. “Happy birthday, little one” he mumbled softly.

Adriana, who stood a little away from the two of them, admired them for a couple of seconds before she shook her head, a soft smile playing on her face.

“Did she go down OK?”

Iker, who’d stepped out of Olivia’s nursery, jumped a little at the sound of Adriana’s voice before he lifted his head, offering her a small smile. “She was a little fussier than usual” he noted softly “But she is asleep now and I am sure she will sleep through, meaning that her madre can get an early night, something she looks like she could use” he added, offering her a gentle smile.

It had been a nice day, even despite things between him and Adriana being a little awkward, Iker had enjoyed himself, and he was glad that he had called her, even if things had been tense, he had enjoyed spending time with her and Olivia.

Adriana rolled her eyes playfully before she nodded. “I could use an early night” she noted softly “Bump has been particularly active in the last couple of days” she added, her hand gently brushing over her bump.

Iker watched the movement of her hand for a couple of seconds before he nodded his head. “I should probably be on my way then” he noted softly “It was nice to see you, Addie” he added before he stepped towards her, moving to press a soft kiss against her cheek.

Adriana, however, was a little quicker, turning her head so that the kiss landed against her lips.

Iker jumped a little at the contact, but quickly grew into it, deepening the kiss before he shifted his hand, resting it against her cheek.

Adriana leant into him for a couple of seconds before she carefully ducked back, resting her forehead on his. “I’m glad that you came today, Iker” she mused softly “I mean, I know it was awkward and tense…”

“I’m glad I came too” Iker interjected softly, sneaking another kiss.

Adriana offered him a little smile before she pulled back from him. “Goodnight, Iker” she quipped lightly, moving to pull the front door open.

Iker offered her a small smile before he leant in, pressing another kiss against her lips before he ducked out of the door. He knew that it was going to take time, things between him and Adriana were in need of some repairs, but he had to admit that he was pleased with how the day had gone. He was pleased that they’d make a little step in the right direction.
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